Can I Wash Your Face With Soap: Useful Tips

Each of the ladies at least once in her life used ordinary soap for washing her face. But the attitude towards him is different. Some believe that soap is good for the skin and can be used daily. Others use it only in extreme cases, considering that the soap dries the skin. Who is right? How harmful or useful soap? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand exactly how it affects the skin.

 Can I wash my face with soap

How does the active substance of soap

The main component of soap is alkali. It is able to remove dirt, sweat, microbes, dissolve fat, remove dead cells of the epidermis. All this happens due to foaming when alkali interacts with water.

Our skin is never completely dry. The sebaceous glands conscientiously perform their function, releasing fat.The sweat glands also keep up, producing sweat, with which the body gets rid of toxins. Fat and sweat are mixed with dust that is always present in the air. Forms a thin layer of a mixture of all of the above, infested with microbes. If you do not delete it, irritation and inflammatory processes begin. The surface active substances that cause the soap to foam, while washing, carry the particles of fat and dirt along with the microbes. The ability of soap to dissolve grease is in its favor. For people with oily skin, this is exactly what is needed.

However, it is impossible to completely remove fat from the skin surface. Paradoxically, but excessive dryness of the skin leads to the formation of acne. The acidic environment resulting from sebaceous excretion protects it from microbes. Imbalance in the direction of the alkaline environment leads to reduced protection against germs. From here and acne.

Maybe soap should not be used for washing?

Worth, but with the mind. First of all, this washing is shown to owners of oily skin once a day. It is better to do this before bedtime, and after washing apply a nourishing cream.When washing the face is cleaned about all the dirt. The pores open and the effectiveness of the nourishing cream or mask increases.

If the skin is dry, it is better to use lotions as a permanent means to remove dirt. But sometimes you can use soap with a neutral pH. The best option - cream soap. It contains various additives that prevent skin dryness and have nutritional properties.

Tar soap

At the heart of tar soap lies birch tar - a component of natural origin. Therefore, many people use exactly this soap as a cosmetic and therapeutic agent. It is believed that it helps with eczema, dermatitis. It is especially effective for fighting acne. There is only one "but" - persistent unpleasant smell of tar. Killing it is difficult, so with normal tolerance of odors after using tar soap, it is better to stay at home. But it does not overdry, but on the contrary, moisturizes the skin.

Laundry soap

Rumor has it that the soap helps get rid of acne. They are based on the idea that such a soap is better than others to dry the skin.This is so, because the alkali in the laundry soap is more than in its other varieties. And it dries the skin stronger. But we already know that on dry skin, microbes multiply faster, and acne may become not less, but more.

 Laundry soap for washing face

However, you can use laundry soap for washing. But this should be done in exceptional cases when you need to thoroughly clean the skin. And then apply a nourishing mask or apply a moisturizer.

The impact on the skin of household soap is about the same as that of alcohol. But alcohol-based products do not use constantly and daily. Too dry skin becomes susceptible to inflammation. Therefore, it is used occasionally. Ideal - 2 times a week to skin was clean and healthy.

Baby soap

A positive feature of baby soap is fast and abundant foaming. Many believe that to cleanse the skin is what we need. In addition, it does not contain any extra components and has a neutral PH. However, unlike tar soap, it has absolutely no healing properties. Of course, you can wash them, but, again, not every day, but as an alternative means, if there is no foam or lotion.

Handmade soap

Many today are engaged in soap manufacture.It is homemade soap that may be the most beneficial for the skin. After all, you can add any useful ingredients. They can be vegetable and essential oils, glycerin, herbal extracts, and solid particles that give the soap a scrub effect, for example, ground coffee or ground nutshell. Especially useful glycerin and honey soap, if there is no allergy to these components. However, the basis of homemade soap is still the same alkaline component, therefore it will dry the skin. It is not recommended to use it daily.

We summarize

The answer to the question about the benefits and dangers of washing soap received. The key point: everything should be in moderation and in time. Soap dries the skin and makes it susceptible to germs. So, it is not used every day. But the task of cleansing the skin from dirt soap will cope better than any means. Therefore, before applying nourishing creams and masks it can be applied. Of all the varieties, preference is given to soap with a neutral PH.


Do not use soap for washing, if:

  • skin is too sensitive;
  • a dermatologist has banned this procedure;
  • there are microcracks, severe peeling, inflammation in the corners of the lips;
  • deep wrinkles on face;
  • numerous acne;
  • Recently, a chemical peeling procedure or a tanning bed was carried out.

Do not wash your face with soap before leaving the house, as the protective properties of the skin are reduced. Finishing washing with soap, you can change the water temperature several times, stopping at a cold one.

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