How to sharpen nail scissors at home

Manicure set is an integral companion of every self-respecting woman. He can insure in the most unforeseen situations. In this article, we will consider options for how to quickly and without any particular difficulty make nail clippers as sharp as with a purchase.

 How to sharpen nail scissors

When your favorite nail scissors lose their old qualities and become dull, it becomes inconvenient to use them. They no longer cut the nail as perfectly as before, and can even cause microtrauma, as if “chewing” the nail. In this case, you can either throw away the old scissors and buy new ones, or try to correct the situation yourself and sharpen them with the help of available tools.

What can be done

  1. Sandpaper is well suited for this case. It is better to choose the one that has a large grain. Folding the sheet in half, you can begin to cut it, while it is desirable that the blade touched the abrasive the entire length. With each movement, the scissors will become sharper.After the end of the sharpening, you need to wipe this manicure tool with a damp cloth to remove the microparticles remaining on it.
  2. As an abrasive material can be used and ordinary aluminum foil, which is sold everywhere. Putting it in several layers, you can begin to cut into strips. If you need a strong sharpening of the blades, then you need to make as many cuts. After finishing work, wipe down the blades.
  3. The grindstone is perfect for this job. Its coarse-grained part will fit better for the start of turning, when the blades are still heavily blunted. After that, it is better to continue working with a fine-grained surface to complete the grinding of scissors. Before starting the grinding, it is necessary to disassemble the manicure tool in order to make it easier to work. It is enough to unwind the central screw and divide it into two halves. After that, you need to put one of the blades on the inner flat side (which is usually in contact with the other half of the scissors) on the wheel. Next you need to choose the right angle, under which you need to sharpen the blade. A dozen repetitive movements will be enough to complete the work.To understand that the tool is sharp enough sharply, you can mark the sharp parts of the blades with a marker before starting sharpening. If after the procedure the marks are erased, it means that the scissors are quite sharp. Inspection can be carried out on a piece of polyethylene, if they do not crumple and easily cut, then the cutting edges are sharp enough.
  4. You can use the old waste glass jar to sharpen. To do this, hold the container with one hand, open and close the scissors blades with the second hand, pressing them tightly against the walls of the jar. The glass will make the blades sharper. After finishing the grinding, you need to remember to wipe them with a damp cloth to remove burrs.
  5. Use a pin or needle on the same principle as described above. By moving the metal base of the pin between interlocking blades, you can add sharpness to them with just a few movements. At the same time you need to monitor the blades to avoid injury.
  6. The presence of the diamond wheel will simplify the work at times. At the same time, the effect of its use persists for a long time. When working should take into account the shape of the tool, as often nail scissors have a semicircular blade, which requires attention to their processing.Without the skills to work with objects on the machine, it is better not to start it, because you can spoil the scissors by removing too much metal. For the rounded shape of the blades the edge of the grinding bar with a radius close to the radius of the blade is ideal.

Sometimes the reason that the scissors began to cut worse may not be the blunting of the blades at all, but the fact that the screw holding them was unwound a little, and, as a result, they no longer fit tightly to each other. This could cause a deterioration in their qualities. In this case, before starting to sharpen the blades, you need to make sure that this is the reason for the poor performance of the scissors.

Many people do not hesitate to throw away the scissors, which are just blunt, and the rest are working properly. But they can be quite easy to sharpen without resorting to the services of special workshops. Thus, having learned to independently return the working condition to scissors, you can use them for a long time without buying new ones. At the same time, following the advice outlined in the article, you can return to your working condition your favorite nail scissors, which you are used to and do not want to change.

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