How to cure fungus in the ears of folk remedies

Ear fungus or onomycosis is one of the most dangerous diseases of the ear, throat, and nose. Developing rapidly, ear mycosis can spread to the larynx, pharynx, mouth, which is more difficult to treat. At the first signs of the emergence of this dangerous disease, an urgent need to visit a doctor. Together with official medicine, popular recipes also give a positive effect, but they must be used with extreme caution, only after consulting a doctor.

 Ear fungus treatment

Why does ear fungus occur?

Onomikoz - a dangerous disease that belongs to ENT diseases. Due to various factors, bacteria begin to develop inside the ear cavity, which can damage the organ of hearing or cause irreparable damage to the entire body. Onomycosis can be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Weak immunity. Due to its low resistance to various diseases, the body quickly catches all dangerous viral diseases.
  2. Trauma to the ear canal. It is worth noting that if this factor became the cause of the disease, it is highly likely that the disease will quickly go to the middle ear. This is extremely dangerous! So as can be lost hearing.
  3. Continuous purging of sulfur deposits. Sulfur, which is formed in the ears - a natural and effective barrier against all fungi, viruses and microbes. Do not abuse this procedure - fanatical hygiene can do much harm!

Also, the fungus may appear as a result of uncontrolled intake of antibiotics and hormonal drugs, the use of other personal hygiene items, getting into the ear passage of water from public places.

The first symptoms of onomycosis

The first and surest symptom of onomicosis is a copious discharge from the ear canal. The color can be black, green, yellow - it all depends on what type of onomycosis was picked up by the person. Due to extraneous fluid, the perception of hearing can be disturbed, tormenting regular noises in the ears, rarely itching. There are also headaches from the damaged ear.

All these symptoms are obvious.Everyone can notice them, without visiting a doctor. However, even if you are sure that you have a ear fungus, be sure to visit an ENT doctor. Only after the official confirmation of the diagnosis of the disease, you can take any measures for recovery.

Attention! If you are going to use traditional medicine, you should certainly consult with your doctor in order to avoid possible complications!

Alternative medicine to fight the fungus

Created a few years ago, recipes can give a positive result, only in tandem with the preparations of official medicine. Do not rely solely on the methods suggested below. They can only reduce the time of illness.

 Alternative medicine to fight the fungus

Before each instillation procedure, it is necessary to treat the ear opening with an antiseptic solution. At home, you can use the following tool:

Prepare glycerin, petroleum jelly and tannin. Mix together all the drugs. Apply the solution to a small cotton ball, put into the ear and leave there for 5 minutes. Only after that go directly to medical procedures.

It is noticed that the use of folk remedies has no side effects, as is often the case with pharmaceutical medicines. The average duration of treatment with alternative medicine is from two weeks to one month. It all depends on how quickly you notice the signs of the disease and begin treatment.

  1. Bow. The most powerful remedy for yeast fungus is onion juice. Onion composition itself is detrimental for most harmful microorganisms, therefore its use is more than justified. It is necessary to clean the onion, rub through a grater, and with the help of gauze, strain the juice that has appeared. Bury it in 3 drops in the ear canal. The course of treatment should not exceed 3 days, otherwise the onions can cause a local burn.
  2. Apple vinegar. It is possible to cope with an itch thanks to apple vinegar. Do not try to drip it inside the ear canal! Just wet the tampon with vinegar and gently wipe the skin near the auditory opening.
  3. Juice celandine. This tool is very effective, but remember! Celandine - in fact, a toxic substance. Be careful to avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth. It is also forbidden to use celandine for the treatment of children.If an adult is ill, it is necessary to prepare freshly squeezed juice of celandine and drip it into the ears (no more than two drops). Perform this procedure 3 times a day.
  4. Chamomile rinsing. Pharmacy chamomile - the most common plant that has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect. In order to use chamomile for the treatment of ear fungus, it is necessary to prepare a decoction. One tablespoon of crushed collection will require a glass of boiling water. Cover with lid, let it brew. After the broth is at room temperature, gently rinse the ears with prepared healthy water. Be sure to dry the ear passages after water treatments! Moisture only contributes to the spread of the fungus!
  5. Decoction of bird cherry and bay leaf. A positive effect is achieved when using a decoction of bay leaf and cherry leaves. To do this, you need to take in equal quantities the leaves, pour boiling water over them and allow to infuse. A few minutes after the broth has cooled, drip (maximum 3 drops) into the ear canal. Do not forget to dry the field thoroughly with a cotton swab.

Using the above recipes be sure to observe ear hygiene! Remember that for the effectiveness of treatment it is necessary to create perfect cleanliness and dryness inside the ear.

  1. Regularly, about 5 times a day, clean the mycous secretions with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.
  2. After carrying out all instillation or irrigation, after about 20 minutes, wipe dry with a cotton swab. Do not go too deep! Otherwise, you can put the infection in the middle ear.

Homemade Ointment
To prepare an ointment that is effective in the treatment of ear fungus, you will need one egg (homemade!), 100 grams of vinegar, 200 gr. butter at room temperature. Put all the ingredients in a jar, close the lid and put in the refrigerator. Store there until the eggshell is completely dissolved. All this is thoroughly mixed and smeared with a diseased ear twice a day. Use until complete recovery.

Follow the diet

In order to quickly get rid of such diseases as ear fungus, try to follow an uncomplicated diet.Reduce the consumption of fatty foods, salty, spicy and floury, diversify the diet with fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, you can take vitamin preparations, but natural minerals and vitamins are much healthier than synthetic ones.

The use of traditional medicine prescriptions in conjunction with pharmacies prescribed by a doctor is the most effective way to get rid of ear fungus as soon as possible. Heal and be healthy!

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