Kerry Blue Terrier - description of the breed and character of the dog

The Kerry Blue Terrier is considered an Irish hunting dog. They say that this breed exists only 150 years old, but the inhabitants of Ireland themselves do not agree with this, because these beautiful animals have been living on their territory for a very long time.

 Kerry Blue Terrier

The ancestor of this species is an English terrier with a black and tan color, which was knitted with the Irish Wolfhound. But, besides them, the Bedlington with wheat terriers participated in the creation of the breed. The mixture of so many blood in one breed allowed to get a dog that is good in everything. It can be used as a watchman, and a hunter, as well as a dog very cleverly catches rats in the house. And they swim very well, which makes it possible to use them to catch an otter.Blue Terriers today are used not only as pets, but also as police assistants.

The origin of the breed

This dog is considered a symbol of Ireland, because it came from here. The name comes from the eponymous county, which was located on the mountain, and where the first puppies of a gray-blue color appeared.

With regards to the origin of the breed, the opinions of experts are divided. Some of them consider the ancestor of the carry of the so-called Portuguese water dog. This version has the right to exist, because this dog's coat is rather thick and wavy, which makes it similar to the Blue Terrier. But, other supporters believe that the wheaten terrier was the ancestor of this dog. This version is confirmed by the fact that this breed also occurred in Ireland.

There is also a version that, in order to breed this breed, black terriers were knitted with Spanish blue dogs, whose appearance, unfortunately, has become extinct. There is another version, the adherents of which believe that the Kerry have received from crossing fox terrier wire with bedlington. Due to the fact that the last representative has a hairy face, experts do not fold this version.

Breed standards of this type of dog described only after the First World War. It was then that Kerry enjoyed great success. In 1922, clubs of lovers of these dogs began to actively open, and exhibitions and competitions were held with their participation. And in 1928, at one of the exhibitions, this unusual dog received a special title, which called it an almost ideal dog. And after that the blue terrier became a very popular animal not only in its own country, but also far beyond its borders.

External characteristics

The Blue Terrier is not considered a very big dog. It belongs to medium-sized pets. It is distinguished by its muscular and straight posture and limbs. Kerry is very similar in appearance to a smooth Fox Terrier, but its main difference is wool.

Blue terriers have their own standards that distinguish them from other animals, and to which they must comply. Especially when it comes to dogs that participate in exhibitions:

  • the head has a slightly elongated shape, the transition from the muzzle to the forehead is not at all noticeable;
  • ears are close, have a triangular shape, with lowered ends;
  • the dog's eyes are very dark, almost black, and the look of kerry expresses alertness;
  • nose broad with large nostrils;
  • despite the narrow face, the jaws of this dog are quite strong;
  • dogs have a medium length tail, high up;
  • The dog's hair is very soft, and seemingly wavy.

It is worth noting that Kerries are born with black fur, but by the age of two they get a color from silver to steel, with a slightly bluish tinge. But it happens that the color does not acquire the desired color, and then the animal is not allowed to exhibit.

Also, with regards to the tail, many of its owners stop it, but in European countries this is not a legal act.

Blue Terrier Character

These animals are quite friendly and curious. Even from a very young age, they show themselves as frisky and active pets.

 Blue Terrier Character

Kerry behave differently. They can be quiet and make some noise. But these dogs have characteristics characteristic of their behavior.

  1. Blue Terriers are considered to be fairly friendly dogs, not only in relation to family members, but also to other people.Carries also treat children well, but it is worth noting that they will not tolerate pulling by the tail or ears, and can show their grin.
  2. Like other sociable dogs, these are also not ready for loneliness, and do not tolerate the time when they have to be alone.
  3. Carry is faithful, basically, only to his master, but he does not deprive of a single family member with fellowship.
  4. Breeders celebrate the innate pride of the dog. Due to the fact that this dog is of "blue" blood, it is difficult for her to endure the cries and indecent attitude to his person.

In order for Kerry not to show their aggression towards people and animals, it is necessary to take care of their socialization from an early age.

Breed application

This representative of the breed will be for a man faithful and loyal friend for life, despite his sometimes explosive nature. These dogs are perfect for guarding something. As noted above, Kerry have previously shown themselves as hunters, so taking them with you on a hunt is a good idea.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of their heads, they will be able to crawl into a narrow hole.They will be useful when hunting for small predators, as well as rodents and rabbits.

These dogs love nature, so it’s worth taking them to the dacha more often or just having a picnic. There are fears that the animal's hair may be strayed, but in order for this not to happen, it is necessary to cut kerry periodically.

If we talk about pet walking in general, then it is necessary to learn a few rules:

  1. You shouldn’t remove the leash from the dog, because then the Blue Terrier will be hard to catch until he gets tired. In this case it is better not to use the collar, but to purchase a harness, because it will be much more convenient with it.
  2. If the animal lives in its own house, then you should worry about strengthening the fence and increasing its height, because the frisky and active dog will want to get out.
  3. If the pet feels some danger, he immediately starts to bark. But, as you know, not all neighbors like barking, so you need to know how to calm your own dog in time.

