Lemon with garlic for cleaning vessels: application

Vessels have the property of "contaminated." Many people may not notice it, however, for the normal functioning of the body, the vessels must be periodically cleaned. There are various cleaning methods. The easiest and most popular is cleansing the body with garlic and lemon.

 Lemon with garlic for cleaning vessels

Causes of "contamination" of blood vessels

There are several reasons why vessels may become "contaminated." So, it can occur due to hypertension or high cholesterol. It can also be caused by poor diet, smoking and alcohol abuse.Often the vessels are “polluted” as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, constant stress and chronic diseases.

The human body can not clean the vessels themselves. So, he needs help, periodically conducting cleaning. It is also important not to neglect prevention, so that the vessels do not clog.

Garlic and lemon: indications

A product made using garlic and lemon is suitable for cleaning vessels and preventing the following diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • Arrhythmia.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The initial stage of heart failure.
  • The presence of atherosclerosis in history.
  • The development of heart attack and pre-stroke state.
  • Predisposition to blood clots and coronary heart disease.

However, when using this popular recipe, it is not recommended to abandon drug therapy. Lemon and garlic based products can only be used as an adjunct to traditional treatment.

Citrus Elixir and Garlic Slices

To clear the vessels, you can use the elixir of garlic cloves and lemon.The duration of a therapeutic course with the use of such an agent is one month.

The recipe for this remedy is simple: you will need 17 garlic heads and as many citrus fruits. Garlic heads need to be cleaned, and citrus fruits - how to wash. After that, the ingredients need to grind with a meat grinder. The result is a liquid mass, which must be poured into a three-liter container and pour warm water. The finished drug should be stored at a temperature slightly below room temperature for 3 days (this means periodically mix). Next, the elixir must be filtered and placed in the freezer.

Apply such a decoction should be before eating, 3 times a day, 2 tablespoons. To get the best effect, you should drink more liquid - this will allow you to quickly clear the vessels of cholesterol. It will also allow to achieve the best effect from the treatment of the addition of such an agent with carrot juice. To obtain a stable therapeutic effect should drink a liter of juice per day. In addition, therapy should be supplemented by physical exertion and proper nutrition. It is necessary to give up smoking, alcohol and fatty foods.If the patient accidentally forgot to take a serving of this medication, you should continue cleaning in the usual way, without changing the volume of the next portion.

It should be remembered that the use of this tool can harm the patient if he has inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, for example, a stomach ulcer.

Also, the products that make up such a tool can cause allergies, so this elixir is contraindicated in allergies. This tool is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

Recipe from Ancient China

Today, the following ancient Chinese recipe is popular. It is necessary to grind 300 grams of garlic in a mortar, squeeze the juice from lemon, and then place the ingredients in a prepared container, pour the alcohol tincture and store in a dark room for 2 weeks. After that, when the aging period passes, the resulting mass must be drained and stored for a week. It is necessary to use means three times a day for half an hour to food. It is best to drink a similar tincture with warm milk. The course should be started with 2 drops, adding 2 drops to each dose.

Starting from the 12th day, you need to use 30 drops three times a day, until the remedy is over. As a result of the use of such tincture, the level of harmful cholesterol decreases, and the vessels are cleaned. Also, this tool allows you to improve the mobility of joints and normalize blood pressure. Repeat the course of the proposed scheme should be after 4 years.

Tincture of honey

Alternatively, you can make a honey infusion. To do this, take 4 pieces of garlic and lemon and chop them thoroughly. Next, add 150 grams of honey. Ingredients need to be poured into a small vessel, tie a bandage and stored in a dark place.

With regard to the rules of the use of such tinctures, then a teaspoon of this tool should be diluted in a glass of water and drink 20 minutes before a meal. If desired, you can not dilute this tincture with water.

This mixture has a tonic effect on the body, as well as enhances immunity, cleansing the blood vessels and diluting the blood. This tincture is an excellent tool for the prevention of heart attacks, and it also has an invigorating effect.

