Lemon facial peeling at home

Peeling is necessary for all categories of people, regardless of gender and age category. The only exception is the young epidermis, since it is not so damaged and does not need peeling. The seemingly innocuous procedure has certain prohibitions that should be read without fail. In today's material we will consider everything related to such sessions from the field of cosmetology, so that you can draw your own opinion and do everything correctly.

 Lemon facial peeling

Effect of the procedure on the skin

  1. Peeling has long been included in the list of procedures carried out by cosmetologists around the world. In European countries, sessions are carried out every month as a way to keep the epidermis in order. To a greater extent, the active components are aimed at cleansing the sebaceous ducts from traffic jams, dead skin particles and other problems of this kind.
  2. Citrus juice was loved by many in view of the fact that it is able to return the natural shine to the skin, eliminate excessive pigmentation, smooth out the relief and even expel fluid from the tissues. Virtually any imperfections, with the exception of excessive withering, can be corrected by systematically conducting sessions.
  3. The funds are aimed at rejuvenation, the formation of the oval and the selection of the jaw line. This becomes possible because the acid contained in citrus destroys dead particles and exfoliates them. It penetrates into the pores, pushes grease plugs to the surface, improves sebum secretion. In addition to these characteristics, the compositions increase the turgor and promote the production of elastin.
  4. In addition to the inclusion of acids, citrus concentrates enough nutrients. Among them is a complete mineral-vitamin complex. It enters inside, controls blood circulation and increases it, enriches the cells with oxygen, levels the relief, promotes bleaching. Citrus peels have a positive effect on the density of blood channels. They gain elasticity, the probability of development of a kuperoz decreases.
  5. Due to the inclusion of antibacterial components, rashes are disinfected and dried, inflammatory processes disappear. Lemon affects the root of the problem, rather than masking imperfections. Some ladies have noted that after the first session, acne itself pops up to the surface. It is enough to remove them, then treat the face with tonic. As part of a mass of ascorbic acid, which promotes the production of collagen and pulls toxins from the skin.
  6. The result will be achieved only with complex events. Of course, the first effect, as they say, on the face, but systematicity is important in everything. Soon you will notice that you look much younger and fresher. Appears a light blush, leaving dark spots of unknown origin. But remember about the precautionary measures, because such measures are contraindicated in certain categories of persons.

Features of the procedure

  1. When you choose a recipe, push off the components contained in the composition. Many substances adversely affect the overly sensitive dermis, their use can lead to serious problems.At the same time, owners of the fat type should prefer more rigid compositions.
  2. Each technique has application rules. For example, many of the freshly prepared formulations are forbidden to distribute to the area in the eyes or lips. In these places the skin is too thin, it can become dehydrated due to the peeling.
  3. In the process of kneading and compounding components, choose the right packaging. Suitable dishes from ceramics, clay or plastic. Aluminum do not use. Also harvest products at one time so that it does not lose properties.
  4. To get the maximum result, make a preliminary cleansing of the skin. You can hold the face over the bath or use the foam (gel, etc.) to subsequently remove fat accumulations in the pores.
  5. In the process of distribution of the prepared composition, use a cosmetic brush or spatula. Of course, if the composition is thick, it is easily distributed by fingers. Observe the massage lines, there is no need to rub the product, it will act as it is.
  6. For greater effectiveness, the composition is distributed over the hydrated epidermis.As for the duration of exposure, it all depends on the specific means. Usually the interval is about 10 minutes, but there may be deviations from the rules.
  7. The remains can first be removed with a moistened cosmetic sponge or cotton wool, and then washed with water at room temperature. Some say that it is very effective to use ice after the procedure, it closes the pores.
  8. It should address the frequency of events. No need to prepare money every day. A lady with a naturally fat epidermis will have two sessions in 7–10 days. Owners of normal skin type need 1 procedure for 2 weeks.

Peeling recipes

There are not many recipes aimed at carrying out procedures of this kind. But we will present the most effective and versatile, they will suit almost everyone.

