How to smooth the skin after acne

It is difficult to find a woman who would not want to have a smooth and even skin of the face. But sometimes on the surface of the face there may be various problems. They can be caused by improper care, various inflammatory changes. Naturally, begin to immediately resort to a method of masking. But sometimes they are ineffective. You can't hide the defect with a thin layer of foundation, and if you put on a solid makeup, it will be noticeable and is unlikely to add to the attractiveness of a woman. Moreover, in this way, instead of solving the problem, you can get the opposite effect. Cosmetics clogs the skin pores, and this only leads to increased inflammation. Residual effects on the skin after acne can be eliminated directly at home or by visiting the beauty salon.

 How to smooth the skin after acne

Beauty salon treatments

When visiting the salon, beauticians are able to offer the woman a number of procedures that will solve the problem:

  1. Laser. To eliminate the resulting defects resorted to laser correction. Dermatological problems, burns can leave behind scars. Laser will help to eliminate them. The effect is achieved due to the directed effect of the laser beam. Under his influence, the epidermal cells are simply burned. During the procedure, the pain is absent, only there is a slight tingling. In addition, after laser exposure, the skin begins to actively produce collagen. There is a very fast recovery of damaged structures.
  2. Oxygen therapy. Compaction in the upper layers of the skin is eliminated by means of cosmetic gas. Its introduction is carried out by injection. The supply of purified oxygen is carried out under pressure. This leads to the fact that the tissues are quickly restored. The processes associated with the active regeneration of skin cells are launched. As a result, the scars disappear, being subjected to resorption. There is also an antiseptic effect, which leads to the disappearance of acne.
  3. Biorevitalization. Under it refers to the introduction into the skin of vitamin complexes and fruit acids. This is done by injection. The main purpose of the procedure is to eliminate wrinkles. But along with this, the processes associated with the production of collagen are activated. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic. In parallel, increases its elasticity. As a result of this procedure, the oval of the face becomes more taut.
  4. Cryomassage. The procedure leads to increased metabolic processes in the epidermal layer of the skin. After acne on the skin spots are formed that must be eliminated. In addition, it is required to get rid of excessive oily skin, which will prevent re-inflammation. It is for these purposes that cryomassage is applied. The essence of the procedure consists in applying liquid nitrogen to the skin. Since it is rapidly evaporated from the surface, the application is carried out several times. After exposure, redness and some puffiness appear at the site of application. Worry about this is not worth it. After a while, all manifestations will disappear spontaneously, without outside intervention. A similar procedure is sought to eliminate the inflammatory manifestations.The skin pores narrow, the work of the glands secreting sebum returns to normal. Upon completion of the procedure, before you go out on the face, you should apply sunscreen.
  5. Microdermabrasion. It can be compared with the mechanical type of peeling. Cleansing is carried out and cream is applied. In order for scars and scars to disappear, at least 10 procedures are required.
  6. Peeling. Face cleaned mechanically. To do this, use special tools. Manual cleaning can achieve greater efficiency than using a hardware technique. By means of it even old problems are eliminated. At the end of the procedure, the skin is disinfected. After that the mask is applied. It will help narrow the pores and ensure good healing. You can level the surface using hyaluronic acid. She is filling the grooves in the skin. If it is introduced into the scar tissue, it will soften it and make it invisible when external perception.

Solving the problem at home

In order to get rid of the problem, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon.This can be done at home. But to make it very difficult, as it may seem at first glance. Requires a competent selection of cosmetics. They should actively stimulate regeneration processes. When a woman washes, it is better not to use soap. To do this, you must use a special gel or foam for washing. Soap can disrupt the natural acid-base balance of the skin, which will cause the onset and development of inflammation. Cosmetics must contain salicylic acid. It will eliminate inflammation and provide a matting effect. Creams containing zinc and manganese have a very good effect. When using them, skin leveling occurs.

 How to smooth the skin after acne at home

The following remedies will help eliminate scars and scars:

  1. Wiping the face with vinegar, cucumber, tomato and lemon juice will have a good effect. After that, the skin is softened and smoothed.
  2. Well-done massage treatments with almond oil. The residual effects caused by acne disappear after the procedure.
  3. The use of sandalwood paste. The exposition is 10 minutes.
  4. Clay with the addition of essential oil will have a positive effect.Before applying, they clean the face and then apply a mask. The procedure is carried out twice a week. The general course is 2-3 months.

In addition, in the alignment of assistance will provide other means:

  1. The use of steam baths. Birch leaves are mixed with celandine, chamomile and sage. A decoction is prepared from this composition. Then it should be put on the fire and bring to a boil. Above the capacity of bowing their heads, covered with a towel. More than 10 minutes of the procedure should not be. Such manipulations lead to the opening of the pores and the softening of the scar tissue. After completion of the face should be thoroughly washed.
  2. Use coffee scrub. With the help of it, peeling is done at home. This can achieve a smooth and smooth skin. You will need finely ground coffee and some kind of cleanser. It is possible to use foam or liquid soap for this purpose. Diluting coffee with water, form a slurry. Before applying the face is cleaned. The product is not applied to the eye area. When applying should make light massage movements. At the end of the wash.
  3. Application badyagi. This tool in powder form can be purchased at the pharmacy.The action is based on the improvement of blood microcirculation. Scars heal, and acne disappears. In addition, it is a good effect on the tone of the veins. A thin layer with an exposure time of 15 minutes is applied to the skin. After that you should wash. Important! In the case of skin hypersensitivity, badyagu can not be used. After application, slight redness may occur. In this case, a soothing cream is required.

Masks for skin

Even masks will help to level the face and eliminate residual effects after acne.

 Masks for skin to align

  1. For oily or normal skin, a mask made from citrus peel is suitable. Lime, lemon and orange are peeled, and gruel is prepared from the zest.
  2. Camphoric alcohol in a volume of 20 drops is added to glycerin. There is also added baking soda. One tsp is enough. For drawing use a wadded tampon. After rinsing, a nourishing cream is applied.
  3. To prepare a mask of yeast, they must be dissolved in water. You can add a little olive oil (15 ml). Exposure after application is 15 minutes.
  4. To prepare a nettle mask, the leaves of the plant are crushed.A blender is quite suitable for this purpose. At worst, you can use an ordinary meat grinder. Honey and olive oil are added in equal volumes (1 teaspoon). On the face mask is 10 minutes. In order to avoid irritation, the mask is not applied to sensitive skin.
  5. Mask of potatoes. It should be boiled directly in the uniform, then grind. Sour cream and some milk should be added to the potato mass. To enhance the effect, add glycerin in a volume of 5 ml.

It should be said that in severe cases, home remedies are unlikely to get rid of defects on the skin. Most likely, you will need to undergo a course of professional procedures at the beautician.

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