Is it possible to eat dumplings with diabetes?

It is difficult to find someone who does not like dumplings. Simple, cheap, available to everyone - it's all about the culinary preparation of dough and meat filling. However, patients with diagnosed diabetes limit themselves to nutrition, because some foods are endowed with a high glycemic index and caloric indicators. In most cases, the disease is accompanied by obesity and slow metabolism. In order not to harm yourself and not aggravate the course of the disease, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations below and use only homemade preparations.

 Dumplings with diabetes

Purchased dumplings for diabetes

  1. There are many reasons that a purchased product has a negative effect on human health. Therefore, it is not recommended for consumption with the present disease.
  2. In the process of dough production, in which the filling will later be wrapped, only high-grade wheat flour is used. It is famous for its high glycemic index, therefore it is forbidden to diabetics. From such a dish, the patient will increase the concentration of glucose in the blood and feel worse.
  3. The second component of ravioli is minced meat, of course, it cannot boast of its full naturalness. Usually used pork, sometimes it is combined with beef. Also added other ingredients that can increase calorie.
  4. When a person consumes fatty-type meat, his vessels are blocked, cholesterol plaques appear in the cavity. For diabetics, this is an extremely undesirable phenomenon, because there is a risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, etc.
  5. Diabetics suffer from a slow metabolism, and eating meat aggravates the situation. There is a risk of gaining excess weight, obesity (if any) is more problematic. Bad cholesterol accumulates in tissues and organs, causing various complications.
  6. If you want to eat dumplings,It is worth preparing them on your own or buying home-made products from reliable suppliers. In this case, the emphasis is on dietary harvesting, which is based not on wheat flour, but on rice flour. Meat is also taken with a low percentage of fat, chicken, rabbit meat or turkey.
  7. In order not to aggravate the course of the disease, one should know what ratio of BJU is in dumplings. Per serving weighing 0.1 kg. relies 246 Kcal. Protein 15 gr., Carbohydrate 29 gr., Fat 8 gr. The index of bread units (XE) is 2.43. As for the glycemic index, per portion weighing 100 grams. relies 60 units. As part of cholesterol more than 33 mg., This is despite the fact that the maximum is equal to 300 mg.
  8. In order to briefly characterize the dish presented, the following can be said. Dumplings are a product with a high caloric value for diabetics and the ability to raise blood sugar levels. For this reason, it is not necessary to eat purchased products while presenting the disease. If you really want to eat a dish, consider the ingredients and recipe for homemade diabetes.

Selection of ingredients for homemade ravioli

It is allowed to diversify the daily food provided by the snack, but before that it must be prepared. It is worth knowing which products are allowed to be consumed in case of presented disease, and which are prohibited.

  1. Flour. It is strictly forbidden to use white wheat flour, because its glycemic index is off scale and reaches 85 units. If on this basis to prepare the dough, then later his consumption of the intestine will quickly absorb carbohydrates. This will lead to glucose jumps and poor health. If you want to make a meal, take bran flour or wholemeal. The best option - dumplings on rye flour.
  2. Filling. Patients with the present disease are prohibited to use the dough, combining it with fatty meat. As a result of such a meal a lot of fat and cholesterol will enter the body, which greatly aggravate the condition. In order not to face serious consequences, filling is used for diet lovers. It is allowed to make dumplings on fish, lean meat, vegetables. Zucchini or cabbage is added to the filling for juiciness. To have a clear idea of ​​what kind of stuffing to cook, examine the list: zucchini, cabbage, on greens and eggs, on lean fish or meat, mushroom.
  3. Sauce. In most cases, dumplings are consumed in combination with ketchup, mayonnaise sauce, mustard. Such refueling undesirable and even prohibited. Eat dumplings with low-fat sour cream or a mixture of natural yogurt with greens. It is also very tasty if you sprinkle a dish with lemon juice.

Cooking dumplings for diabetics

 Cooking dumplings for diabetics

  • soy sauce - 120 ml.
  • turkey fillet - 0.5 kg.
  • sesame oil - 60 ml.
  • Beijing chopped cabbage - 110 gr.
  • balsamic vinegar - 55 ml.
  • dough - in fact
  • chopped ginger root - 10 gr.
  1. In order to provide your body with maximum security, experts strongly recommend making their own dumplings. In the purchase of products there is practically nothing natural. For diabetics, a dish made from dietary meat will be an excellent option. Such dumplings will even be useful.
  2. Start cooking minced meat. Pass the meat through a meat grinder. Add to the mass of the Beijing cabbage and 20 ml. soy sauce, sesame oil. Stir in the ginger. Knead the stuffing thoroughly. Dough is also worth cooking yourself. It is not recommended to buy ready-made.
  3. For its preparation it is best to take wholemeal flour or rice. Knead the dough on the water and enter the chicken egg. Put some salt in it. The dough should make a smooth consistency without lumps. Get elasticity, the mass should not stick to your hands.
  4. Roll the finished dough into thin layers. Form small circles. For convenience, you can use a glass. Place the minced meat in the center of each mug. Pinch along the edges. Make sure that the filling does not come out. Put the dumplings on the board strewn with flour. Send the blank to the freezer.
  5. Frozen dumplings are stored for a long time. Next, take the required amount and boil according to the classical technology. This dish is best cooked in an oriental way for a couple. Put the cabbage leaves on the bottom of the steamer. As a result, dumplings will not stick. The procedure will take no more than 10 minutes.
  6. Next is to prepare a delicious dressing for the popular dish. Mix soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, 90 ml. water and a small amount of grated ginger. Get from the composition of uniformity. Ready sauce to water boiled dumplings.This dietary dish has only 110-112 Kcal.

If you decide to eat dumplings, then you have to cook them yourself. In this case, the filling must be dietary. The problem is that in the purchased product there is meat of doubtful quality. In addition, store products contain many not very useful additives. In order not to risk your own health, prepare dumplings yourself.

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