How to dry gel polish without a lamp: useful tips

Not all modern girls can afford to visit the beauty salon twice a month. Hence the need to perform manicure on their own. Gel Polish is considered one of the most popular types of coating today. The composition is dried using a special ultraviolet lamp, as a result of which polymerization occurs. Ladies who do not have this kind of equipment want to dry the gel polish without a lamp. Thanks to leading manufacturers, this has become possible. Let's talk about everything in order.

 How to dry gel polish without a lamp

Types of gel polishes

  1. Insensitive gel polish. It dries perfectly in the usual way with only one clarification. Some types of insensitive gel polishes require a special cyanoacrylate monomer. The drug promotes accelerated polymerization, is available in gel form and in liquid form. If you first decided to cover your nails at home with gel polish,prefer the creamy monomer. It is easier to apply, the product is quite economical, even with weekly use. Before buying gel polish, make sure that it is not sensitive to light. Such a move will make it clear about the feasibility of using the composition without auxiliary monomers. Evaluate the tube, find the label “Gel No-Light”.
  2. Light sensitive gel polish. It is difficult for it to dry without an ultraviolet lamp, therefore using this product at home becomes difficult. If you for some reason did not notice the mark and acquired a gel that is sensitive to light, do not worry. Dry it in the sun, leaving your fingers under direct UV for 20-45 minutes.
  3. Aqueous gel polish. Not many people know, but on the market there is another option gel polishes. It is this type of coating loved by many girls who want to dry the composition without a lamp. After applying the gel onto the plate, it is enough to dip the fingertips into ice or cold water for a quarter of an hour. The cold cycle will start the polymerization, as a result of which the crystals will harden (dry).
  4. Gel Polish "Brigitte Bottier". Another new product in the nail industry. This type of coating does not require an ultraviolet lamp and monomer. The composition dries out without the help of additional funds. The advantage of gel polish is that it is applied as a normal varnish, removed with acetone-free liquid in a matter of minutes, is durable, and has a wide color palette. The bottle is equipped with a professional wide brush that ensures uniform application.
  5. Biogel. Leading manufacturers produce special medical varnishes, called biogels. The products have healing properties, the composition prevents stratification, thickens the nail plate, accelerates growth. Biogel is available in a wide palette, so choosing the right shade is not difficult. This feature is achieved due to the content in the composition of natural oils and other plant acids. The varnish dries without a lamp and monomer, but finding it on sale is quite difficult. Pay attention to the company "El Corazon", they produce high-quality and relatively inexpensive products. The result lasts 7-10 days.

How to dry gel Polish without a lamp

  1. If you chose an insensitive lacquer, with it you will get a monomer (activator, catalyst). In the case where an aqueous coating is used, a filtered cold liquid will be required. Prepare a buff for polishing, oil for softening the cuticle, an orange stylus, nail nippers or fine scissors, a glass nail file.
  2. Before you start applying the gel polish, prepare the nail plate. Razorte fingers, push the cuticle with a pusher (stylus), cut it. Saw a free edge, shape your nails, sand the surface with a buff.
  3. Start applying gel polish. The coating is distributed easily thanks to a wide brush. Carry out manipulations in the same way as you cover the nails with ordinary varnish. After the first layer, evaluate the result. If there are no stains or cracks on the surface, a second layer is not required.
  4. If you are using a gel polish that is not sensitive to light, apply one drop of monomer (activator) to the surface of each plate. You can rub it into the nails (for creamy catalysts). In the case when the gel polish is water, dip your fingers in an icy liquid for a quarter of an hour.
  5. At the stage of drying the first layer, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the coating. If it seems to you that the varnish shines through, apply the gel again. Dry it in the same way, based on the type of product (insensitive, water).
  6. Next, leave your fingers to dry for 20-30 minutes, then lubricate the cuticle with special oil and gently massage the okolonogtevogo roller. Massage will allow natural ingredients to penetrate the skin, softening it.

Practical recommendations

  1. It is important to understand that the drying time depends on the specific manufacturer. Before applying, carefully read the instructions. If the gels dry for 60-90 seconds when using the lamp, the procedure without the device will take longer.
  2. In the case of water lacquers, give preference to purified drinking water. Be sure to add ice cubes to speed up the duration of the procedure.
  3. In order to dry the gel polish with the monomer, you will need about 2 minutes. To speed up the procedure, you can apply top varnish over the color base. However, with such an outcome of events on the surface may appear cracks, face shade will become dull.
  4. Buy gel polishes only in professional stores for the masters of the nail industry.Refuse to buy in the markets, in the subway or underpass. Give preference to well-established manufacturing companies.
  5. Do not use gel polishes all the time, let your nails rest. Take a break once every 1.5-2 months. During this period, completely give up cosmetic coatings, use the “Smart Enamel” or bio-gel nail repair product.
  6. Make it a habit to wear gloves while doing housework. The recommendation is especially relevant when washing dishes and floors. Do not allow the impact of household tools on the structure of the coating, otherwise the gel Polish will crack.
  7. Biogel is dried without the use of ice water, ultraviolet lamp and activator (monomer). For this reason, many nail masters recommend the use of medical composition at home.
  8. If you want to get a matte finish after complete drying, get a special insensitive top varnish with this feature. Apply it after drying the base, then leave to dry completely under natural conditions.

As can be understood from the above, today it is possible to dry the gel polish without a lamp.To do this, choose water or insensitive to light coating. Use medicinal biogel, pamper your nails with baths and natural oils.

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