Clover honey - beneficial properties and contraindications

Clover honey has not only high taste qualities, but also contains a whole range of useful substances, and can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. The product has a pleasant delicate aroma of herbs, and its color can be both white and pale amber. If it is only freshly harvested fresh honey, then it is almost colorless and transparent. On the palate you can hear notes of flowers with candy flavor. A feature of clover honey is its rapid crystallization, as a result of which it becomes dense and granular in structure.

 Useful properties and contraindications of clover honey

Note! If honey is constantly in the liquid state and resembles syrup, then it is one hundred percent fake.

Clover, which serves as a source of nectar for bees, is a very common plant and is found everywhere where there is a temperate climate.Therefore, clover honey is made in various parts of the world, but the main producers are America, Canada and New Zealand.

If we consider the production of clover honey, it is worth noting that white and Dutch honey do more than other species. This is explained by the fact that red clover flowers have a long tubule of inflorescences that is not very convenient for bees. Pollinating such flowers is more difficult than that of white or hybrid clover. This unpretentious plant - a wonderful honey plant - bees from one hectare of grass can get up to 100 kg of nectar.


Clover honey has the richest composition - it is more than three hundred useful substances. Some of them can appear and disappear under the influence of various factors, but the main active compounds are always present. This is a complex of micro and macro elements, proteins and amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Unfortunately, in our time, people, as a rule, remember the protective properties of clover honey only during periods of exacerbation of colds.And many other wonderful qualities of this product are completely ignored.

Beneficial features

Even in ancient times, people were known for the miraculous properties of clover honey. The texts of ancient China mention how honey treated wounds, used to heal burns and as a means to strengthen the body. These records are over 2000 years old. The famous ancient Greek healer Hippocrates also described the healing properties of the product.

  1. Clover honey has excellent regenerating ability. If the wounds do not heal for a long time, and drug treatment does not help, then you can safely use honey. He has a strong hemostatic property.
  2. Due to the presence of iron, copper and vitamin C, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, has antibacterial action. Sometimes honey helps even in cases where antibiotics do not cope well with bacteria. Its effectiveness is explained by the presence of three important biochemical parameters in the composition: an acidic ph-factor, a low percentage of liquid, which creates an unfavorable dry environment for bacteria, and hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Clover honey is a powerful assistant in the treatment of hypertension. Its unique healing properties will help to normalize blood pressure. It is enough to drink a glass an hour with the addition of a spoon of honey in order to lower the heart rate. If you include this sort of honey in your diet, it will significantly reduce the number of visits to the doctor. As part of honey a lot of antioxidant, which makes it an indispensable tool in the fight against diseases such as atherosclerosis.
  4. When treating children, there is a ban on many medicines. Children under the age of 4 years are not recommended to give strong drugs for cold and cough. Clover honey will be a good substitute for antibiotics. Due to its naturalness, safety and antibacterial properties, it is an excellent alternative for the smallest. It is enough to mix 1ch. honey and 1ch. lemon juice in a glass of water. This drink has good healing properties and will delight the baby with a pleasant taste.
  5. If clover honey is added to the burn balm, this helps to quickly restore the damaged areas. Recent studies in this area have proven that ointments,which were made on the basis of clover honey, showed a much greater antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect than traditional remedies for burns.
  6. Clover honey is very useful for people who suffer from liver disease. Only 2 tsp is enough. product in the daily diet, and it will significantly improve the processes of digestion, slow the growth of cancer cells, stimulate the muscles of the intestine. Fructose in the composition of clover honey is very quickly absorbed by the body and gives it a large amount of energy. Unlike sugar, honey does not require complex actions from the digestive system. Thanks to these qualities, clover honey is an excellent sugar substitute in baby food. Only it should be remembered that absolutely young children under the age of one cannot give honey, otherwise you can cause allergies.
  7. Not to mention that honey has been used in cosmetology for decades. It is a powerful source of antioxidants that give the skin its elasticity, preserve from damage and protect against aging. Clover honey is added to anti-aging creams, used in products to moisturize the skin.
  8. The use of clover honey accelerates metabolism and metabolism, actively promotes the elimination of toxins and toxins from the body. Also, it is an excellent remedy for the treatment of nervous diseases and insomnia.

How to choose high-quality honey?

There are several factors that determine the quality of clover honey.

 How to choose clover honey

  1. The most powerful and fragrant aroma has honey, collected from the end of spring to the end of summer. Clover in different areas blooms in different periods. Because of this, the timing of collecting honey varies greatly. And if there is a rainy period, then this process can take up to several weeks. Even the most experienced beekeeper is not able to fully control the behavior of bees. It is simply impossible to force them to pollinate only the flowers of clover, in any case, the taste and aroma of honey will be heard notes of different plants. If orange or eucalyptus trees grow near the clover, their nectar will give wonderful exotic aroma and flavor to clover honey.
  2. On a large scale, honey undergoes food processing. This is done to clean the product from harmful bacteria and possible foreign matter.But in the process of pasteurization, honey loses its delicate flavor, which is different from the raw product. Due to the high temperatures during processing, some useful qualities of honey are partially lost. So, if honey has an overly transparent liquid texture, then it says that it has been heat treated. It is better to refrain from buying it.
  3. Choose the best product, packed in a glass, hermetic container. Clover honey is very difficult to distinguish from fakes. Therefore, in order not to fall for an unscrupulous seller, the best option would be to buy honey directly from the beekeeper.


Despite all the useful characteristics of clover honey, we must not forget about some contraindications in its use. Pollen, which is present in the composition of honey, has a lot of aggressive components in its composition. In some cases, they can cause individual intolerance. It will be useful to make a test before using honey to know for sure if there are any contraindications.

Regularly using honey, do not forget about its effects on the teeth, and the risk of caries.It will be appropriate after each use at least to rinse your mouth, and it is better to brush your teeth altogether.

People suffering from diabetes should pay attention to the fact that honey contains a lot of fructose. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before using the product.

Clover honey has great nutritional value. People who diet and struggle with excess weight, making the menu for the day, you must take into account the caloric content of honey, including it in the diet in small doses.

Also, some substances that are part of honey, have a negative effect in such diseases as varicose veins, estrogen-dependent pathologies in gynecology, thrombophlebitis and increased blood clotting. Honey is contraindicated in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

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