 Lemon Peeling Recipes

Oat flour

  1. The owners of the epidermis, dry by nature, simply need systematic hydration, nourishment and exfoliation. With this, the below composition will fully cope.
  2. Pass the peel of one lemon through a fine-grained grater. Combine with a teaspoon of citrus juice. Separately mix 40 grams.flour and water to get a thick composition, add here.
  3. Spread over moist skin, observing massage lines. Lie down to rest, muscles should be completely relaxed. Wash off after 8 minutes.

Honey and Yoghurt

  1. To normalize the production of sebum, eliminate inflammation, highlight the jaw line, prepare a honey-based product with the addition of citrus fresh.
  2. Connect about 30-50 gr. low fat thick yogurt with 30 grams. honey Stir, enter 20 ml. lemon juice and let stand for 10 minutes. After a specified period, stir in the egg.
  3. Now pour in flour or starch until the product has a creamy consistency. Apply it to a cleansed and moistened face, discard for at least 7 minutes.

Lemon Peel

  1. The recipe in question moved to us from England; previously, such a tool could be considered secret, since its composition was not disclosed. Now you can restore your skin to an excellent healthy look in a short time.
  2. To prepare an effective remedy, try to chop the lemon zest as small as possible.Add 2 drops of orange ether and 20 ml to the finished slurry. olive oil.
  3. Get from the components of a uniform consistency. Keep on face no more than 10 minutes. After rinsing, apply day cream.

Cane sugar

  1. Presented tool will be the perfect composition, if you are the owner of combination skin. This peeling showed itself only with the best side. It gently cleanses the skin, eliminating dead particles.
  2. Mix 20 gr. cane sugar and lemon juice. Pour until mixture reaches a creamy consistency.
  3. Distribute the product, bypassing the area around the eyes. Do a light massage just a couple of minutes. Wait another 5 minutes and rinse. Moisturize the skin with cream.


  1. In addition to the use of various skin care products, it is also important to provide care after the procedures performed. Gentle fabrics without fail need protection against acid-fruit structures. Keep in mind that for some time the skin will be extremely sensitive to external influences.
  2. Do not forget that after the procedure it is not recommended to immediately go out into the fresh air, exposing the skin to direct sunlight.A few minutes after using an acid peel, wipe your face with ice cubes. So you can narrow pores.
  3. Then allow the skin to get enough of the day cream. It is advisable to use those compositions that are aimed at splitting black dots. On the same day after using the mask, it is worth refraining from using decorative cosmetics. Thus, the positive effect will last longer.

Practical recommendations

 Lemon face peeling

  1. Remember the simple rules that will help you always look at the highest level. In order for the cleansing to take place to the maximum, and the entire horny layer is removed, it is important to take into account your own skin type. If you have a fat type, it is recommended to massage a little longer and more intensively. Soak the mixture more than it should be.
  2. Do not forget that before using any cleansing agents should carefully prepare the skin. Be sure to wipe your face with a tonic, then steam it. This way you can get the most out of such procedures.
  3. Remember also that acid peels with an abrasive compound should not be rubbed into the skin.There is a difference between light massage. Perform such manipulations exclusively with fingertips. Alternatively, you can use a cosmetic brush. Take it along the massage lines.
  4. The advantage of acid peeling is that it is considered safe and very effective. Its advantage also lies in the fact that it penetrates deep into tissues and thoroughly cleans everything. The result is a natural regeneration of the skin. Do not forget that such a tool should not be abused.


  1. Absolutely everyone who decides on such procedures should make sure that the skin does not have any damage, scratches, abrasions, ulcers and acne. Otherwise, you will experience a lot of discomfort and even more provoke the inflammatory process.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to carry out such procedures if you often suffer from an allergic reaction to citrus fruits.
  3. Also, do not resort to the use of such tools if you have too thin and sensitive skin.
  4. Use the composition only if you have previously conducted a test on a delicate area of ​​skin.

The end result will not keep you waiting if you follow the rules and follow the guidelines. Nobody hides the technology of the procedure, and therefore it is in all-accessible, we studied it. To make the face clear and all imperfections disappear, follow the advice.

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