How to curl hair to keep curls for a long time

Fashion of the last years on straight extended hair gradually goes away. In place of smooth smoothed hairstyles come flooded curls - large and small, light and decorated. Hair with curls can be worn loose, make them an elegant bun, and just collect a stylish hairpin. Curls create volume, make the image more expressive. But often from the thick and beautiful curls in the evening there are only dull, wavy curls. This means that after the working day you do not want to continue in the company of friends or a loved one. How to wind the curls so that they endure all day and did not fall in the evening?

 How to curl hair to keep curls for a long time

How to make curls

Ways to curl a large number of hair. It all depends on what you want to achieve - small curlicues, large curls or light waves.Here are some ways to help you make curls.

  1. Curlers. This is the easiest and safest way to wind curls. Depending on the diameter of the curler, you can count on the size of the desired curls. Unlike thermal devices, hair curlers do not heat the strands to a high temperature, which means they do not damage hair scales. Curlers are usually wound in advance, ideally in the evening. It is better to wind the hair in wet form, and in the morning before removing it, dry the strands with a hair dryer so that there are no wet areas left.
  2. Curling iron This is a popular way to make curls quickly and efficiently. Depending on the thickness of the device, you can get large or small curls.
  3. Iron. This modern way of curling curls has become very popular. To create an artistic curls, you need to take a small curl, press it with the iron at the base and twist the strand, rotating the device around the axis. Curls after ironing are very beautiful - lively and playful.
  4. Pigtails. Make hair volume and get light waves using simple braids. In the evening, braid your hair into several small braids, and in the morning unwind the strands and put the resulting waves in your hair.To curls turned out beautiful, try to start weaving from the roots. You can achieve the effect of perm by weaving very small braids.
  5. Bones. You can make small African curls with the help of so-called "bones". These are wooden curlers of thin diameter. Wet hair is wound on the "bone", after which you need to wait for the hair to dry completely. After removing the strands are placed in the hair, or sent to float freely. Small curls not only create a new image, but also add volume to hair.
  6. Perm. If you constantly walk with curls, you should think about chemical perm. It solves a lot of problems for you - you can forget about styling for several months. However, if you want to change the hairstyle, be prepared that it will not be possible to do it quickly.

These are the main ways to curl your hair and give your hair a special charm. But how to make the curls last more than 10 hours?

How to curl hair for long

To curls turned long-livers, you can use a few tips.

 How to curl hair for long

  1. While twirling your hair with curlers in the evening, wet them with beer, not water. This will not only allow you to fix the curls for a long time, but also will give an invaluable benefit to your hair - beer is a part of many restoring hair masks.
  2. Before you are going to wind your hair with a curling iron or ironing, use professional mousses and gels with strong fixation. After heating the hair will get the desired shape, which will be almost impossible to lose.
  3. When applying lacquer for fixing, choose those products that do not glue the hair, leaving it flowing and alive. Spraying a varnish, you need to keep it at arm's length. Luck, by the way, can be applied both before and after heating the hair with a curling iron.
  4. After curling the hair with curling, give the curls time to cool down completely in the assembled condition. That is, they curled a curl, removed it from the curling iron, gathered it into a twisted horn and fixed it invisible. So you need to wind all the strands. Dissolve the horns only after complete cooling. This will fix the hair for a much longer period.
  5. After blooming curlers in any case, do not comb curls.If the strands are very large, you just need to divide them with your hands into smaller curls and twist each curl around its axis. So you increase the life of curls.
  6. If there is no professional means of fixing on hand, you can use simple sugar, as our mothers and grandmothers did. Sweeten the water with which you wet your hair before winding up. After drying, the strand will be fixed in its original form. This is especially true for long hair that is constantly straightened under the weight of its length.
  7. To give the hair volume, start turning the curlers from the roots. If this is not possible, lift the strands at the base with the gafre curling iron. This will make your hairstyle more decorated.

These simple tips will help you wind up "tenacious" curls that will allow you to shine to the very end of the party.

What to do if the curls do not hold

Sometimes the hair does not keep the shape of curls, no matter how hard you try. It all depends on the type of hair, if the hair trunk is very thick, it does not respond to external factors - heat, fixation. Often there is no trace of curls within three hours after laying.However, in this case there is a solution.

If after a long working day an important evening awaits you, use the following secret. In the morning, apply to the hair fixing mousse or gel. After that, collect the hair in a Greek hairstyle using gum-rim. Hair in this position are in a wound state, as if on curlers. In the evening, after a hard day's work, just take off the headband and enjoy the lively bright curls and a lush playful hairdo. You even have to prove to colleagues that they did not run into the hairdresser.

How to wind curls quickly

Many girls have curls made their everyday hairstyle. However, not everybody wants to devote curlers every day. To avoid this, you can use the recipe for "fast" curls. In the morning, heat your hair with a hair dryer so that they are completely hot. After that, make a tail on the top of the head and quickly wind the whole strand of hair curlers. Fix it. This should be done quickly, until the hair is cold. After that, you can do makeup, breakfast or choice of attire. When the curl is completely cool, dissolve the hair and fix it with your hands.Clear, even curls, of course, you will not achieve, but stylish waves are provided to you. Do not forget to fix them with varnish.

Curls - this is a great way to make an image playful, bright, extraordinary. It is not necessary to run for curls in a beauty salon. If you have the right equipment and have enough skill, you can make durable curls at home. And then you can shine on any evening!

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