Eyelash extensions - the main pros and cons

Beautiful ladies are always in search of new ways that could improve their appearance and reduce the duration of self-care. Among the popular, cheap and popular techniques include eyelash extensions. The procedure can have both positive aspects and negative consequences. But the second option is possible only in the case of an allergic reaction, lack of professionalism from the master and incorrect care. Let's look at the main aspects in order.

 Eyelash extensions

Positive aspects of building

  1. Eyelashes emphasize the eyes, make them open and visually attractive. Long hairs frame the eyes, make a woman attractive and sexy.
  2. Artificial eyelashes can boast long-term socks, which is not the case with professional cosmetics of directional action.Not even the most expensive mascara will last longer than a day. If you increase the cilia, take care of them correctly, then they will last up to a month without any intervention in terms of correction.
  3. If the master is endowed with the necessary skills and knowledge, has experience in carrying out such procedures, he will greatly facilitate the life of a woman with a slanting eye. With a properly conducted procedure, you can adjust not only their shape, but also the size and direction. If you want to get an oblong contour, cilia is sufficient to attach to the corners of the eyes. To gain almond-shaped outlines, you can play with the size of the eyelashes (long - in the center, short - at the edges).
  4. Girls who lead an active lifestyle may no longer worry that the mascara will flow when doing sports, bathing in fresh / saline springs or a pool. When entering the land, the eyes still remain expressive.
  5. The most important thing is that this procedure saves time and energy for eye care. It is no longer necessary to wake up an hour earlier to do makeup, paint over eyelashes and separate them. This quality is appreciated by women who wake up early for work and constantly lack time.
  6. It is no secret that everyone has a different lash shape.Ladies with straight natural hairs constantly make a perm, which exacerbates the condition of the native eyelashes. But artificial cilia are twisted in their structure, therefore there is no need to use curling tongs.
  7. It is also worth mentioning the absolute safety and harmlessness of the procedure. Naturally, if the master has all the certificates and is responsible for his work. The build-up does not have a rehabilitation period, which greatly simplifies life after the procedure. If you do not like the effect, you can immediately remove the hair, turning to a professional.
  8. If there are no contraindications for the extension, it can be done by everyone without exception. You also do not need to discount that thick and lush eyelashes are beautiful. They emphasize the eyes and make the look deep, winning.

Negative sides of building

 Negative side of eyelash extensions

  1. In addition to the positive qualities of eyelash extensions, there are drawbacks. For artificial hairs need to constantly care. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the fact that you have to visit a professional at least 1 time per month.
  2. Keep in mind that the eyelash extensions last at least 3 hours. Therefore, the duration of the session can also be attributed to the disadvantages. Not every woman can withstand the duration of the procedure.
  3. If you choose the wrong number of hairs and their length as a result, you may look like a doll. In fact, this is not good. If the artificial hairs are too heavy and thick, the native eyelashes will start to fall out massively.
  4. Also to the disadvantages are the limitations of a domestic nature. It is forbidden to rub the eyes and touch the eyelashes unnecessarily. Sleep will have on the back. It is forbidden to touch the pillow with hairs. Also it is necessary to significantly limit trips to the pool and bath.
  5. Frequent bathing in the waters and the sea is contraindicated. In addition, you will have to eliminate the daily eye care cosmetics, which contain alcohol, fat and oils. To decide on the choice of procedure, it is worth considering all the flaws.
  6. Also an important role is played by the technology itself capacity. Therefore, pre-examine all the shortcomings and consult with a professional.In addition, it should be noted that it is really difficult to find a good specialist who can be trusted without fear.


  1. The most important contraindications are eye disease in the form of conjunctivitis and other inflammatory processes. For the rest, there are practically no restrictions.
  2. Also, special care should be exercised to girls who are prone to an allergic reaction. Consult with a specialist in advance and carry out the necessary tests.

Recovery of eyelashes after the procedure

Since any intervention can adversely affect the condition of native hair, it is necessary to know how to restore them after removing artificial eyelashes.

  1. It is worth mentioning at once that the use of natural oils is the most effective way. They are applied along the entire length with a brush from the mascara. Procedures are carried out every day.
  2. You can also combine natural oils with esters. It is enough to take 30 ml. bases and 3 drops of ether. This composition is distributed overnight. Therapy is carried out to achieve the result.
  3. Pharmacy ampoule vitamins have recommended themselves well.We are talking about retinol with tocopherol. They are also distributed by brush.

The undoubted advantage of eyelash extensions is that you do not have to spend a lot of time on makeup. Artificial hairs look quite beautiful, and keep for a long time. With proper care, extended eyelashes will delight you for a long time. Do not forget to take into account possible contraindications.

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