Blueberry face masks: 5 recipes

Forest blueberries have gained their popularity for a long time. This is due to its valuable chemical composition and an extensive list of healing qualities. Therefore, the considered fruit successfully applied in cosmetology. In this case, the systematic use of products based on this product has an incredible effect on the skin of the face. Consider what berries are capable of.

 Blueberry face masks

Impact on the epidermis

  1. It is noteworthy that small fruits with an incredible taste mainly grow in ecologically clean forests. It is precisely due to this peculiarity that the raw materials are saturated with a number of useful microelements.
  2. Considered berry is very appreciated in cosmetology. On the basis of its extract, manufacturers produce a lot of face and body care products. The most popular anti-aging creams, tonics and special vitamin formulations aimed at improving the condition of the epidermis.
  3. If you properly prepare a mask based on the presented product, you can achieve impressive results with systematic use. The advantage of this tool is that it has a pronounced antioxidant effect. As a result, significantly increases metabolic processes in tissues.
  4. The systematic use of funds will allow you to deal with age-related changes. Along with this, youth and a pleasant face return. In addition to antioxidants, this raw material is rich in many other vitamins. The fruits can boast a huge content of retinol. Thanks to this vitamin, the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands is restored. Inflammatory processes disappear.
  5. Due to the abundance of flavonoids increases the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Almost all irregularities disappear. In berries, there is a large group of vitamins B. Thanks to them, all biochemical reactions in tissues are enhanced. Due to this, the work of the cells is stabilized. Dermatological problems disappear.
  6. The product also boasts an abundance of ascorbic acid. It is this enzyme that greatly enhances the production of collagen.Increases the natural protection of the skin from exposure to the environment. Also in the berries there is a sufficient amount of magnesium. It is this mineral that regulates blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels.
  7. The product boasts a large amount of tannins. They are characterized by strong anti-inflammatory properties. As a result of the use of masks, the pores are significantly narrowed and virtually all inflammatory processes that are present in the form of acne disappear.
  8. In the world of cosmetology, it is considered that a fully ripe fruit can have a complex effect on the skin. Therefore, regular application of masks will not only rejuvenate the appearance, but also eliminate most common problems. You will even out skin tone and relief.

Indications for use

  1. The systematic use of blueberry masks will allow to cope with a number of skin defects. The main thing is to follow simple instructions.
  2. As a result, you will get rid of acne and various inflammatory processes in the form of acne.
  3. Along with the systematic use of such funds, the pores are narrowed, and the activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized.
  4. Fat luster, puffiness and dark circles under eyes disappear. Smoothed relief of the epidermis.

Grooming products

 Face Care Products with Blueberries
As you already understood, the fruits in question are the ideal basis for preparing skin care products. Consider a few popular and effective recipes.

  1. Honey. To prepare a fairly simple means, follow the simple instructions. To make a truly effective mask with a rejuvenating effect, you need about 30 grams. fruits. Turn the product into a homogeneous mush using a blender. Mix to mass 20 gr. liquid honey and 10 ml. lemon juice. Distribute the product in an even layer and record a quarter of an hour. Wash yourself with hot water.
  2. Avocado. To prepare a quality tonic, take half a ripe avocado. Mash the product into a homogeneous mass. Stir in the same amount of ground berries. Add 20 ml to the prepared mixture. extra virgin olive oil. If your skin is oily, the amount of oil should be halved. Apply the product according to the classical technology for a third of an hour. It is recommended to remove the tool using a cotton pad.Wash and use day cream.
  3. Sour cream. To strengthen the blood vessels. This tool is intended for sensitive and combination skin. Along with this, the pores are narrowed. To prepare the mask, take 10 grams. blueberries and strawberries. Add to them 20 grams. sour cream. Turn components into a homogeneous mass. Add a few drops of lemon juice. Keep the finished product no more than a third of an hour.
  4. Cream. To slow down the natural aging process of tissues, you need to make 30 ml. cream and 80 gr. berries homogeneous mass. Distribute the finished composition over the face, neck and décolleté. Wait about 25 minutes. Remove the composition first not hot, then cool water. To achieve a positive effect, use the tool three times a week.
  5. Olive oil. For owners of dry skin type is recommended to prepare the following tool. Spread 60 gr. berries with 10 gr. fresh bilberry leaves and 15 ml. olive oil. For convenience, use a blender. A creamy composition spread over the skin for a quarter of an hour. Wash with cool water.

It should be noted that the considered fruits are recommended to be used not only externally, but also inside.Due to the rich composition of the process of rejuvenation and improvement of the body will occur from the inside.

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