Fact! Representatives of this breed can be turned on even by people suffering from allergies, because these pets almost do not shed, and they do not have a characteristic smell.

Pet care

In order that over time there were no problems with the care of a dog, it is necessary to teach him to this from a very young age. He must be accustomed to the fact that he stood quietly while he was being cut and combed. If we talk about the nursery, then such procedures are carried out there periodically. But besides that, they take care of the eyes and ears of the animal, and give practical advice to future owners of puppies.

 Caring for Blue Terrier

Representatives of the blue terrier need daily care regarding wiping their eyes. All this is because the selection is collected in them.

The dog's coat is covered with a special protective substance, so for bathing you need to use special products purchased at the pet store.

If the dog periodically participates in exhibitions, then it is better not to do a haircut, unless this is not the necessary knowledge and skills. It is better if the specialist takes care of this, because the beauty of the pet and the opportunity to get a victory depend on the quality of the work done.

It is necessary every time after a walk to inspect the wool of your blue terrier, because debris, insects or even mites can get into its thick cover.

Haircut and combing

Starting with the smallest age, terriers need to cut and comb, especially if the pet will continue to participate in competitions. Dog grooming can be done daily. For this procedure, use sharp scissors and a typewriter.

Of course, the dog's coat should be washed and dried before grooming. Immediately before the procedure it is necessary to comb it well.

If the haircut is performed by the master, then with the help of this procedure he will be able to hide some of the flaws in the figure of the kerry, and emphasize the advantages of the breed of the animal. After grooming on the body of the dog there should be no obvious transitions. All parts of the body should have the same length of hair.

In order to take care of the coat of the Blue Terrier, you must have a comb with sparse teeth and the second - with specially curved, better metal teeth. But also for this the owner will need a furminator.

In kennels should strictly follow all the rules of care, because the quality of the procedures and the general grooming of the dog depends on its cost.It is necessary to cut a dog of this breed at least once every 3 months, and it is necessary to comb its fur at least three times a week.

If the pet is scheduled exhibition, then it must necessarily be cut. This should be done no less than half a month before the event, so that the wool can acquire a length of 5 cm.


 Carrie Blue Terrier Meals
Before purchasing a blue terrier, you need to know all the information about it. An important part of this all are eating habits. Of course, you can give preference to dry food, but in this case it should be of high quality. And, accordingly, its value is rather big.

Feeding low-quality pet food can cause problems with the digestive system, and an allergic reaction can also occur. If the pet eats food, then it should always have fresh water in a bowl. If it is not possible to feed expensive high-quality food, then it is better to give preference to natural nutrition.

Every day, Kerry must eat at least 300 grams of lean meat. It can be both chicken breast and beef. The number of grams also depends on the age of the dog.Here are recommendations for an adult, active terrier.

With meat, you can give rice and buckwheat porridge, it is better well boiled. Cereals can be mixed with vegetables and add meat. Vegetables can and should be eaten raw. The exception is white cabbage and legumes. Giving raw vegetables, they need to be filled with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Do not forget about dairy products. This refers to the cottage cheese, the presence of calcium in which has a positive effect on the state of the bones of the animal.

With regards to different vitamins and mineral complexes - it is better to consult with a veterinarian who will tell you when and how much they should be given.

Blue Terrier puppies must be fed 4 times a day. And when they are 3 or 4 months old, you can switch to three meals a day. Mature individuals can be trained to eat food twice a day.


Pets of this breed are distinguished by their excellent health. Even Kerry puppies are not sick at all. They are always very active and prefer to frolic. The only way to get the disease is the wrong care of the animal.Such dogs can get cataracts and dislocation of the patella. They may also develop cancer.

 Breed dog kerry blue terrier

For the prevention of diseases, it is necessary, according to the schedule, to drive the dog for vaccinations that will save him from possible ailments. Before being vaccinated, a pet must be given antihelminthic prophylaxis. The only thing is that when milk teeth start to grow in a puppy, no procedures should be carried out with it.

As noted above, ears and eyes require special care. Pet ears must be cleaned with cotton buds so that infection does not form there. You also need to cut the hair from the inside of it.

Mating blue terrier

Experienced breeders or specialists in the nursery confirm that sexual activity in the dog of this breed begins as early as 6-8 months in females. As for the males, this biological need overtakes them in 7-9 months. If we talk about females, then they begin discharge, mostly of a reddish hue, and the genitals increase in size.

At this time, you need to be vigilant about your own dog, and not release it alone or without a leash.Early unplanned pregnancy of the female can lead to the fact that puppies will be born very weak, and will not meet the standards of the breed, if the dog was mongrel.

Rearing your dog is necessary only with the same representatives, in order to avoid problems with the health and fate of future puppies.

Where to buy a puppy and its value

You can buy a blue puppy in a specialized kennel or from a breeder. Of course, it is better to give preference to buying an animal from the nursery, where he was properly looked after and in due time did all the necessary procedures. In addition, there you can buy a puppy with pedigree and documents.

The cost of such a baby depends on its future destination. If the carry is chosen as a companion and family member, then its price starts from 270 dollars. And if the future owner aims to buy a future champion from titled parents, it will cost him $ 400.

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