False pregnancy in cats: symptoms and treatment

Nowadays, a small proportion of women suffer from a severe psychophysical condition, which is called a false pregnancy. Characteristic features of this phenomenon are all signs and symptoms of this pregnancy. A woman begins to dramatically change her mood, menstruation disappears, her chest and abdomen increase, and her overall body weight increases. Sometimes, some women even have sensations, as if a child is moving in her stomach. However, despite all these signs, there is no fetus in the stomach. This condition can be characteristic not only for people, but also for pets. For example, sometimes a false pregnancy occurs in cats.

 False pregnancy in cats

It is also worth noting that a false pregnancy occurs in other pets, dogs, and much more often than in cats.This mechanism in animals is practically laid by nature, since the female with a false pregnancy can feed another's offspring, if there is a need for it. Cats in this respect are not so affectionate and caring, some representatives of the cat feed their babies with difficulty, and they don’t even bother with strangers.

What is a false pregnancy in cats?

If we consider this phenomenon, in fact, it is a hormonal disorder in which the cat shows all signs of pregnancy, despite the fact that fertilization has not occurred. On average, a false pregnancy lasts from one month to one and a half. In general, this condition can occur in cats of any breed, however, the Orientals, Cornish Rex, and Sphynx are the most susceptible.

Why does a false pregnancy appear in cats?

In order for a cat to have a false pregnancy, it is not necessary for her to mate with a male. The representatives of the cat this condition may appear for the following reasons:

  1. There was a pairing with a cat that was previously neutered.From such a partner, the cat simply cannot fertilize, but the animal feels differently.
  2. Diseases of gynecological nature in cats. These include uterine fibroids, endometritis, polycystic ovaries.
  3. Disorders of the thyroid, for example, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
  4. Various pathologies of the endocrine system. Among them may be ovarian tumors, diabetes and other ailments.
  5. Stressful situation. Sometimes a false pregnancy can cause severe stress, for example, if the owner does not pay attention to the animal, throws the cat alone and does not take care of it. In addition, the impact may be the death of a close friend, it can be both a person and another pet. Sometimes a strong stress in cats occurs due to a change of residence.
  6. Sometimes a false pregnancy occurs because the vaginal walls of the animal are artificially irritated. For example, if it happened for medical purposes when taking a smear for analysis.
  7. The presence of a cat in close proximity to females who are actually pregnant. The cat in this case observes other animals and gradually begins to behave as well.

How does a false pregnancy appear in cats?

Independently distinguish a real pregnancy from a false one in a cat is almost impossible. This can be done only with a visit to the veterinarian. Cats, confident that they will soon get their offspring, behave in full accordance with the behavior of pregnant females:

 How does a false pregnancy appear in cats?

  1. There will be frequent mood swings in the cat. In addition, you can even note some changes in the stock character. For example, affectionate and calm cat can sharply become aggressive, but the evil one, on the contrary, is very kind and peaceful.
  2. The cat begins to meow often and follow its owner on its heels.
  3. The cat begins to look for and prepare the place where she will give birth.
  4. For a long time, the animal is in a state of half-sleep, and indeed it sleeps a lot.
  5. Also, the cat may become too anxious or, conversely, completely indifferent to everything that happens around.

In addition to changes in the mood and behavior of the pet, the owner may also note some changes in terms of physiology:

  1. A cat has a markedly enlarged abdomen, as well as a mammary gland.
  2. The cat begins to eat more, as it happens in pregnant cats, but over time, the appetite becomes less.
  3. There are irregularities in the digestive tract, for example, diarrhea or vomiting may occur.
  4. The appearance of colostrum.
  5. Slight fever.
  6. Vaginal discharge of mucus that does not have an unpleasant odor.

A cat with a false pregnancy may show some signs from this list. For example, a pet may not have any changes in mood, or the stomach will remain the same size. The hardest thing is to understand whether a cat is pregnant or not, will be the owner, whose girl mated with a cat. In this case, it is simply impossible to determine whether it was fertilized or not, and all the signs of a false pregnancy coincide with the real ones.

Confirmation of pregnancy is possible only in the veterinary clinic, where using an ultrasound, as well as by probing, the specialist will be able to determine whether the cat has a fetus inside. You can go to an appointment with a veterinarian a couple of weeks after being mated with a cat, or after the owner has noticed unusual symptoms in his dog.

How to cure a false pregnancy?

 How to cure a false pregnancy in cats
Do not think that a false pregnancy will pass on its own, as soon as the animal realizes that there is no fetus. This condition is a serious violation of the psyche and the work of some internal organs. Lack of attention to a false pregnancy can lead to quite serious consequences: tumors of the thyroid gland and organs of reproduction, mastitis, or inflammation in the uterus.

The scheme of treatment of false pregnancy includes the consistent implementation of the following steps:

  1. Reducing the amount of fluid consumed by the cat.
  2. Removal from the diet of the dairy products.
  3. Reducing the amount of protein foods in the cat menu. It should reduce the amount of meat, fish and cereals.
  4. Introduction to the daily use of natural sedatives. Drops, sprays, tablets and even gels will do.
  5. The use of drugs that stop lactation. You can use the tool Galastop. This drug is intended for the treatment of false pregnancy in dogs, however, is also suitable for cats.
  6. The use of antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, a variety of decoctions, as well as massage therapy in case of mastitis. This step is fully prescribed only by an expert.
  7. Affectionate attitude to the animal from the owner, care and support. It is important to understand that a false pregnancy is a serious obstacle for a cat, so she will definitely need the attention and caress of the owner.

Despite the fact that a false pregnancy is quite rare for the representatives of the feline phenomenon, in some females it can occur quite often. In this case, it is best to sterilize the cat so that it does not experience stress after each estrus.

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