Feijoa facial masks: 4 recipes

Means of self-made preparation are gaining more and more popularity every day. This is not surprising, because a completely natural and balanced composition only in the best way affects the state of the epidermis. In addition to common fruits, berries and vegetables in the course are exotic fruits. Feijoa is counted just as such, the valuable qualities have been thoroughly studied, and therefore deserve your attention.

 Feijoa face masks

Product value

  1. As part of a mass of vitamins, including the B-group, ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol and others. It does not do without the inclusion of pectic substances responsible for the water balance. Also included in the product are fiber, tannins, catechins, organic acids. The fruit is rich in iodine, it is needed to stabilize metabolic processes. Due to the accumulation of essential oils, the early aging of the epidermis stops.
  2. All presented substances act in a complex.Each component reinforces each other’s actions, reinforcing it. Because of this, the face is protected from the harmful effects of the environment, it forms a light invisible film that does not allow the ultraviolet to show inward.
  3. Natural-type incoming saccharides provide nutrition at the intracellular level. Pectic substances in combination with dietary fibers and acids of organic origin suppress inflammatory processes and close the pores. Grease plugs come out of the ducts, the face is noticeably younger and prettier.
  4. Means based on the fruit under discussion maintain the water balance and accelerate the release of collagen fibers. They clean cells of toxic compounds, fight with ugly gloss and unevenness in terms of relief and shade. With moderate use of self-prepared means, the derma acquires elasticity, a healthy glow is visible.
  5. These funds are particularly indicated for use by those who suffer from excessive dryness of the epidermis. Also, when problems with the skin will be able to cure inflammatory processes by drying them.Valuable qualities can continue indefinitely, they are due to the rich chemical list of substances.

Use in the world of cosmetology

  1. It is enough to systematically carry out caring procedures to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the face for a long time. The indications for use include problems of the skin, in particular, acne and rashes of a different nature. It is also useful to use the remedies in case of fat content or excessive dryness, wrinkles, general sagging and aging of the skin.
  2. In the process of use it is necessary to take the fruit together with the skin. It has a lot of antioxidant substances that clean the pores. Of course, you need to take the pulp. It is aimed at general hydration, cleansing and rejuvenation. In combination, all substances enrich the cells with oxygen, inhibit early aging.
  3. Juice from this plant wipe the skin, as when using lotion. But it is necessary to dilute the concentrated composition with mineral water so as not to provoke an allergic reaction. Regarding the duration of the use of such a tonic, the period is several months.Next comes a break, the procedures are repeated.
  4. To achieve the maximum effect, due attention is paid to the choice of high-quality fetus. It should be pigmented dark green, free from damage and chips. High-quality skin is smooth. If you managed to buy an unripe fruit, let it lie for a while.
  5. To understand that the berry is completely ready for use, it is enough to evaluate it by touch. If the skin is pressed, and then takes the original form, it speaks of its ripeness. The flesh should be in shade not white or brownish, but golden, jelly-like in structure.
  6. As for the duration of exposure, it is not too long. The fruit will spoil after the crescent, so you need to use it as soon as possible. In the process of applying funds from this fruit should not affect the delicate zones of the eyes and lips.
  7. Also do not forget about the test, which will show whether there is an allergic reaction to the presented product. To this end, the tool is distributed along the crook of the elbow or by the wrist and kept for about half an hour. If there are no negative signs after the removal, the products can be used en masse.

Recipes means

 Feijoa Face Recipes

  1. This tool is more designed to moisturize excessively dried skin. It is used in the presence of acne, as well as other inflammatory processes.
  2. So, for the preparation of an effective composition it is necessary to combine a spoonful of mashed berries with the same amount of castor oil and cream of the highest fat content.
  3. Starch is mixed in to make products thick and to provide good nutrition. Carry out the distribution, then zapekite third of the hour and get rid of the composition.


  1. Due to the fact that citrus has a drying effect, this mask is recommended to be used in case of skin problems. We are talking about the presence of shine, black spots and other imperfections.
  2. Mix together a spoonful of citrus juice and such an amount of camphor oil. Enter twice the gruel obtained from feijoa. Stir well and distribute. Expect a quarter of an hour.


  1. If there is no intolerance to apiculture products, then it makes sense to use them when caring for the skin. In such an uncomplicated way, you eliminate the fat content, clean and close the pores.It is advisable to wipe with ice after the procedures.
  2. For greater effect, a couple of cold proteins are mixed into honey (40 g.), Whipped until homogeneous in foam. Gelatin or another product (starch, flour) should also be added to increase viscosity.
  3. Leave the product for a quarter of an hour to insist, then do the distribution. You can in addition to work out the neck area. Validity is a quarter of an hour.

Almond oil

  1. The tool is designed for rejuvenation, it is endowed with bactericidal and regenerating characteristics. It is used mainly on the age-related epidermis, but young girls with the first signs of skin wilting are also suitable.
  2. To prepare an effective composition, it is necessary to turn the fruit along with the skin into a puree mass and measure the spoon. Then oil is mixed into it in the same volume and half a spoonful of starch.
  3. The composition is applied fairly dense layer. On top you can put a piece of gauze. After a quarter of an hour you can get rid of the mask.

Feijoa is certainly a valuable product in terms of its effect on the skin and the whole body in particular.We considered the features of procurement of funds based on the presented fruits, as well as the best variations of compositions aimed at combating skin problems of various nature. In order not to harm yourself, do not forget to carry out the test.

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