Is it possible to mayonnaise when breastfeeding?

Breast feeding of the baby is the foundation, which is laid from the first days of his life and forms his immune system and full development for the future. This important process should be taken very responsibly, because everything that the mother eats goes over to the child. But it should be borne in mind that an adult can eat everything, and the baby only forms and begins to produce enzymes that promote the digestion of various foods. Mommy should not eat foods that can provoke allergies or problems with the chair. Is mayonnaise in the list of prohibited foods during lactation?

 Breastfeeding mayonnaise

Definitely not. Because mayonnaise has limitations in the use of adults, and even nursing moms do not even need to eat it.In the first year of life, you need to maximally strengthen and help shape the baby’s immunity. Next, for three years, you need to take care of the baby to the maximum from all diseases. Diseases carried up to the age of three, usually in life will periodically occur in an adult. Therefore, it is important to breastfeed from the very beginning and it is so terrible to harm him.

What is dangerous mayonnaise during lactation?

First, consider its constituent ingredients: sunflower oil, eggs, vinegar, mustard, salt, and other harmful additives (emulsifiers, glutamate, preservatives, and other harmful additives). In addition to chemical components, natural are also strong allergens. For example, chicken protein often cause allergies in children. Therefore, nutritionists do not advise nursing mothers to eat eggs, only as part of baking. First, the eggs in this case undergo heat treatment, and secondly, their concentration is so low that the irritating component is unable to cause a reaction.

Obviously, not all babies are allergic to protein, but this can often cause bloating and colic.Moreover, in addition to protein, mayonnaise contains many harmful components:

  1. Vinegar, which negatively affects the baby's intestinal microflora. In some cases, this can turn into dysbacteriosis for the baby. In addition, vinegar contains aldehyde formic acid, which quite often leads to an allergic reaction not only in infants, but also in adults.
  2. Mustard during lactation is strictly prohibited. First, it tends to inhibit metabolic processes in the body, which is caused by fluid retention. This subsequently leads to less milk production. Secondly, mustard is a common food allergen and can cause a reaction in a baby.

The content of chemical components in mayonnaise adversely affects the human body, and with frequent use can cause cancer. Of course, that a reasonable nursing mother would not think of using such a product in her diet. Moreover, oncology has the ability to develop at the gene level.

What can be replaced by mayonnaise during feeding

The lactation period can last an average of two years, and it does not matter how old a baby is, a mother still has to follow a proper diet. Within two years it is very difficult to refrain from mayonnaise, because so many recipes with its use. Do not despair, you can always replace it with homemade. Of course, it will differ from the purchased taste, because there will not be flavor enhancers and other harmful chemicals. But, in terms of the quality of its use, it will be useful, moreover, in a salad it is not always possible to distinguish purchased mayonnaise from its own product.

  1. The first thing to do is to replace the egg white with a quail egg. Quail eggs are considered a hypoallergenic product, so they can be used by mom instead of chicken. They do absolutely no harm to the baby, in addition, they are rich in B vitamins.
  2. Vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice, it does not cause allergic reactions and contains vitamin C. This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining the immune system of the baby’s body.
  3. It is necessary to take olive oil, it contains a large amount of polyphenol and vitamins K, D, A, E, F, B, this product is also harmless to the baby. In extreme cases, you can take sunflower oil, but only refined, becauseit rarely causes allergies.

Definitely, homemade mayonnaise based on these components will not cause any harm to health. But, all the same, for safety reasons, it is better to introduce mayonnaise into your diet gradually, because your baby may have an individual intolerance to some component. If after a few tricks of mom mayonnaise, your baby will be fine, then you can safely enter it into your daily diet.

What is dangerous mayonnaise purchase

Unfortunately, quite often unscrupulous mayonnaise manufacturers indicate in the product packaging false information regarding its composition. The content of chemical impurities is absolutely not indicated, but on the contrary - only natural ingredients are brazenly advertised. After all, eggs, albeit with vinegar, cannot be stored unchanged from 90 to 180 days, as indicated on many packages. Naturally, without preservatives the egg and vinegar month will disappear. Nutritionists do not recommend adults to use mayonnaise, and breastfeeding mothers are forbidden, because this product is deadly for the baby.An adult can get rid of a violation of the digestive system, especially often after eating there is heartburn.

What is dangerous mayonnaise for nursing moms?

It contains monosodium glutamate - a substance that enhances the taste and develops addiction. Indeed, no other product can replace mayonnaise, a person will have a constant craving for it. At the same time, with regular use it may cause deterioration of health:

 What is dangerous mayonnaise for nursing moms

  1. Problems with obesity. After birth, the process of metabolism in the mother's body is slowed down, so the fluids are retained in the body. In combination with meat protein and animal fat, mayonnaise instantly adds unwanted weight, because it contains a lot of calories.
  2. Frequent use of mayonnaise leads to many serious diseases. This product affects the organs and systems of vital activity of the organism. Fats contained in mayonnaise tend to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to an increase in pressure and a violation of the cardiovascular system and metabolism. Perhaps the development of cardiovascular dystonia and even a heart attack.Preservatives irritate the walls of the stomach, which leads to an ulcer, gastritis and the development of food allergies to a specific component.
  3. Components also negatively affect the condition and appearance of skin, hair and nails. Saggy sides and the presence of the tummy appear with constant use of mayonnaise.

Recommendations for mom

So, to summarize, in which cases, and what mayonnaise can be used for nursing moms? If the mayonnaise is cooked on its own at home, only the first two days it can be consumed by nursing mothers. It is necessary to introduce it into your diet gradually - only when the baby is half a year old. Only in the fourth month of his life, he begins to form enzymes that can break down protein, fruit acids and other components.

Before use, you need to make sure that the baby does not have an allergic reaction to one of the components. To do this, you must first try to eat each ingredient individually and see if the baby has an allergy.

Recipe: homemade mayonnaise for a nursing mommy is very easy to prepare,You need to mix 2 raw and 2 boiled quail eggs, add lemon juice and salt. All products mix in a blender until smooth.

Mayonnaise is the product that must be discarded during pregnancy. If for some reason it is impossible to completely refuse, it means that you need to cook it yourself at home. The body of a child in the womb, in the first year of life, is very vulnerable, therefore deadly foods should not be included in the diet of the expectant and nursing mother.

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