Coconut oil for eyelashes: how to use

Coconut oil is a universal product. It is often used in cosmetology to improve the condition of the skin, face, hair, nails and eyelashes. We are interested in the last option. Due to the complete list of acids, mineral compounds and vitamins, the composition improves the structure of cilia. They begin to grow faster, cease to fall, acquire a noticeable shine.

 Coconut oil for eyelashes

Composition and general properties of coconut oil

  1. The composition contains such useful substances as retinol, ascorbic acid, niacin, biotin, tocopherol. B-group vitamins deserve special attention.
  2. Active lauric fatty acid has a pleasant feature to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.This substance fights fungus and various viruses.
  3. In the coconut product there is oleic acid, which is responsible for the restoration of metabolic processes and the production of antioxidants.
  4. The oil is saturated with caprylic and capric acids. They are necessary to maintain the immune system of the body and the destruction of harmful microflora in the digestive organs.
  5. It does not do without palmitic acid, which is added to cosmetics as an emulsifier. The composition renews tissues at the cellular level and restores skin turgor.
  6. Myristic acid is considered the most useful. It is needed to improve the self-cleaning of the epidermis and complexion, maintain water-salt balance.
  7. Hyaluronic acid is necessary for the skin for smoothness, evenness, moisture and nutrition. No wonder cosmetologists inject hyaluronka in the form of injections to rid the face of wrinkles and dullness.
  8. Stearic acid provides a kind of protective barrier. An invisible film is formed on the skin that prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating deep into the dermis.
  9. In addition to all of the above acids, coconut oil contains beneficial mineral components.It is rich in iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and phosphorus.

The effect of coconut oil on the eyelashes

  • gives natural shine;
  • makes the cilia black, which favorably emphasizes the color of the eyes;
  • promotes growth;
  • lengthens and moisturizes the hairs;
  • spin up better than any carcass;
  • softens and disinfects;
  • retains moisture and fights fallout.

The benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes

  1. The composition is used to restore the natural beauty of eyebrows, eyelashes, hair. With the help of oil treatment and prevention is carried out.
  2. Fatty acids nourish the follicles of the eyelashes, thereby improving their growth, the loss stops, there is a noticeable shine.
  3. Coconut oil awakens sleeping follicles, thereby increasing the thickness of the eyelashes. Eyes look expressive.
  4. After applying coconut oil envelops each hair shaft. Eyelashes are covered with a protective film, resulting in less exposure to ultraviolet radiation, frost, wind and other external factors.
  5. Especially useful coconut oil is considered for eyebrows and eyelashes, which were subjected to lamination, staining,extension or perm.
  6. The coconut composition has a good effect on eyelashes and eyelid skin, which make-up too often. Cosmetics are known to include chemicals that make hair dry and brittle.
  7. The effect of the coconut oil therapy is not immediately visible, but after 3-4 procedures. Hairs become shiny and alive, stop falling out.
  8. Coconut oil helps girls who by nature are owners of thin eyelashes. The composition envelops each hair, pulls it out and seals it.

Coconut Oil Rules

 Terms of use of coconut oil for eyelashes

  1. To get the maximum benefit from the plant product, it is recommended to warm it up a little. Carry out the manipulation on the steam bath, the temperature of the composition should be about 35 degrees. Consider, at low temperatures oil hardens.
  2. Therefore, when storing a vegetable product in a refrigerator, the warm-up process cannot be avoided. You can also melt a little in the microwave in the “Defrost” mode. Next, the prepared composition should be distributed on the eyelashes with a clean brush or cotton swab.
  3. Consider applying the composition is recommended strictly from the middle of the hairs to the end. If the oil gets into the eyes, the image will become cloudy from a dense film. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and wash the plant component. You should not worry much, all that threatens you is discomfort, no more.
  4. By and large, similar care for eyelashes is quite simple and does not take much time. After the distribution of oil on the eyelashes composition is recommended to withstand at least 2 hours. You can leave the tool at night. Consider, frequent procedures are not recommended, there are side effects.
  5. Most often, the treatment course takes two variations. The procedure can be performed daily for 2 weeks or for 1 month every other day. Upon completion of the allotted time, take a thirty-day break without fail.
  6. Oil effectively restores eyelashes after burning in the sun or an accident with fire. Herbal composition will help in the short term to get rid of trouble. A storehouse of beneficial trace elements restores and strengthens hair follicles.
  7. The high content of collagen in the composition of the raw material has a positive effect on the active growth of cilia. Fatty acids, in turn, resist the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Most often due to pests hair fall out. Hyaluronic acid fully nourishes and moisturizes the bulbs.

Coconut oil to strengthen the eyelashes

  1. In order to fully restore the pristine structure of hairs and prevent their fragility, it is necessary to prepare an effective composition.
  2. To do this, warm up on a steam bath 10 gr. coconut oil. Combine herbal ingredients with vitamin B, tocopherol and retinol. Each substance take 2 ml.
  3. Spread a homogeneous composition of eyelashes convenient for you. Wait for the mixture to absorb about 10 minutes. Next, wash with hot water.

Coconut oil for eyelash volume

  1. Melt in a water bath 12 gr. nut oil and 5 ml. vegetable oil of burdock. The temperature of the composition should be about 35-37 degrees.
  2. The finished product is recommended to apply a course for 2 months twice a day. The natural mask does not deteriorate, so it can be stored for a long time.
  3. Apply the tool with a special brush on the eyelashes. Manipulation should be carried out from the middle to the ends of the hairs. Wash after 15 minutes.

We are talking only about a completely natural product, in which there are no additives and chemical impurities. Coconut oil is called the elixir of youth, and it is not surprising. Useful properties due to the accumulation of acids, vitamins and mineral compounds.

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