Red Rowan - Health Benefits and Harm

Red Rowan is a small tree that is resistant to frost and sudden changes in weather conditions. Today, it is possible to meet mountain ash almost everywhere, it does not make sense to cultivate it in the garden. In view of the wide distribution, the mistresses harvest the fruits for the winter and delight their relatives with fresh berries. Hence, the actual question is, what are the benefits of the fruits? Are there any harm and contraindications to their use? We will understand everything in order.

 The benefits and harms of red rowan

The composition of red rowan

It is most logical to consider the benefits of the product, starting from the chemical composition. Rowan includes a lot of substances that must be ingested on a mandatory basis.

So, berries accumulate vitamin PP, tocopherol, vitamin K, ascorbic acid in large quantities.Interestingly, vitamin C in rowan is more than in the notorious red currant.

In addition, the fruits are rich in vitamin P, pyridoxine, folic acid, pantothenic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, retinol and other equally valuable enzymes.

The accumulation of carotene in mountain ash is higher than that of carrots. Therefore, mountain ash juice and fresh fruits are prescribed to receive people who have decay of vision.

Berries are not deprived of phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc. All these mineral compounds are required by the internal organs and systems for proper functioning.

Organic acids such as ursuloic acid, citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid accumulate in the red fruit. And for the bitter taste of mountain ash is obliged to sorbic acid, which has the most powerful antioxidant effect.

However, pronounced bitterness is not limited. Sorbose, sucrose, glucose, fructose accumulates in fruits. All of these compounds are natural saccharides.

Berries can boast of pectin compounds, dietary fiber (including particularly vegetable fiber),starch, ash, tanning binders, flavonoids.

Benefit is not only fruits, but also foliage with bark. In these parts of the tree are concentrated many glycosides and essential oils. Despite such an abundance of irreplaceable elements, the mountain ash of a mountain ash does not exceed the mark of 51 Kcal.

The benefits of red rowan

  1. Vitamin P supports the psycho-emotional environment of a person. Rowan and decoctions of it must be used for depressive disorders, nervousness, sleep problems, general lethargy and apathy.
  2. Vitamin A is responsible for vision, so mountain ash is prescribed for people with eye diseases. Berries carry out cataract prevention, strengthen muscles and produce a natural tear. Due to this, the dryness of the eyes disappears with constant work behind a PC and driving a car.
  3. In mountain ash many ascorbic acid accumulates. Fruits should be eaten when a seasonal flu epidemic and vitamin deficiency begins. You can easily support the immune system in good shape.
  4. Juice stimulates the production of new blood cells, cleans the blood vessels of harmful cholesterol and opens the walls of the blood channels.Against this background, improve all metabolic processes in the body.
  5. Tocopherol is one of the natural antioxidants. Coupled with dietary fiber, this compound keeps youth, removes stagnation, toxins, radioactive substances. The body rejuvenates at all levels.
  6. In the breakdown of the activity of the digestive system, it is useful to use fresh berries or juice based on them. So you stimulate digestion, prevent the fermentation of food in the intestine.
  7. Red berries are useful for people with high blood pressure. Rowan has urinary properties, and also eliminates bile, facilitating the work of the liver. This property is useful for men who abuse alcohol.
  8. Due to the laxative effect, rowan is prescribed for constipation, including chronic. Berries quickly remove stagnation and obstruction in the intestine, as well as improve the microflora of the internal organ.
  9. The fruit contains iodine, which is necessary for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland. And potassium and magnesium control the work of the heart, reducing the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks in the elderly.
  10. The use of rowan leaves in the fight against dermatological problems has been noticed.When the fungus is necessary to make compresses and lotions from fresh raw materials. Leaves relieve itching from bites by insects and animals.
  11. If you go to the right diet and want to improve the body, pay attention to the properties of red berries. So, it has a lot of mineral compounds, vitamins, but little protein. This quality is appreciated by people with diseased kidneys and liver.
  12. In addition, there is a positive effect of the berries on the body of people with diabetes. Rowan lowers blood glucose and removes a strong dependence on insulin.
  13. The use of mountain ash is manifested in the treatment of various skin diseases. Berries effectively fight warts. It is enough to cut the fruit into pieces, and attach one of them to the growth. Secure the product with a plaster.
  14. Berries have unique properties, they will help women to cope with problems during menopause. Rowan also perfectly cleanses the body of harmful cholesterol. Thus, the liver is discharged.
  15. The fruits have an interesting quality that allows you to bind together carbohydrates. As a result, the body is easier to cope with extra pounds.In nutrition, most often used natural juice or powder.

The benefits of mountain ash for men

 The benefits of mountain ash for men

  1. For the treatment of men's health in traditional medicine is often used fresh pulp of mountain ash for the treatment of hemorrhoids and burns. The product will bring particular benefits to older and middle-aged people.
  2. Regular consumption of berries allows you to put in order the cardiovascular system and avoid the occurrence of pathologies. Such diseases develop with age, and bad habits become a cause.
  3. To avoid the development of prostatitis, it is recommended to regularly drink rowan broth. The drink has a mild diuretic effect and healing properties.

The benefits of mountain ash for children

  1. Unfortunately, children do not like the taste of bitter mountain ash. If you look on the other hand, such a product is simply necessary for the younger body. Berries can be included in the diet of the baby already from 1 year.
  2. Thanks to this rowan will significantly increase the protective functions of the body. Berries completely compensate for the lack of any vitamins and substances. The product is considered an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for seasonal diseases.
  3. Regular eating of mountain ash leads to the proper development of muscle fibers. The product in a short time stabilizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Fruit juice is able to heal skin lesions quickly.
  4. If the child refuses to consume fresh berries, you can make jam, compote and jam. Kids love these goodies. It is worth remembering that the fresh product will bring the greatest benefit.

Rowan ash

  1. Despite all the benefits, as well as any gifts of nature, mountain ash can be harmful to the body. In this case, the main rule is that the fruits can not be abused. Rowan contains dangerous parabasic acid.
  2. Fresh fruits act as an antibiotic, so the consequences are not long in coming. Rowan can also be harmful because of its high pectin content. The enzyme provokes diarrhea and indigestion.
  3. Damage may be caused by ischemia, hypertension, or another cardiac problem. Experts say that it is forbidden to treat open wounds with a fresh product. Do not rinse your mouth with rowan solution for stomatitis and gingivitis.

Rowan is one of the most useful berries.Before using the product for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications. It is advisable to visit a doctor and be examined. Rowan often causes an allergic reaction. Therefore, introducing the product into the diet of the child, you need to be extremely careful. Collect the fruit after the first frost, they are most useful.

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