Hazelnut - the benefits and harm for women and men

Hazelnut is the most Russian of all nuts. In different territories it is also called in different ways: hazelnuts, squirrel treat, filbert. And the Italians call it the Lombard nut (after the name of one of the Italian regions - Lombardy). Unpretentious to the conditions, it grows in almost all territories of Russia, including forest tundra zones. However, the most nutritious and beneficial species still prefer the southern regions - Crimea, Kuban, Orenburg, etc.

 The benefits and harm of hazelnut

Abroad, our country hazelnut grows in a wild state, and is grown on an industrial scale. In the wild state, hazel grows in Spain, Greece, Italy, some rare species even sprout in Norway. The most useful wild hazelnut species grows in the Balkan Peninsula.

In industrial cultivation today, three varieties are known: Kerasund and Badem - foreign and the variety bred in the USSR at the time of Khrushchev - Crimean hazelnut.

Speaking of different species, it is worth noting that, despite the abundance of varieties, the wild species is considered the most useful!

Chemical and biological composition of hazelnut

On the usefulness of this product has long been conducted various scientific disputes and debates. Some people consider this type of walnut to be completely useless, appealing to the appetites only by the simplicity of their taste, another group of scientists, on the contrary, gives strong arguments about the undoubted benefits of the product. So which one is right?

Each 100 grams of hazel contains about 90% of the daily requirement of vitamins such as A and E, and, therefore, hazelnut plays a direct role in strengthening the walls of internal organs, starting with vascular and ending with the walls of hollow organs (intestine, bladder, some tissues of the uterus in women, lung, and many others). In addition, the daily use of 30 - 50 grams actively stimulates brain activity, increasing memory, concentration, reduces the manifestation of feelings of fatigue. In addition, hazelnut significantly improves the work of the organs associated with the brain - sight, hearing, smell, improving the sharpness of their functions.

Due to the high content of vitamins B and C, the mass accumulation of which has the inner shell of the nut and its surrounding parts, hazel significantly improves the metabolic processes in the body (stabilizes the regulation of hormonal activity, improves tissue trophism by increasing the flow of nutrients to them), as well as increases immune processes.

Among the beneficial mineral substances contained in the squirrel treat, it is possible to distinguish the presence in large quantities: zinc, phosphorus, sodium, copper, selenium, manganese, potassium, and many others. All these components help a person to become stronger, more enduring and most importantly - healthier. Being an excellent antidepressant, hazelnuts will be especially useful in winter, when the color day is short, and the view outside the windows does not indulge in a variety of colors.

And, of course, in light of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible not to mention the caloric content of the food product. Hazelnut is a high-calorie meal - 400 grams of hazelnut consumed at one time can replace a person with a full meal consisting of 3 dishes. Thanks to this feature, nuts occupy a worthy place in the dishes of world cuisine.

Benefit or harm: where does the scale go?

Before considering hazelnuts as an active food product or as a cosmetological component for masks, it is important to get acquainted with its positive and negative points.

About the benefits of the product
The usefulness of this product can be reasoned within infinity - this is:

 The benefits of hazelnut

  1. Nutrition and calorie. Under extreme conditions, assuming a long stay in the forest zone in summer and autumn, a person is able to survive much longer, and largely due to the presence of hazelnut. Even in an immature state, he is able to reliably provide a person with all the necessary nutrients.
  2. Stimulation of the brain. Due to this feature, hazel was taken to its kingdom by such a worthy science as pharmacology. On the basis of hazelnuts are actively developed drugs to stimulate brain activity, as well as nutritional complexes for athletes in the form of various dietary supplements.
  3. Strengthening the walls of blood vessels of the blood and lymphatic systems, regulation of the power of the myocardium.Studies have shown that nuts have a very beneficial effect on heart activity, preventing the risk of heart attack.
  4. Indispensable this nut during pregnancy. A large amount of selenium and zinc makes hazelnuts one of the indispensable products for pregnant women, providing the fetus with the full formation of the skeleton, vascular tissues, hollow organs. And copper, which is part of hazelnuts, is able to neutralize toxic products that accidentally penetrate into the fetus (during infections with the mother, or when she consumes unwanted foods and drinks).
  5. Antiedematous means. Zinc contained in the composition plays a direct role in the removal of excess moisture from the body, and also has a strong effect on the production of adrenal hormones, due to which the pressure of blood vessels is regulated.
  6. Improves the functions of the sense organs: hearing, sight, smell.
  7. A large number of flavonoids contributes to the enhanced production of sex hormones, which makes a person attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. From the above, the following follows: the increase in sex hormones contributes to the full preparation for pregnancy.And, then, when planning it, this product is a sin to underestimate.
  8. Strengthens male potency and increases libido in women due to the large amount of magnesium and calcium, the combination of which is especially important in this case.
  9. Cosmetic effect. The presence of the most essential vitamins and trace elements in the composition allows hazelnuts to actively stimulate the metabolic processes, improving the external structure of the skin, strengthening the hair follicles, improving the appearance of hair, nails, prevents eyelash loss (included in many cosmetic compositions designed to solve this problem).

About the dangers of the product
The negative facts regarding hazelnuts include the following facts:

 Hazelnut Harm

  1. In hazelnuts, like in any other product actively consumed by people, one of the negative sides (perhaps even the most important one, capable of turning all advantages into a single minus) is allergy to this type of nut or nuts.
  2. From the point of view of "weight control", this product can rather be attributed to pests, especially when consuming large quantities - due to the large number of lipid components, it is perfectly deposited in problem areas.
  3. It is not desirable for people who have problems with high cholesterol - hazelnuts promotes fat deposits, and therefore, cholesterol similarly.
  4. In large quantities causes severe headaches that provoke vasospasm.
  5. It quickly deteriorates, which is why it is very easy to poison yourself with this nut.
  6. During pregnancy, the usefulness of this product is undoubtedly high, but, nevertheless, do not forget about weight control. In this case, excessive consumption may not play the most positive role.
  7. Fried is more tasty, but much more harmful due to the released rebuilt unhealthy fats. Raw hazelnuts to taste - for the amateur.
  8. Not useful for people with problems with the liver, stomach and biliary organs (especially if calculi are diagnosed), as it requires large enzymatic and energy costs for digestion and absorption.

After analyzing the useful and harmful aspects of the product, the conclusion is that the positive moments are much more, and in the negative part some items are, in fact, conditional, and therefore, with the right approach, they can be easily turned into advantages.Having coordinated in consciousness all the logical arguments of the article, a person can get an additional store of health in the form of hazelnuts.

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