How to find out that a person is lying: the secrets of psychology

It is important to determine in time when a person is lying to save himself from possible troubles. The liar gives out a manner of holding, mimicry, gestures, speech. Law enforcement officials and jury trials often resort to psychology to facilitate the work and render a verdict. The art of recognizing deception is highly valued in the modern world. To do this, it’s enough to get acquainted with effective ways of detecting lies, and start training on potential liars.

 How to find out that a person is lying

How to find out that a person is lying

Do you communicate with a friend and notice sweat marks on his shirt? This is one of the hallmarks of lies. Human physiology is so arranged that the sweat glands begin to work at an accelerated pace when the opponent makes an effort to hide something.

When law enforcement agencies use a lie detector on suspects, they pay attention to this sign. Of course, a person can just sweat, but in combination with other factors, the conclusion is obvious. Excessive perspiration and regular ingestion of saliva go hand in hand with each other.

How to find out that a person is lying because of head movements

If the police pay attention to the physiology, then psychologists are more focused on behavior. So, tirelessly nodding their head, they determine the factor of lies.

Frequent nodding
Ask the child if he has done the homework. If the student answers in the affirmative and nods often, wanting to convince you more, he is deceiving. Perhaps the baby did not complete them, but in any case suspicions will appear.

Professional liars learn to lie to acquaintances or friends, wanting to suppress constant nods. But as practice shows, for an ordinary person telling a lie, this sign is always present.

Delayed nodding
They asked the opponent a question, but he doubts and is not in a hurry to answer? Consider that the other person is preparing to lie.A person who does not hide the truth, nods confidently and measuredly before answering. The liar will begin to hesitate and nod his head with a pause, as if after a quick reflection.

How to find out that a person is lying on body movements

The natural behavior of a true opponent is accompanied by open gestures, a comfortable posture and a confident posture. If the interlocutor is forced to resort to a lie, he will begin to pull sharply with his arms and legs, to take uncomfortable poses, then he will completely accept the lack of comfort.

 How to find out that a person is lying on body movements

Restraint in the movements indicate a person’s unwillingness to spread important information, as well as a possible attempt to replace them. Hands crossed on the chest, say the same thing.

No gestures
The liar does not make any gestures, he does not gesticulate with his hands, does not show his palm (a sign of openness), does not use his fingers, wanting to point to the object.

The interlocutor constantly pulls the scarf, straightens his hair or twirls a coin in his hands? Consider that he is lying.

Surface contact
Liars, as a rule, find a comfortable position in the squeezing of furniture. If you notice that the other person is holding tightly to the arm of the chair during a conversation, he is lying.And often these movements are accompanied by whitened knuckles and sweating.

People are characterized by behavior, called "mirror". They imitate each other and repeat movements in the process of conversation. If a person lies, he will be busy controlling his own body, wanting to hide the true motives.

Watch your body language, the interlocutor is a liar often kept at a distance, movements become constrained and they are not similar to yours. Truthful people, on the contrary, have a desire to be closer to their opponent. So they show openness, because there is nothing to hide, therefore, the fear of being revealed is receding.

When you start a conversation and start asking about something, your opponent will go a certain distance, moving farther and farther away. He will try to end the conversation quickly so that the truth does not come out.

How to find out that a person is lying in the eyes

When the interlocutor is cheating, he looks up and to the left (for right-handers), up and to the right (for left-handers). Pay attention to your eyes: your opponent will blink frequently when telling a lie. He may rub his eyes, this symptom is more characteristic of men, but the ladies also cheat.

 How to find out that a person is lying in the eyes

People are contradictory
They lie and do not believe in what they say, so they make a lot of mistakes. Have you noticed that during the story the interlocutor closes his eyes for a long time, then slowly opens them? This means that he does not agree with his own words. To judge by this factor, you need to have an idea about the everyday movement of your opponent's eyes.

Do not rush to draw conclusions
Scientists have argued many times that eye movements are not constant, they can change several times a day and this cannot be considered a sign of lies.

How to find out that a person is lying in the face

When a person deliberately lies, his facial expressions will tell you the truth. The interviewee is alarmed, his eyebrows are crawling up and wrinkles appear on his forehead.

Your opponent will begin to touch the tip of the nose with his finger and cover his mouth with his hand. These factors can determine the restless state, which is caused by a conscious desire to lie. A sign of untruth is a touch on both eyebrows and any part of the head on the left side.

Hands will always be close to the face, lips can be tightly pressed, showing anxiety.Pay attention to the skin tone, the liar will turn red, although such a sign characterizes a lie only by 70%.

To reveal a liar is not difficult, if you carefully observe his behavior. Follow the position of the interlocutor's body, pay attention to the fussiness and lack of gestures. When a person is deceiving, he will not copy your movements and will try to end the conversation as soon as possible. Do not fall for slow blinking, this is not a sign of relaxation, but a factor of lies.

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