Is raisins possible when breastfeeding?

Most young mummies often wonder - is it possible to eat raisins while breastfeeding a baby, and how much is it necessary for the baby's body? In this article, parents will learn a lot at the price of information about the beneficial and harmful properties of raisins during the breastfeeding period.

 Breast-fed Raisins

Recommendations on the use of raisins for lactating mothers

The fact is that for a sufficient amount of milk to arrive, the body of a nursing mother needs a lot of useful carbohydrates. That is why most women in the period of breastfeeding so strongly pulls on the sweet and high-calorie foods.Among the favorite products of young mummies: sweets, sugar, cakes and various tasty pastries. This is no accident, because it is known that sweets belong to the group of fast carbohydrates. This type of carbohydrate has the ability to quickly split in the human stomach. They also raise the level of glucose in the blood of women. This helps to increase emotional mood, and energy production in the body of a nursing mother.

However, fast carbohydrates, unfortunately, cannot be counted as useful products, and their consumption should be limited. Most nutritionists say that eating chocolate and sweet candy when breastfeeding can affect the health of the baby. For example, cocoa fruits can become dangerous allergens for a child. In this case, doctors advise to replace habitual sweets with useful fruits of dried fruits. Among the most useful, enriched with vitamins, dried fruit, can be distinguished raisins.

It is known that dried grapes are composed of natural sugar. Eating raisins supports the activity of the nervous system, which is very necessary for women after the birth of a baby.

How the child's body reacts to raisins

Despite the fact that dried grapes are not highly allergenic, it is important to remember that the body of a newborn baby can react to any unfamiliar ingredient in different ways. For this reason, a nursing mother should choose foods more carefully in her daily diet and make a more wholesome menu.

Sometimes the dried fruits of grapes can cause the formation of colic in the infants organism. The baby appears profuse gas, and he feels pain in the abdomen. In order not to cause painful effects to the baby, it is best for the nursing mother to remove the raisins from the menu in the first couple.

Add a young mother's dried grapes to your daily menu after a couple of months. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce a new ingredient in stages. First you need to prepare a healthy decoction of dried fruit with the addition of dried grapes. If no negative effects appear in the baby’s body, raisins can be used as a useful ingredient for porridge made from rice or oatmeal.Then the nursing mother is recommended to eat the dried grapes of raw grapes.

What is useful raisins when breastfeeding?

Nutritionists suggest nursing mothers include a decoction of dried grapes in their daily diet. This will help not only to fill the body of women with useful vitamins, but also increase lactation.

 What is useful raisins when breastfeeding?

Thanks to the observations of specialists, it was possible to find out that young moms who ate raisins during the breastfeeding period, felt much better. It's all about the ability of raisins to positively affect the functioning of the cells of the nervous system and affect the immunity of women. Also the basis of raisins contains a lot of useful glucose. It supports the correct operation of the mother during the period of breastfeeding.

Raisins on the Nursing Mother's Menu:

  1. A positive effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels in the body of a young mother.
  2. Helps prevent the development of diseases and lowers the amount of hemoglobin in a woman's body.
  3. Promotes positive kidney and liver function in a nursing mother.
  4. It is a necessary ingredient for pain in the stomach and intestines.
  5. Keeps gums and blood vessels healthy.
  6. It has beneficial properties in hypertensive diseases.
  7. Eating raisins helps reduce puffiness.


Useful vitamins in the composition of raisins:

  • raisins are rich in potassium and magnesium;
  • the composition of the dried fruit contains manganese;
  • raisins contain iron;
  • dried fruit is rich in proteins;
  • contains antioxidant substances;
  • one of the components of raisins is thiamine;
  • the composition of raisins concentrates ash, nitrogenous substances;
  • raisins are rich in vitamins of group B1, B2, B5.

Broth raisins to combat the manifestation of symptoms of acetone

When the body of a nursing mother dries out all the reserves of useful glucose in the form of glycogen, which is contained in the liver and muscles, then a pungent aroma of acetone appears. With the formation of such a disease, a healthy body should decompose adipose tissue into glucose and acetone, which will increase the concentration of sugar in the blood and get rid of the caustic smell.

Most often, the manifestation of acetone is observed in children aged from 1 year to 4-7 years of age. However, women who are breastfed may also be at risk if they do not replenish their daily diet with healthy carbohydrates.This group primarily includes slow carbohydrates, which are contained in cereal, whole wheat flour and some vegetables. Also useful carbohydrates include fast carbohydrates. They are contained in fresh or dried fruit, among which raisins can also be distinguished.

At occurrence of the first manifestations of acetone in a woman’s body, a sweet decoction of raisins should be made. Thanks to the natural sugar, which is contained in the composition of dried grapes, you can quickly restore the body in a period of heavy stress after the birth of a child and emotional turmoil.

Restrictions on the use of raisins when breastfeeding

It is known that more sugar is concentrated in the fruits of dried grapes than in fresh berries. Therefore, experts do not recommend eating raisins with the manifestation of diseases such as:

 Restrictions on the use of raisins when breastfeeding

  • body obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • heart failure.

However, if a nursing mother has no health problems, then it is recommended to consume no more than 60 grams of dried grapes per day.

Where to buy raw raisins?

It is important to remember that dried fruits on the shelves of stores are often processed by various chemical means. The only way to protect the body of a nursing mother and the health of the baby is to buy your own dryer for dried fruits and dry the grapes at home.

Also useful for health is considered raisins "soyagi", processed using shadow drying. This grape has a not too presentable appearance, often has no gloss, becomes dark blue with a natural matte shade. This berry is harvested and dried in a natural way, therefore it is most useful for nursing mothers. Typically, a variety of such raisins can be found on the shelves of large markets or on the Internet on sites for vegetarians or raw foodists.

How to cook raisins when breastfeeding?

While feeding the baby with breast milk, young mothers should supplement their daily meals with fresh raisins. However, this should be done gradually so that the baby’s body is accustomed to a new product. In this case, nutritionists recommend pouring raisins with boiling water for steaming or steaming.

Also, raisins are not recommended to eat together with other types of fruits or vegetables, as well as combine with milk, mineral water or add to kvass. Raisins are well combined with various useful porridges, casseroles, cottage cheese, flour products.

Baked apples with raisins

During breastfeeding young mothers benefit from eating baked brass apples. If you enrich this sweet delicacy with raisins, it will become even more useful vitamins and trace elements. The recipe is simple enough. It is enough to peel the apples, free them from the core, fill the in-depth with a teaspoon of dried raisins and send the treat to the oven or microwave for baking.

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