Can mango be breastfed?

Fresh fruits are a treasure trove of vitamins that a young mother needs who have lost a lot of strength, energy and nutrients. Losses need to be replenished so that a woman does not suffer from chronic fatigue or from nervous breakdowns. Moreover, the mother needs to eat so that the baby gets the beneficial substances that he gets from the mother's milk.

 Mango breastfeeding

But the child's digestive system is such that it can not immediately perceive everything that enters the body. And, especially if we are talking about new products that have appeared in the mother's diet. The baby can perceive new components, and can react through an allergic reaction. The reason for this may be the unwillingness to accept new food.

That is why a young woman should be selective about her diet, and even more so when it comes to products of exotic origin.Therefore, in order to figure out whether it is possible to eat mango while breastfeeding, you should familiarize yourself with the beneficial properties and some contraindications that this fruit has.

Beneficial features

For countries where mangoes are grown, it is a common fruit. While colder countries perceive it as exotic. Mango is the usual fruit for those countries where it grows, the same as apples for the southern part of Russia. And its use does not require special rules, so it is eaten by both children and adults, including nursing mothers.

Presented fruit does not need special care when it grows. All that is needed for him is the appropriate climate. The incompatibility of this fruit allows you to export it, so that everyone can enjoy the taste of mango.

The benefit of this fruit is difficult to overestimate:

  1. A large amount of vitamins and important for the body microelements incorporates this fruit, which is a necessity for a woman who is breastfeeding. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and B, C and E, in addition, it also includes antioxidants.
  2. Such elements as potassium with zinc and phosphorus with magnesium, which are contained in this fruit, have a positive effect on the metabolism of women during the feeding period.
  3. It also contains iron, which is necessary for the body to blood. This is especially true of women who give birth, who suffer from iron deficiency anemia.
  4. Vitamin E, which is in the mango, strengthens the human immune system, which is important for a young mother, whose illnesses will affect the baby.
  5. Folic acid, or simply speaking, vitamin B9, is necessary for a person to regenerate and grow cells.
  6. Vitamin A in the fruit helps to strengthen the bones, and also helps to improve the vision of both the nursing woman and the baby.
  7. Plays a significant role in water-salt metabolism of potassium, which is contained in the fruit. This exchange affects the production of milk in the female body.
  8. Since the main part of the fetus consists of dietary fiber, it can be concluded that it has a positive effect on the work of the intestine. Fiber mango plant origin is responsible for the removal from the body of harmful substances by absorption. When a woman has constipation after childbirth, this fruit is ideal for normalizing bowel function.
  9. Having a large amount of sugar in the fruit adds strength and energy. Therefore, often after surgery or when the body is depleted, it is recommended to eat mangoes. Its composition helps to normalize a person’s condition and restore lost energy.


But, despite such a wide range of applications and positive qualities of the fruit, as well as reviews about it, one can not say that even mangoes can be harmful to health, if you take it seriously. Especially when it comes to the idea of ​​nursing mom, and everything she eats, enters the body to the child. Some components, due to his age, are not absorbed by his body.

 Contraindications of mango during breastfeeding

The main disadvantage of mango is that it can cause an allergic reaction. If a woman ate mangoes before and during the pregnancy itself, and this fetus did not cause any negative reactions, the risk of getting them during breastfeeding tends to zero. Because the woman's body is used and adapted to the use of this product.

In the event that a woman wants to try a mango for the first time (this is not about mango juice, which is produced in bags), then it is better to refrain from using it during feeding.Because the risk of an unwanted allergic reaction increases, which will also affect the body of the baby.

How to choose a mango

If, however, a young mother does not have problems with allergies, and you still want to eat mango, you should pay attention to some recommendations when buying a fruit. The first thing that catches your eye is the appearance of the fruit. It should not be spoiled, its skin should be intact, not damaged. Next you should feel the product - it should be elastic, not soft and not very hard. Do not neglect these recommendations, so that the use does not lead to intestinal disorder.

It is worth remembering that:

  1. The skin of the fruit in any case can not be eaten, because it contains resin, which is toxic to the human body.
  2. If a woman is overweight, which is so often after childbirth, then the fruit is still to be excluded for the reason that it contains a lot of sugars.
  3. Consuming large amounts of mango can lead to gastric upset.

To know how the baby reacts to the new product, you should try to eat it in a small amount immediately after the morning feeding. Next is to observe your body.If no allergic signs are observed, the portion can be increased or even eaten completely. But even in the absence of side effects, mango should be alternated with fruits already familiar to the body.

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