Lemon for the face - the benefits and application

Citrus fruits have always been in demand not only in the culinary world, but also in the cosmetology sector. In today's material we will study the effect of lemon on the skin. Everyone knows the valuable properties of the fruit in terms of bleaching. However, few people know that the products are also used in the fight against various skin defects and flabbiness. To increase efficiency, additional products are mixed with the main component. Together, it is possible to develop an effective home composition.

 Lemon for face

Citrus effect

All beloved citrus has a positive effect on the state of the epidermis, because it includes many valuable substances. It is based on carotene with organic acids and esters. Fruits are not deprived of vitamins B-group, retinol, ascorbic acid, vitamin P, tocopherols.There are in the list of substances pectins, phytoncides, mineral compounds. If you use the fruit with the recommendations, then each substance from the composition will reinforce the action of another. How does the use of citrus fruit affect the skin?

  1. It should be immediately mentioned that the product under discussion acts as an effective anti-wrinkle agent. Citrus has the ability to moisturize even the deepest layers of the dermis, thereby smoothing very deep creases. The curative effects include the ability to eliminate inflammatory processes.
  2. Ascorbic acid accumulates in large quantities. It is needed to give the face a reddening and return to the natural pigmentation. Due to the inclusion of organic acids, the skin is peeled, dead skin particles are removed. The product regenerates cells and promotes their renewal.
  3. This remedy is considered to be the most effective among itself in its ability to eliminate pigmentation. If freckles or other defects of this kind are present, then masks will definitely help. They disinfect, dry ulcers, remove the cork from the ducts.In addition to the powerful cleaning effect, the tool nourishes and retains moisture in the tissues.
  4. The anti-aging properties include the ability to increase the production of collagen fibers. With enough of them, large wrinkles and small imperfections disappear. For this reason, citrus is used by all categories of persons, regardless of age and gender.
  5. Some get a squeeze of citrus, and then use it as a peeling. Procedures of this kind allow the active substances to penetrate deep into and literally push the pollution out. This quality is appreciated by citizens with a bold or combined type of dermis from nature. Greasy shine disappears after several sessions.
  6. By this citrus fruit is meant a natural doctor for the skin. Systematic use will allow you to say goodbye to acne and acne forever. Acidic fruits are endowed with natural antioxidant substances, anti-bacterial components and compounds that protect against the harmful effects. Subsequently, the problem will no longer disturb the person.
  7. Fruits differ in their ability to nourish and moisturize the epidermis.As part of a variety of minerals that are responsible for suppressing infection. The face immediately rejuvenates, looks fresh and rested. Due to the stimulation of regeneration processes, cells receive a second life. There is a noticeable elasticity, the jaw line is highlighted, and even fat is absorbed in the face area.
  8. The discussed raw materials are known to many as a qualitative composition for bleaching. It is not necessary to spend fabulous money and do the procedure in the salon, as well as buy expensive cosmetic products. All you need is free time and a little desire to eliminate unwanted pigment.
  9. From the positive characteristics should not exclude the availability of the component. Today, citrus can be purchased absolutely in any store. And the very preparation of funds does not take away your strength. Everything is extremely simple and transparent.

Juice effect

  1. The valuable qualities with which the fruit is endowed also possesses fresh juice based on it. The positive impact lies in the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics.Also, the juice is better than the pulp cleans pores when rubbed, like a tonic.
  2. It is impossible not to affect the effects on acne, they completely disappear, especially as purulent rash. Also eliminated rash, freckles, acne. The composition destroys pathogens.
  3. Often it is freshly squeezed is the basis of salon and home peels. In the composition of Frechet much more acids that remove dead particles. Already after the first procedure, the skin becomes soft, firm and elastic.

Effective masks

In fact, in the home cosmetology there are a sufficient number of different masks. Their systematic use allows you to deal with various problems that are associated with the skin of the face. However, do not forget that you may experience an allergic reaction to citrus fruit. Therefore, before using any lemon-based cosmetic, perform a test. Remember to use only fresh ingredients.

 Effective face masks with lemon


  1. The combination of popular products together has a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. Such an agent is especially effective for fading skin.Systematic use of the composition will eliminate minor creases and wrinkles.
  2. For the preparation of an effective composition is used 20 ml. lemon juice and the same amount of bee product. Remember, if honey candied, it must be melted. Rub the homogeneous composition into the skin with massaging movements. Leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water. Use only fresh products. Do not harvest composition for future use. Before applying, it is best to steam out the skin. If you regularly use this tool, it will clean and moisturize the fabric.
  4. Along with this, all the inflammatory processes take place. Smoothed facial relief. There is a deep nutrition. Remember that the products are allergenic enough, so make sure in advance that there is no allergy to the composition.


  1. The considered remedy is recommended to be systematically applied with oily skin. The active composition adjusts the production of subcutaneous fat. As a result, pores are narrowed and oily shine disappears. The face gets a nice matte shade.
  2. Beat the egg white until thick foam and mix with 20 ml. lemon juice.Bring the ingredients to a smooth consistency. Spread over a quarter of an hour. The mask copes with black dots.


  1. The combination of fairly simple components allows you to fully cleanse the skin and provide it with good nutrition of important compounds. The composition cleans pores of high quality, removing toxic compounds. In addition, the cornified layer is gently removed.
  2. To improve the result, it is recommended to add a small amount of natural honey to the main products. Thus you gently cleanse the skin and get rid of dirt and grease on the face. In the presence of acne, they dry up. This is especially true if the rash appears often enough.
  3. To create an effective tool, mix in a bowl of 20 grams. soda, lemon juice and honey. After reaching the desired consistency, distribute the product on steamed skin. Leave for a quarter of an hour. Apply day cream.

More effective means

 Face masks with lemon

  1. Also, ice cubes made on the basis of lemon juice have rather good properties.It is enough to squeeze fresh from citrus fruits and pour into special molds. Send the blanks to the freezer.
  2. Regularly wipe the skin of the face with ice. Systematic procedures will allow to narrow the pores, whiten the tone of the face, disinfect the skin and eliminate dead skin particles.
  3. After wiping the face, leave the composition on the skin for a few more minutes. Then wash with water at room temperature and apply day cream.

The juice

  1. Also, the beneficial properties of lemon juice is also manifested in the fact that it is an excellent bleaching agent. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, you can easily get rid of age spots, freckles and other related problems.
  2. Razorte face and wipe the skin with freshly sliced ​​lemon. Wait a quarter of an hour for the juice to soak a little. Then wash your usual way.
  3. To achieve the desired result, perform the procedure 1 time per day for 4 days.
  4. The advantage of this method of eliminating skin problems is that it has a positive effect not only on lemon juice, but also on the essential oils that are contained in the zest of citrus fruits.

In today's material we have examined the main valuable qualities of the citrus fruit presented, therefore now it will not be a secret to you. Useful features endowed not only the fruit, but freshly squeezed based on it. With the help of this product, not so many products can be prepared, but all the compositions given earlier are notable for their effectiveness.

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