Painted butter duster - where grows, the toxicity of the fungus

In some cases, the name of the fruit body almost completely or partially corresponds to its appearance. As for the painted oil can, then when you look at it, you can immediately understand why such a copy received the appropriate name. Mushroom pickers from around the world are very fond of such fruit bodies. Therefore, as soon as the fruiting period begins, the mushroom pickers go on a quiet hunt.

 Painted butter dish


  1. Presented fruit bodies also have a second name. Specialists often call them Sprague's butterdish. Such instances have a rather large hat size. Maximum diameter, it can grow up to 18 cm. Over time, the cap acquires the shape of a cone. It is hemispherical, and in the center there is a small tubercle.
  2. At the edges of the cap, you can see hanging remnants of the bedspread. Most often they look like flakes. Previously, the latter covered the tubular mass.On the surface of the cap itself, you can see multiple scales. Most often they are painted in gray-brown or brown. Due to this, such fruit bodies appear to be very noticeable and colorful.
  3. It is worth noting an amazing fact, the color of the skin in such specimens may change depending on weather conditions. However, during the rains, the fungus acquires a brighter and darker color. As for young fruit bodies, their caps are painted in wine red or burgundy. Sometimes there is a yellowish tint.
  4. As for the pulp, it is colored yellow. The structure is quite dense. She can blush if notched. After that, after some time, the flesh acquires a red-brown color. A tubular structure can be observed from the bottom of the cap. It is formed from accrete tubules that go down the leg.
  5. The tubular mass itself is often painted a bright yellow or brown-ocher shade. If you press on it, you will see brown. In young fruit bodies, those very tubes are hidden under a fluffy bristle. The latter may have a white-pink or white color.
  6. As for breeding, the painted butter can make it a smooth debate. They are in spore powder.It can also be brown, yellow-brown or cinnamon-olive. As for the legs, it is quite long. It can grow to a maximum of 12 cm in height and up to 3 cm in diameter.
  7. After the cover is destroyed, a gray or white ring remains on the leg. Over time, it begins to dry and darken. In addition, above the ring and in the center of the legs you can see that the surface is painted in a yellow tint. However, closer to the base, you can see a rich ocher color.


 Spread the painted oil

  1. Fruit bodies prefer to grow and bear fruit in fertile soil. In addition, the latter is often covered with moss in green. Specimens in most cases grow with Maymouth pines and cedar forests.
  2. Such fruits are harvested in European countries, conifers, Siberian, North American and Far Eastern forests. The advantage of the oil can is that it forms fairly large colonies. Because of this, there is always a rich harvest. Fruiting occurs from early summer to mid-autumn.


  1. Such fruit bodies are famous for their delicate mushroom aroma and soft taste. Therefore, without any doubt, they are equated to the category of edible copies of the mushroom world.
  2. These boilers are marinated, stewed and fried. They are also added to various first and second courses. In such mushrooms there is nothing harmful, they can be consumed even raw.

Similar species

  1. The remarkable butterdish differs from its fellows in its modest size. If you look at the leg, then below the ring you can see a burgundy color. In addition, the surface of it has a felt structure. The hat also does not have a large diameter. On its surface, one can see scattered and rather large scales.
  2. Polonozhkovy butter pan in comparison with the painted species has much smaller sizes. In addition, his leg is hollow and not filled with pulp. On the hat there are no pronounced scales. On the contrary, it seems to have a fleecy structure. Most often, it is painted in a brownish color.
  3. In Asia, the oily leg also remains hollow. The hat is painted in a bright color. No scales are observed on the surface. Opposite the hat has a felt structure.The surface is painted in bright burgundy or cherry color.

Painted oil can be similar to some other fruiting bodies. Therefore, when collecting, you need to know about similar types. Fruit bodies are so safe that they can be consumed without heat treatment.

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