Is it possible to eat bananas when breastfeeding

70 percent of expectant mothers before the birth of a child are more than trying to fill up the upcoming future restrictions and eat everything, preferring their favorite foods. These include bananas. But whether it is possible to use bananas during breastfeeding is a separate question to which this article will answer. Indeed, many believe that breastfeeding requires specific deprivations, including their favorite fruits. But bananas do not belong to the forbidden fruit. They can be eaten during breastfeeding.

 Breastfeeding bananas

A storehouse of vitamins

Indeed, in a banana there are many beneficial compounds that significantly affect the health of the baby and the young mother. When eating bananas, the work of the digestive tract is improved, the nervous system receives additional vitamins.

If the expectant mother constantly ate bananas during pregnancy, then after the birth of the baby she can safely eat bananas. But here it is necessary to show caution.So, on the first day of lactation, it is better to eat only one banana and see how its use will affect the baby’s well-being. Allergies, he can not cause, because it is a hypoallergenic product, but problems with the chair often. If there is no constipation or, conversely, diarrhea, then bananas can be safely included in your daily diet.

It is noticed that bananas improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. So, with constipation, they slightly dilute the chair, and with diarrhea, on the contrary, fix. But everything is learned only in practice, to find out how this favorite tropical fruit acts on the body of a baby, you can only use it as a complementary food.

As part of these wonderful fruits there are many useful vitamins. This is the legendary group B, and magnesium, and potassium. Magnesium and B vitamins will help to properly organize the work of the nervous system, improve the overall condition of the body, help the growing baby. And the amino acid tryptophan, which is contained there, will adjust the sleep of the baby and mother. After all, at the beginning of feeding, everything is still shaky and unstable, the two organisms adapt to each other, and bananas will help with this.

In addition to the substances mentioned above, bananas contain iron, vitamin C, PP, E, and phosphorus. Also, tryptophan amino acid will not give the young mother everything without discrimination, because she regulates her appetite.Many have noticed that after eating bananas mood improves. And the “fault” of this hormone is serotonin, which is also in this popular fruit. It enhances the state of pleasure, increases the level of serotonin and happiness. But after all, everyone has long known if the mother is happy, so is the child.

Breastfeeding bananas

Therapists and pediatricians recommend including bananas in the diet of the nursing mother to supplement the microelements and amino acids contained in this wonderful fruit. Pediatricians believe that all the vitamins and beneficial compounds are indispensable in the growth and development of the baby. Iron is indispensable in the blood, and magnesium will help build a strong nervous system of the child.

 Useful properties of bananas

But potassium, which is in abundance in bananas, will help to organize the work of the digestive tract during lactation, will not allow the constipation to develop and progress. All harmful substances are excreted with potassium. Askorbinka will help strengthen the immune system, increase the reserve capacity of mother and baby, will help in the fight against infectious diseases.

In these fruits are many sugary substances that are very easily absorbed by the body of a woman and a child. They will help to get energy, will raise a tone. And because of the tryptophan contained here, general practitioners recommend including bananas in the diet to prevent postpartum depression. After all, tryptophan, as already written, contributes to the formation of the hormone serotonin - the hormone of happiness and pleasure.

Also, doctors say that introducing bananas in supplements should be started gradually, adding small pieces.

You need to be able to choose bananas. So, unripe fruits can cause diarrhea in a young child, and overripe fruits, on the contrary, can cause constipation.

How best to eat bananas when breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, you can eat bananas in various forms - fresh, baked, dried, in salads, baked goods, in combination with other products, etc. But the best, of course, is fresh. After all, they keep all the vitamins intact, and they will completely go to the child in this form. But when processing on a plate, many vitamins and microelements are destroyed, which is not very useful.

 How best to eat bananas

Very useful cocktail of yogurt with a banana. To do this, in a blender to mix these two components.This cocktail should be pampered as often as possible, because there are so many useful nutrients and vitamins!

Bananas are also useful to eat and dried, although there is a lot of sugar there, but all the beneficial properties of bananas are fully preserved. Having eaten such bananas, you need to remove sugar from the diet in the future menu for a day so as not to gain extra pounds.

A very useful banana salad with the addition of green apple, low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat sour cream. To do this, you need to cut apples with a banana into small squares and mix with cottage cheese and sour cream. You can optionally add a little sugar, but better not. It already contains enough fruit.

Very useful banana porridge. Cook any porridge until cooked. Can and buckwheat, and rice, and Herculean. Grind banana in a blender and add to porridge. Sugar, oil and you can eat.

Banana cookies. If you wish, you can bake a banana cookie. To do this, take in the ratio of one to one cottage cheese, banana, flour, and all mixed. There should be a mass, in density resembling dough for cheesecakes. Roll out circles and put on a baking sheet.Bake a quarter of an hour at 180 degrees.

A very simple recipe for banana muffins in the microwave. Take mashed potatoes of one banana, half a glass of milk, a glass of flour, half a teaspoon of soda, two spoons of granulated sugar and a quarter of a pack of butter. Mix everything, put in shape and bake in the microwave for about half an hour.

When and how to add a banana to baby food

Pediatricians in one voice offer to give a banana to feed a child from eight to nine months. At an earlier age, having tasted a banana, a baby may refuse from not such sweet food as this exotic fruit and will have to persuade him to eat a simple vegetable puree or porridge for a long time.

 When and how to add a banana to baby food

Also, do not give ahead of time (6 months). Many mothers are in a hurry with the introduction of complementary foods and give it almost since two months. And this is harmful, because the baby's digestive system is still so fragile, it can be damaged by the incorrect introduction of additional food. But in eight months, you can give a small, pre-kneaded piece of banana and look at the reaction of the baby. If there are no allergic reactions in the form of rashes or allergic rhinitis, the stool is normal in a child, then we can safely recommend to continue feeding the banana in the future.But if there were any negative reactions, then the feeding should be immediately stopped and waited until better times, and it is better to consult a doctor.

Choosing bananas

Bananas are brought to Russia immature, so that they do not spoil during transportation. And this is a huge minus, because bananas, artificially ripening, do not produce all of their vitamins and minerals. But nothing can be done about it, one can only hope that in the acquired bananas all their useful properties have been preserved.

Green bananas can be bought if only the nursing mother is not going to eat them right away, but will allow them to lie down for a while to ripen. Otherwise, she and the baby will form gases and colic when eating unripe bananas.

The fact that an unripe banana can tell and the presence of its faces. It may also indicate that it is a feed variety. It is better to buy bananas smooth and rounded natural yellow. If the fruit is brown, it means that it is already in the stage when it starts to deteriorate, and the gray color indicates that it has been frozen.But brown spots on bananas report on their ripeness and good quality.

Bananas should be stored separately in the refrigerator, with other fruits they deteriorate faster.

To combat rot and mold, bananas are treated with such harmful substances as phenol. Therefore, before use, they must be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

Summing up, I must say that a banana is a very useful fruit for both mother and baby. But it needs to be reasonable. For a nursing mother, one or two bananas a day will suffice, and from the age of 8-9 months a baby can be given half a banana, gradually increasing this amount.

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