Mandarins during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

The gestation period is a crucial time in the life of a woman, since not only her condition changes, but also her taste tastes. Very often at this time she wants one or the other. Mandarins at this time are very useful, but provided that they are consumed in moderation.

 Tangerines during pregnancy

Useful qualities of tangerines

People associate the aroma of tangerines with the upcoming holiday and New Year's magic, for many it is a special aroma - the aroma of pleasure. However, if a pregnant woman pulls on tangerines, it is not just that. This is due to the fact that the body lacks something, it wants to fill up the lack of nutrients.

What is useful tangerines in the waiting period of the child:

  1. Cheer up, prevent depression.
  2. Saturate the body with a vitamin complex.
  3. Fruits are saturated with potassium and phosphorus, which is very important in order to maintain healthy teeth and musculoskeletal system.
  4. They are rich in magnesium, responsible for the nervous system, preventing seizures.
  5. Reduce the likelihood of catching a cold.
  6. Clean the woman's body from toxins.
  7. This is a low-calorie product, so you can not worry about excess weight.
  8. A tasty healthy fruit will return the appetite for nausea, remove the symptoms of toxicosis.
  9. With constant use of mandarin is a prophylactic against cancer.
  10. An excellent diuretic to help a woman get rid of puffiness.
  11. Essential oil, which is contained in the fruit, prevents stretch marks.

You can eat tangerines while waiting for the baby at any time, however, buying them, you must carefully look at the appearance, so as not to get rotten or moldy citrus.

Impact on the woman's body in the early stages of pregnancy

Consumption of citruses in the initial stage of pregnancy will not cause harm to health, so they can be eaten every day, but in moderation.

The effects of citrus on the woman's body are as follows:

  • Excellent prevention of various abnormalities of the nervous system, the brain of the fetus.
  • Two slices of mandarin will help with toxemia.
  • Prevent anemia due to the content in the fruits of iron.
  • Activate the digestive system.
  • Prevent bloating.

If a woman really wants tangerines, then you should not deny her the pleasure.

The use of citrus in the later stages

  1. By the sixth month of pregnancy, the child has already formed all the vital organs and tissues. Citruses at this stage are useful because of the presence of choline in their composition, which reduces the risk of deviations and congenital abnormalities.
  2. A woman often suffers from swelling, and fruit will help her reduce the likelihood of her appearance.
  3. With edema, as a prophylactic agent, it is necessary to prepare fresh squeezed juice, which will invigorate, elevate mood and normalize blood pressure.

Be careful!

  1. If you use mandarins every day in the later periods, you can provoke an allergic reaction, but you do not need to completely abandon them.
  2. In the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or, if a woman has an increased acidity, problems with the digestive system, it is better to refuse to consume fruits, or to minimize it.
  3. A woman will have to breastfeed in the near future, there is a risk of a depressive state after giving birth, because of this the number of nutrients in the body should be normal.

How to use tangerines

Doctors advise to use two peeled fruit per day. Better with a short break, then the fruits are perfectly absorbed by the body. It is also useful to drink tangerine juice. However, the juice should be prepared independently at home, and for its preparation use no more than three fruits.

 How to use tangerines during pregnancy

The main rules when choosing citruses for juice:

  • Variety "Clementine". This is a very sweet fruit (compared to other varieties).
  • Juice needs to be made only of ripe fruit.
  • The more saturated the fruit is, the sweeter it will be.

How to cook the right tangerine fresh
It is necessary to clean the three ripe fruit, remove the zest. Squeeze the juice and pour it into the zest. Then heat the juice in a container over medium heat for five to ten minutes. Filter fresh through double gauze cut.

Use tincture
Mandarin tincture is a magic wand for nausea. It is necessary to cut the peel as small as possible, pour it with hot water. Let it stand. It should be consumed twice a day before a meal at fifty grams.

How else can mandarin be used

Citruses can be used in the form of an oil or cream containing essential oils. The cream is rubbed into clean skin after taking a shower, this is a great remedy for stretch marks. Tangerine oil is also used for a relaxing massage.

Dried fruits can be added to various dishes, most often two slices of citrus are put in tea when it is brewed.

Fruit salads that are seasoned with yogurt are a tasty and very nutritious dish. There is no definite recipe for such a salad. What kind of fruit, and in what proportion to apply - the woman herself decides.

Tangerine jam

It is necessary to chop three hundred grams of peel finely and soak it in water for twelve hours, changing the water three times during this time to remove the bitterness.Then put the crushed zest into a container, add water and put on fire. As soon as the composition begins to boil, you need to add 400 grams of sugar and stir it until complete dissolution. Give the jam to boil, then make a small fire and cook for two hours. After the jam has cooled, you need to put it in a cool place for the night. In the morning, boil the jam over low heat for half an hour. That's all. Aromatic, healthy tangerine jam is ready.

How to choose citrus

To purchase a ripe, fresh and healthy fruit, you need to know the rules for its selection:

 How to choose the mandarins

  1. Do not purchase mandarins on the highway, as they are capable of accumulating heavy metals and hazardous substances.
  2. The appearance of the fruit is judged on how it was stored. Do not buy citrus with black speck on the peel, and mold will not only adversely affect the taste of citrus, but can also cause intoxication. Mature citrus has a pleasant smell and shiny peel without damage.
  3. Try to get fruits with a branch and green leaves, they are an indicator of the freshness of the fruit. Moreover, in this form the mandarin will be stored longer.
  4. The sweet fruit is the one from which the peel is well separated. This is also an indication that the fetus has ripened. Mandarin slices should not be sluggish or dry.


  1. Do not get involved in the consumption of mandarins, especially in the later periods: the closer the generic process, the higher the likelihood of allergies in women and children. These citruses are a powerful allergen, so their use can be both beneficial and harmful. To use citrus without fear of their health, consult an allergist.
  2. Mandarins should not be used by women with diabetes, those with a stomach or duodenal ulcer, kidney problems, and those who are registered by a gastroenterologist.
  3. When a rash appears on the skin, a woman should refrain from eating a fruit to prevent an allergic reaction to it.
  4. Heartburn suffers most women in late pregnancy. This is due to an excess of acid, so do not eat tangerines, so as not to aggravate the condition.

If a woman doubts what specific dose of fruit to benefit her, no need to hesitate, it is better to ask your treating gynecologist about everything.No one will give a clear answer to the question of how much tangerines can be consumed per day during pregnancy. Everything will depend on the individual characteristics of a particular pregnant woman. It is necessary to listen to your own body, it will tell you what to do.

Eat tangerines with pleasure, it will saturate your body with useful substances and vitamins!

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