Alcohol tincture

The recipe for making alcohol tinctures is very simple. To do this, chop the garlic heads and squeeze out a little juice from 2 lemons. Prepared ingredients should be poured into a small bottle and add a little alcohol (it is important that its strength does not exceed 40 degrees).

This tool must be insisted in a warm room for 3 weeks. Shake the bottle daily. Take the infusion should be taken before meals three times a day (6 drops in a tablespoon of warm water). You can add tincture in coffee. This drug on alcohol helps not only to clear the vessels, but also to prevent the development of spasms and the appearance of oncology.

Flaxseed recipe

A good option - a combination of honey with flax and garlic. This composition has a beneficial effect on the body, and with it, blood vessels are quickly cleaned. In addition, it helps to improve appearance and well-being.

The recipe for making this tool is simple. To do this, you need a kilogram of honey, 5 heads of garlic, 7 lemons and 2 cups of flaxseed oil. Lemons need to be washed with boiling water to remove the bacteria. You do not need to peel the citrus peel, because it contains a lot of vitamins.Garlic must be removed from the husk and thoroughly rinse each clove. All components must be transferred to a prepared ceramic dish and crushed until the ingredients are turned into a homogeneous mass. Next, you need to add honey and how to shift all the ingredients. In addition, in the resulting mixture, add flaxseed oil and mix the ingredients again.

The resulting mixture should be put in a prepared container and stored in a cool place. When the mixture is ready, it should be applied on a tablespoon once a day, in the morning, before breakfast. Duration of treatment is one month. Further, after a week break, you can repeat the therapy.

Broth from lemon, garlic and ginger

 Broth from lemon, garlic and ginger
In addition, you can make the tincture of garlic, ginger and lemon. All ingredients must be crushed and placed in a small saucepan. Next, they need to pour a liter of water, and then bring the boil, gently stirring. After that, removing the mixture from the stove, it should be cooled slightly and carefully filtered through a linen cloth. Such a drink is recommended to keep in the refrigerator, placed in a glass container.It is necessary to use medicine twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Red Wine Recipe

In addition, you can clean the vessels with a means of lemon slices, garlic cloves and red wine. The recipe is simple: you need to chop the garlic and squeeze a little juice from 2 lemons. Next, the ingredients should be put in a prepared container, pour wine and cover with a lid. This mixture must be insisted 2 weeks. At the same time, the contents of the container must be shaken daily.

Apply this medication should be three times a day, a tablespoon before eating. If necessary, you can take a two-week break, and then go through a repeated therapeutic course.

A decoction of garlic, milk and lemon cloves

You can quickly and efficiently clean the vessels using a decoction of lemon slices, milk and garlic cloves. The recipe is simple: garlic should be finely chopped. Lemon should be poured over with boiling water and cut, without removing the zest. All ingredients need to be mixed, put in a saucepan and pour with milk.

Next, you need to put the broth on the stove and bring to a boil, and then boil for another 2 minutes over low heat. Broth should be cooled to room temperature and drain.It is recommended to use 2 glasses of such a product in the morning and evening for 20 minutes before meals.

Garlic and Lemon Smoothies

Alternatively, you can make a smoothie of garlic and lemon slices. To make a smoothie, you need 3 heads of garlic, 2 spoons of honey and 5 lemons. If the smoothie does not seem sweet enough, you can add more honey to it so that the taste improves.

The recipe is very simple. First you need to squeeze a little juice from the lemons using a juicer. Garlic cloves should be peeled. Next, you need to put the ingredients in a blender and mix gently for 2 minutes.

There are several ways to use this tool. To effectively clean the vessels, it is recommended to use a similar mixture in liquid form, so that it is better absorbed into the blood. Also, such a smoothie can be poured into ice storage forms, frozen and put in tea.

So, a useful tool for cleaning the body and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system - tincture of lemon and garlic cloves, which can be prepared according to various recipes. However, before its use should consult a doctor.

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