Can herring be breastfed?

This product is quite controversial. Someone can be repelled by only one smell of this fish, and someone cannot live a day without eating at least one piece of it. One thing is clear for sure: the World Health Organization strongly recommends the systematic consumption of herring, as it contains only a storehouse of nutrients that are beneficial for the whole body. This fish contains substances that improve the work of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

 Herring during breastfeeding

What is the use of herring?

The benefit of herring is very great, because it also contains the following components:

  1. Iodine, fluorine, zinc and copper.These compounds prevent problems with the thyroid gland.
  2. A high content of protein in the product (about 20%) and amino acids, which, in turn, help get rid of excess cholesterol in the blood, improve heart function and vascular condition. The component methionine is responsible for this, the content of which in herring significantly exceeds its content in meat.
  3. The presence of such a substance as selenium. It is a very strong antioxidant that slows down the process of early aging and prevents the formation of various tumors, as well as all sorts of cellular mutations.
  4. The content of vitamins A, B and D in this product helps to cope with various infections in the body.
  5. The herring is recommended to be eaten by people with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, since this product contains little connective tissue and is digested much faster.
  6. This fish contains the minimum number of calories, so those who actively monitor their weight should not worry about their figure.

Can it harm?

But, as always, any rule has exceptions, and any product has minuses.The fact is that herring can cause allergic reactions in some people, and small children (up to 1 year old) are very sensitive at this age to any kind of food.

So what about this product? Is herring harmful or is it still useful? The answer to this question is not so simple.

Herring damage to the body:

  1. Since preservatives are used to store this product, the food automatically becomes not as useful as we would like. And although many preservatives do not carry much harm to the body, they can still cause allergies in some cases.
  2. Herring, as a rule, contains a large amount of salt and after eating it you feel like a natural drink and then eat something sweet, but this is the whole secret of obesity.
  3. In case of violation of the storage of fish products, various parasites remain in it, and this is already very dangerous for the body.
  4. If a woman during lactation has kidney problems or there is hypertension, it is better to eliminate salted herring from the diet.

Herring under a fur coat during lactation

 Herring under a fur coat during lactation
It should be noted that immediately after delivery this salad is better not to be eaten at all, because, besides salted herring, it also contains other products, and all the ingredients are richly lubricated with mayonnaise.If we talk about beets or carrots, then they do not contain any harmful substances for the body, but a chicken egg, bought in a store, can lead to allergic rashes on the skin of a baby.

Tip! In cases where the desire to eat salad is very strong, you should replace store mayonnaise with a homemade product.

Sometimes nursing mothers make salad “under a fur coat” with the addition of sour cream instead of mayonnaise. In this case, you can add to the salad 1 teaspoon of sour cream for taste.

What amount of herring can be eaten?

Starting to eat herring is best after 2 months after birth. And it is preferable that the herring has its own pickles. You need to start eating in small portions so that the load on the digestive system is uniform, and the thirst is not so strong.

If you do not have the skills of salting fish, then try to start with eating small pieces, and then follow the reaction of the baby. If all is well, the dose can be gradually increased.

Individual intolerance of the product

The kid in the first years of his life is struggling to adapt to the conditions of the world around him, therefore, he shouldn’t create additional problems in the form of digestive disorders.You need to carefully monitor your diet, checking your body for various allergic reactions.

The lists of products that are actively causing allergies include:

  • Honey.
  • Milk and all products containing milk.
  • Strawberry.
  • All kinds of citrus.

Some include herring in this list. In fact, the reaction may not be on the fish itself, but on the various seasonings contained in the marinade.

They also say that it happens that after eating herring, the mother's milk changes its taste, and the child may refuse to take the breast. In this case, it is recommended to express “spoiled” milk. At the same time, many argue that this is all just a myth. Herring and various marinades cannot change the taste of breast milk, and if the child refuses breastfeeding, then this is most likely due to his emotional state. Make sure that your baby has a minimum of stress. Tears and tantrums, as well as the rejection of breast milk, carries with it much deeper psychological problems.

How to eat herring

 How to eat herring nursing mother

  1. It is recommended to start eating herring after 2 months from the birth of the child, gradually introducing the product into the diet.If the baby has problems with the digestive system and is suffering from colic, then you should postpone eating this product, because it will be extremely difficult to understand what exactly the child reacts to. Start with small portions.
  2. Food is best cooked in the oven or boil. As little as possible fried, smoked and salted.
  3. Eating fish is allowed 2 times a week.
  4. Always check the shelf life of the product before taking it for food.
  5. If the preparation of herring occurs at home, then the number of spices and marinade should be limited.

If you ignore these recommendations, then very soon there may be tachycardia, which does not need a young nursing mother.

Modern producers fill the markets with many canned fish, which can be salted, smoked or pickled. In order not to get to the hospital with food poisoning, you should always carefully get acquainted with the manufacturers of the product, as well as with the expiration date. It is also important to remember:

  1. Fresh fish does not contain any side impurities, salt and seasonings.
  2. The appearance of the fish should always be fresh and dense.
  3. Date of manufacture is always present on the package with fish fillets.

By following all the recommendations, you will be able not only to avoid problems with your health, and also not to endanger your baby.

Always remember that your health is only in your hands and no one else's, so be careful, take care of yourself and your health, and always eat only fresh and healthy products! Be healthy!

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