Can pregnant women eat tangerines?

It is known that pregnancy practically from its first days radically changes the taste preferences of a woman. Often it is the change of food orientation is determined by the emergence of a new life. This feature sometimes works even faster than other tests. But the most interesting thing is that sometimes a woman has very strange preferences: some eat chalk, others gnaw raw potatoes, and still others eat huge amounts of citrus fruits.

 Can pregnant women eat tangerines

Causes of taste oddities

You can understand everything that happens with a pregnant woman, if you delve a little bit into the essence of the biochemical processes occurring in the future mother's body. From the moment of conception hormones begin to work intensively. Now their goal is to preserve a new life. Progesterone production is particularly increased. In principle, it is this hormone that triggers all the processes that cause changes in a woman’s body.

If we speak in a clear modern language, then the body seems to include a biological search engine, which is trying to create an optimal program for the development of the fetus. But any program needs money, that is, nutrients. If the necessary structures in the body are not enough, a signal arrives in the woman’s brain and a search begins for what is needed. Like any other program, sometimes the body fails, and then there is a desire to eat an inedible product. This is the beginning of taste oddities in pregnant women.

Although there is nothing strange in the desire of the future mother to get enough of oranges or tangerines. Such a taste accent does not represent a threat either, if it does not reach fanaticism. After all, even the most innocuous products with excessive consumption can cause protest from the body, which usually manifests itself in adverse reactions.

Great taste combined with benefits

Mandarin - this is perhaps the most prominent representative of citrus crops in the literal and figurative sense. Its taste in brightness is not inferior to the color of the skin, and internally the content surpasses even the first two characteristics in its richness.Because in one mandarin such “shock” components are concentrated:

  • ascorbic acid - it accounts for the bulk of the composition;
  • vitamin complex (group B, E, P, other agents of this series);
  • fiber in excess;
  • phytoncides;
  • beta carotene;
  • organic acids, including folic acid;
  • mineral elements, including iron and potassium salts.

The composition of mandarin, as if specially, is arranged in such a way as to saturate the body with nutrients to the maximum. And this property is of paramount importance during pregnancy, because the body needs to save and replenish the resources of the woman herself, as well as control the development of the fetus. After all, the lack of any component can lead to serious violations and even developmental abnormalities. Mandarins are especially attracted by the relatively high content of calcium, an element necessary for the formation of a child’s bone skeleton.

Attention should also be given to phytoncides that prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms. To the already listed properties you need to add a few more useful qualities of mandarin:

  • it has a moderate diuretic property that helps get rid of edema;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • regulates metabolism;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • involved in the secretory activity of the body.

Helpful advice! Mandarins, like other citrus fruits, cannot be combined with dairy products. Such a combination will only accelerate the metabolism and will not allow valuable components to be completely absorbed by the body.

Expediency of limitations

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that tangerines will be able to successfully supplement the diet of a pregnant woman. Of course, this is possible, moreover, provided that she is not allergic to this product. It remains to find out the normal amount of fruit that a woman can afford. This criterion depends on the duration of pregnancy and well-being of the future mother.

At the initial stages of carrying a fetus, you need to focus on your body: if it gets enough nutrients for it, the desire to consume them will die out. In the middle of the term, it is necessary to treat this tropical fruit with caution, since the excess can turn into a strong allergy in the mother.For the unborn child, exceeding the norm is also undesirable, since he may later have diathesis. Therefore, a woman should restrain her eating habits and strictly follow the measures.

It is better to divide the dose put on a day, and these are two-three fruits of average size, into several receptions. A good option - the alternation of oranges and mandarins. The body perceives these citrus fruits in different ways, so a negative reaction with this method will not follow.


 Contraindications Mandarin during pregnancy
Mandarins, like other citrus fruits, are a rather peculiar product. Its rich composition is not only beneficial, but can pose a serious threat. Therefore, when a woman is intolerant of this type of fruit, you should not even try to introduce tangerines in the menu. We'll have to give up tropical fruits with the threat of miscarriage. Since mandarins contain a lot of ascorbic acid, this will increase the muscle tone of the uterus.

How to apply

After the recommended rate of the product is established, it is necessary to figure out how to use it more efficiently.It is better to eat tangerines twice. For the first breakfast, for example, you can eat some cottage cheese, and half an hour later you can enjoy the juicy pulp of orange fruit.

In addition to the product for the preparation of the fortified menu, mandarins can be used for other useful purposes. To strengthen the immune forces can be prepared decoction of the peel. As a prophylactic, you can use the following composition: zest of mandarin (2 liters. Art.) Stir in a glass of water and drink. If you can not resist the onslaught of influenza, it is recommended to inhale with a solution of crushed tangerine crusts. A few treatments will help relieve signs of a cold and make breathing easier.

The peel of any citrus helps to cope with constipation, and tangerine oil will prevent the appearance of stretch marks, if they treat problem areas.

You can prepare this oil at home, if you consistently perform such actions:

  1. Grind the tangerine peels, then fill the glass jar (jar) with them so that there is a little free space under the lid.
  2. The aromatic mass must be poured with vegetable oil (it is better to take flaxseed), close the container with a tight lid.
  3. To maintain the composition for three days in the dark, so that it fermented well.
  4. Then the contents of the jar is subjected to heat treatment using the “water bath” method. The duration of this stage is 30 minutes.

The substance must change color, which will speak about its readiness. After the mass has cooled, the oil is filtered and applied externally if necessary.

A detailed analysis of all the pros and cons of eating tangerines will help expectant mothers to properly include this product in their diet.

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