How to care for eyelashes at home

A man from India named Phuto Rawa Mauli entered the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest eyelashes (4.7 cm). When a 52-year-old Indian resident closes his eyes, his eyelashes reach to the tip of his nose. Interestingly, Phuto never sought to grow them; on the contrary, he considered this gift to be shameful and peculiar to women. Of course, you hardly have the goal to achieve such long eyelashes, but it is quite possible to make them thicker and darker. There are a number of recommendations that will help achieve the desired result.

 How to care for your eyelashes

Features of the use of cosmetics

  1. When choosing a carcass pay attention to the smell, it should be absent or be mild. Inspect the composition for the presence of clots and foreign inclusions. Good mascara implies a uniform consistency and the complete absence of lumps.
  2. Try to buy products on a natural basis, such cosmetics cost 100-200 rubles more expensive, but its structure already includes vitamins and trace elements that can enrich the eyelashes.
  3. Change mascara every 2 months, despite the fact that until the expiration date is one or two years. If you use it only on holidays or weekends, buy new cosmetics every 5 months.
  4. In order to have an effect from the use of masks and eyelash care products, it is important to remove makeup at night. Do not use soap, get a caring milk or lotion to remove makeup from the eyes.
  5. Never pinch the eyelashes between your fingers, thus wanting to remove makeup. Do not rub your eyes, use cotton pads and milk. After simple manipulations, the mascara is removed quickly and without irritation.
  6. Look closely at the Korean manufacturers of cosmetics «VOV», the price of their ink varies from 400 to 750 rubles, they produce only a professional series of products, which are used by many successful makeup artists. If you have an allergy, “VOV” includes hypoallergenic products that can be used by everyone without exception.As a rule, 95% of their cosmetics consists of green tea and various oils, due to which eyelashes are enriched, grow faster and fall out less often.
  7. Do not resort to the use of cleansing agents that contain alcohol or alkali. They will remove the makeup quickly, but with great damage to the eyelashes. It is better to replace such means with ordinary olive oil, it will cope with the task efficiently and without harm.

Care for eyelashes folk methods

 Care for eyelashes folk methods

  1. Mix fish oil (liquid) and castor oil in equal quantities. Place the mixture in a dark container and cover it with eyelashes 1 time per day for a month. Use a clean brush for convenience. You will notice the result after three procedures.
  2. Get in a pharmacy vitamin E in ampoules, mix with castor and olive oils, add aloe vera juice. Carefully wash the empty tube from under the mascara, pour the mixture into it and cover the eyelashes daily before bedtime. The effect is achieved after two weeks of use. When you achieve the desired result, do not forget to use the composition as a preventive measure 1 time per week.
  3. Take 0.3 gr. tannin, 12 gr.Vaseline and 8 oz. castor oil. All components are sold in a pharmacy. You need only to mix them, turning them into a homogeneous composition. Apply to the eyelashes with a brush, the course is 1.5-2 months.
  4. Crush 5 grams. parsley and mix it with 20 gr. castor oil. Apply the mixture on the mobile eyelid, the area under the eyes and eyelashes. You can also use the composition to improve the growth of the eyebrows. Lightly rub the mass into the skin and wait 5 minutes. The duration of use - every day for a month, maybe longer, if there is no allergy to herbal ingredients.
  5. Mix potato juice, honey and sour cream in the same proportions, apply to closed eyes and lie down to rest for 20 minutes. Wash off the mixture and wipe the eyelashes with a cotton pad dipped in olive oil. Repeat the procedure daily, the course ranges from 3 weeks to 1.5 months. Then you can take a break in 10 days and re-start the procedure.
  6. Make a decoction of chamomile flowers, ginseng, cornflower and St. John's wort. Fill the herbs with boiling water and let it brew in a dark place for about 15 hours. After the time, strain the composition through a colander or gauze, blot cotton pads and put them on the eyes. Hold the composition for about 25 minutes.Thus, you will not only enrich the eyelashes, but also get rid of the hated dark circles under your eyes.
  7. Take fresh rosehips and brew them in boiling water. Let it brew for 10 days, then add 30 gr. olive oil and 40 gr. burdock oil. Dip cotton pads in broth and apply on eyes. Lie down to rest for 1 hour. The procedure is recommended to be repeated every other day for 2 months.

What if eyelashes fall out

Eyelashes hold on the eyelids for about 85 days, then their full renewal begins, which lasts 6 weeks. During this time, you will lose cilia one by one, so do not worry. You need to sound the alarm if you notice that they become rare and fall out with abnormal rapidity.

Possible causes of loss of eyelashes:

  • poor quality or expired cosmetics;
  • improper care folk remedies;
  • allergy;
  • inflammation of the skin around the eyes;
  • a sharp suppression of immunity with antibiotics;
  • unbalanced diet.

If you have not found the possible causes of loss of eyelashes in the above reasons, consult your doctor.In most cases, this phenomenon may be a sign of a number of diseases, the therapist will say for sure.

Eyelashes consist of keratin, so it is important to enrich them with this component. Include in your daily diet parsley, rosehip tincture, fresh Bulgarian pepper. Simple manipulations will strengthen eyelashes and prevent their loss.

Use cosmetics that suits you. Proper mascara does not sting the eyes and does not cause itching. Discard such a tool and replace it with a softer, gentle.

Do not rub your eyes, so you will cause the loss of eyelashes even more. Always use sunglasses, a UV filter saves eyelashes and prevents their premature death.

Revise food, eliminate sweet and flour. These products prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the full growth of hair and, of course, eyelashes. Eat more meat, vegetables and fruits, dairy products and cereals.

Make lashes longer: myth or reality

Those who say that natural eyelashes can be lengthened are deeply mistaken. Yes, you can increase them or use mascara with lengthening effect, but in other cases genetics will not allow.There is a certain period during which the eyelashes grow, then you can not do anything. The use of folk remedies can increase the thickness and make the color more saturated and “alive”, but not lengthen.

 Long eyelashes - myth or reality

Progress does not stand still, experts have developed an operation for the transplantation of eyelashes. As a rule, it is resorted to by plastic surgeons who restore the human face after suffering burns or other injuries that do not imply the natural growth of eyelashes. The operation lasts 4 hours, during this time a skilled doctor takes hair from the temporal region and transplants to the mobile eyelid. After the procedure, the eyelashes begin to grow like normal hair on the head, for which you need to care and cut.

It is clear when people use radical methods because they have no options. But there are women of fashion who deliberately do hair implantation in the eyelash zone, wanting to lengthen them. The procedure requires careful care, it is difficult to trim the hairs on the eyes and do it smoothly.

You do not know how to care for eyelashes at home? Brew a decoction of herbs, make compresses on the eyes.Eat right, include more protein in your daily diet, do not forget about vegetables and fruits. Use high-quality cosmetics on a natural basis; read the “Composition” column before purchasing a mascara. Do not spare money for quality products, they will save your eyelashes from falling out and saturate them with vitamins.

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