Is it possible to mineral water when breastfeeding?

A nursing mother, when choosing foods for her diet, should always remember that all the food she eats will inevitably affect her baby’s body. This forces the woman to approach the diet very responsibly and carefully.

 Breastfeeding Mineral

Food for women should be of high quality so as not to harm the health of the baby. There are a number of products that cannot be consumed during this period. Some of them need to be eaten with caution. What is the situation in this case with drinks, and in particular, with mineral water?

Is there any benefit?

Such water is always considered useful, but in the case of a lactation period, everything is somewhat more complicated. It is mined from underground sources, so it is rich in many substances necessary for each organism.The mineral water contains sodium, potassium, and iron. Many will say that it is, without a doubt, a healthy drink. But in fact there is another side.

Consider the benefits of mineral water:

  1. Due to the content of iron and calcium, it will contribute to the normal development of the child, strengthen the bones.
  2. Potassium contained in mineral water, will bring a lot of benefit to the heart and central nervous system.
  3. Zero calorie product allows you to not worry about extra pounds.
  4. The elements included in the composition, have a positive effect on digestion and other processes.

What are the disadvantages of mineral water for a nursing mother?

  1. If you use it in excessive quantities, it can lead to salt accumulation in the body. The result will be puffiness and other problems.
  2. Also, a large amount of water can cause kidney disease, as it contains a lot of calcium.

Recommendations for drinking water

Therefore, it is best to choose table water. It is not so much calcium, so it is suitable for daily use. On the day you can drink up to two glasses of such water.

Medical-dining room can be drunk in courses lasting 15-20 days, after which a break is taken. Borjomi water contains a lot of fluoride, so instead of using it regularly, it is better to choose a course method. Young mothers will be very useful "Narzan", in which a lot of calcium.

Therapeutic mineral water should be perceived as a drug. You can drink it only after consulting a doctor.

Is it possible to use non-carbonated mineral water during this period?

Such water may be with or without gas. During lactation, non-carbonated will be an excellent option to compensate for the lack of trace elements in the body of the mother and baby. Milk will be produced better.

And what about water with gas?

The answer in this case will not be as straightforward as in the case of non-carbonated water. Certain types of such water can even be called medicinal. But only water that is carbonated by nature is beneficial. If the gas was introduced artificially, it can lead to some problems.

 Is it possible to mineral water nursing mom

  1. Irritation may develop in the stomach and intestines. If a woman has problems with these organs, it is better to stop using water with gas.
  2. Carbon dioxide can destroy tooth enamel.

During the feeding period it is better to refuse mineral water, which contains sulphates. These substances will interfere with the normal absorption of calcium, which is very important in this period for both organisms.

Do not use this water in too large quantities. If you follow the measure, it will not harm. But it is advisable not to drink water immediately after opening the bottle, it is better to wait for the gas to come out at least partially.

In addition, it is necessary to observe how the organism of the baby reacts to the use of mineral water by the mother. If the child has problems with the tummy in the form of bloating or colic, even minor ones, water should be discarded.

It should be said that the child's use of such water is extremely rare. Most often, its effect on the maternal organism is observed.

Even if mineral water with a gas is not always permissible for use during lactation, then other drinks containing dyes are even contraindicated. Such drinks are composed of sugar, as well as dyes and other chemical components that can cause allergies.Also a large number of such drinks will contribute to weight gain.

Beware of fakes

The mineral water consumed by a nursing mother must be of high quality and natural. Many manufacturers, instead of renting a well, extract water from dubious sources, selling it as mineral. And some add minerals to the water from the tap. All this makes the production very economical, but the health of people who consume such water is unlikely to be reflected well.

It is good if such water simply does not cause any reaction of the organism, but in some cases even poisoning is possible.

To distinguish quality water from a fake, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Buy products recognized brands.
  2. Give preference to water that is sold in glass bottles. If the manufacturer has not saved on the packaging, then, most likely, the quality of the product will be good.
  3. On the package should be information that the water meets state quality standards. There should also be information about the source from which the water was extracted.
  4. The label on the bottle should be glued smoothly and beautifully.
  5. You should not be seduced by the low price of water. Most likely, it will be a non-natural product. Real mineral water requires costs from the manufacturer. And no one will work at a loss.
  6. When you open the bottle, notice if there is any smell. If this is a real mineral water, it will smell of sulfur.

As a result, it can be said that it is quite acceptable for a nursing mother to drink mineral water. It is important that it be of the highest quality.

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