Quail Egg Face Masks: 6 Recipes

Home cosmetology has recently gained demand among the fair sex, who wish to care for their skin with natural remedies. The basis of the masks can serve a variety of products, including quail eggs. To put a person in order, get rid of various cosmetic defects and normalize the water balance, regularly resort to proven recipes. We will give them in all details.

 Quail Egg Face Masks

The value of eggs for the skin

Positive qualities are provided by a balanced chemical list of substances. The basis of the product consists of B-group vitamins, as well as many mineral substances, protein compounds, organic acids and amino acids.

All of them are directly involved in the rejuvenation of the dermis, the narrowing of pores, the elimination of sebaceous plugs, the fight against dryness and excessive oily shine.It also shows the use of funds with the inclusion of quail eggs with a lack of moisture and pigmentation.


  1. The main positive feature of masks with the concentration of this component is considered to be the minimum list of contraindications. These include only the period of gestation and individual intolerance. Keep this in mind.
  2. In the selection process, give preference to fresh produce, carefully study the storage time. After purchase, wash the eggs with a solution of soda and wipe.
  3. The mixture, which will subsequently be distributed over the skin, should be homogeneous. Do not harvest a large amount, make a mask for one session.
  4. In the process of mixing the ingredients, choose the right dishes, it should be made of ceramic, glass or clay. Bowls from aluminum are not applied.
  5. Eggs are made up of protein and yolk parts. The first is used by categories of persons with problems in the form of rash and acne, the second is more appropriate to use for dryness and lack of moisture.

Tested options

Home cosmetics is an ideal way out for those who do not want to spend money on expensive professional cosmetics. Remember that masks should not be used erratically.Observe a certain order, use the recipes approximately every three days.


  1. If it is necessary to eliminate large creases or fine wrinkles, then this recipe is definitely for you. It is based only on the most effective components that are famous for their lifting effect. The skin is noticeably rejuvenated, tightened, there is a noticeable blush, excessive pigmentation disappears. Will suit both young girls, and ladies of the senior age category.
  2. For cooking products, you need to shake a couple of eggs in a convenient way. No need to whip them into the foam, just make a homogeneous mass. Add 4 grams to it. spirulina, which should be crushed. Enter 2 grams here. melted cocoa butter and 5 gr. kelp.
  3. Knead all components to make the composition homogeneous. Go clean the face with a special crema or gel. You can, in addition, hold it over the steam so that the pores open. The prepared composition is distributed over the pure epidermis and aged for half an hour.


  1. Regular use of the nutrient composition will be very useful if you are the owner of dry skin type.Systematic application of the mask will get rid of the constant peeling of the epidermis. Along with this, the tissues are replenished with a vitamin complex.
  2. The advantage of this composition is that the skin is restored to its former elasticity. It is worth noting that the tool is also well suited for normal skin type. The mask will serve as an excellent prevention of the appearance of premature wrinkles.
  3. To create an effective tool enough to mix thoroughly 12 oz. cocoa powder, one quail egg and 15 gr. rustic sour cream. Spread the mask in bold. Wait half an hour, delete in the usual way.

Apricot oil

  1. The tool is intended to help for sensitive skin types. In a short time, you will forget about the constant peeling of the face. In parallel with this, the skin calms down, all inflammatory processes are eliminated.
  2. Regular use of the tool will allow you to fully moisturize, soften and replenish tissues with a number of necessary natural compounds. The active composition even improves the immunity of the skin. Fabrics are cleaned of toxic compounds.
  3. Mix 2 quail eggs and 15 gr.pulp Borodino bread. After softening the last, enter 10 ml. apricot butter. Stir the ingredients until smooth. Apply the mask with a thick layer on the face and wait a third of an hour.

 Facial mask with quail eggs and yogurt

  1. This recipe is ideal for the preparation of funds, which will subsequently be superimposed on the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes. Minor creases will disappear, as well as dark spots and other imperfections. The skin in this zone is dehydrated, so it needs additional makeup.
  2. To make an effective composition, you need to take fresh greenfinch, whether it is parsley or dill, and then chop it with a blender. The resulting mass leans back on a couple of layers of gauze, the liquid is squeezed out of it. Measure out 5 - 8 ml.
  3. Add raw yolk to the juice and thoroughly fluff up to a homogeneous structure. Enter the same amount of thick, natural yoghurt and starch to make it thicker. It remains only to rinse the face, wipe and apply the composition for a third of an hour.

Pantothenic acid

  1. With increased fat content of the epidermis, it is recommended to regularly resort to using this mask.Systematic use of a completely natural composition will allow you to completely clean clogged pores. Active substances stabilize the production of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Along with this, the healing mask whitens the skin tone, returns a matte and even color, disappears oily shine, and pores narrow. It is enough to resort to such a procedure only once a week. In this case, you can keep your skin in order.
  3. Beat the quail egg, then add 10 grams to it. natural coffee freshly ground. Enter 5 drops of pantothenic acid. Distribute the product with massaging movements. Use fingertips. Leave on face for a quarter of an hour.

Rice starch

  1. To cope with freckles and age spots, use a proven whitening mask. In parallel, such a tool will return to the tissues former elasticity and smoothness. In addition, the tool tightens the facial contour. The blood flow rises.
  2. If you want to achieve a beautiful complexion in a short period of time, mix 10 gr. rice starch with 5. ml. freshly squeezed lemon juice. Enter the quail egg, stir well.Apply the product with a cosmetic spatula on the steamed dermis. After a quarter of an hour wash.

Many people know that quail eggs have a mass of healing properties. Therefore, raw materials are successfully used not only in traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. Regular application of masks depending on the problem will help to cope with it.

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