Low blood pressure during pregnancy: what to do?

Human blood pressure is one of the main indicators of his health. Normally, blood pressure should be between 90/60 and 140/90 mm Hg. Each person has his own “working” pressure, at which he feels comfortable. During pregnancy, you need to very carefully listen to your body in order to react in time to various pathological changes. And pressure is considered one of the main sources of information. Low blood pressure can be the physiological norm, and can be a serious malfunction in the body. Today we will talk about low pressure - its symptoms, causes of development, methods of elimination and the dangers of this state.

 Low pregnancy pressure

How to recognize low pressure

Often, future mothers simply do not feel low pressure, especially if they have never before encountered similar problems. They write off fatigue and apathy for toxicosis and often do not know about low pressure before the visit to the doctor. So, what are the symptoms of low blood pressure?

  1. Low pressure is often accompanied by headaches, dizziness, weakness, apathy, and fainting often occur. In ancient times, it was fainting and causeless weakness that were the first signs of the onset of pregnancy.
  2. Working women note that with low pressure their performance decreases, they quickly tire, memory and concentration deteriorate, future mothers feel constant drowsiness and nausea, not associated with toxicosis.
  3. In some cases, tinnitus may appear, darkening and even flies can occur before the eyes.
  4. A woman may experience an unstable nervous condition that is not associated with hormonal surges. Often there is a tremor of the limbs, increased sweating.
  5. Often, lowering the pressure makes a woman sensitive to the weather.Even weak magnetic storms can lead to increased headaches.
  6. In some cases, low blood pressure may be accompanied by a rapid pulse.
  7. Even with minor physical exertion, the woman feels short of breath, her heart beats quickly.

If you have noticed at least a few of these symptoms, it is better to see your doctor as soon as possible and measure your blood pressure level. And it is better to have a small blood pressure monitor at home to monitor and control the pressure throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

Why pressure decreases during pregnancy

In general, pregnancy itself is already a reason for low pressure, for physicians of this condition there is even a definition - physiological hypotension in pregnant women. The reason for this - the hormonal changes in the body, changes in the work of many organs. But what factors can affect blood pressure and reduce it below an acceptable level?

  1. Overwork and chronic sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of low blood pressure during pregnancy. Working women are faced with this, who have to fulfill their job duties until the decree.
  2. Emotional stress, stress, depression, anxiety and anxiety can also be the cause of a woman’s low pressure and poor health.
  3. Low pressure can occur with insufficient, unbalanced and poor nutrition, feeling of hunger. This is often observed with strong toxemia - the woman's body is literally depleted, but she still can not eat anything.
  4. A sudden change in weather conditions can also lead to a decrease in blood pressure.
  5. Blood pressure may decrease with dehydration of the body - when you are in a hot and stuffy room, in the sun. Dehydration can be due to prolonged diarrhea or poisoning. In this case, you should not think only about low pressure; you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to receive qualified help. Severe dehydration is dangerous for the fetus in the womb.
  6. In some cases, low blood pressure may be due to more serious illnesses. As a rule, these are chronic diseases of the endocrine or cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, low blood pressure may indicate a latent infection in the body.

If low pressure appears for quite objective reasons, it can be dealt with on its own by resorting to diet and folk remedies. If low pressure is accompanied by poor health, a violation of the normal mode of the day and is not associated with external factors, most likely it is a symptom of another (main) disease. You just need to see a doctor and conduct a thorough examination, because low pressure can be dangerous.

What is dangerously low blood pressure?

If you know your working blood pressure, which was before pregnancy, it will not be difficult for you to calculate the rate of its decrease. Normally, the pressure should decrease by no more than 10%. That is, if the upper limit of the upper blood pressure is 120 mm Hg, then a decrease of no more than 12 units is acceptable. Hence, the maximum pressure can drop to 108 mm Hg. Below this limit, the pressure is considered pathological, which can be really dangerous.

 What is dangerously low blood pressure?

In the early stages, hypotension increases the risk of miscarriage. If you have a difficult pregnancy or have a miscarriage in history, you need to monitor the pressure very carefully.Subsequently, low blood pressure creates the risk of insufficient oxygen supply to the fetus. When blood circulates through the body very slowly, there is a risk of hypoxia. Similar, by the way, can be observed when a pregnant woman sleeps on her back and clamps a vena cava. In this case, the pressure decreases rapidly.

In late pregnancy, the danger of low pressure is a violation of the contractions of the uterus. In women with low blood pressure labor activity is sluggish, childbirth, in general, is more difficult. Moreover, the risk of postpartum bleeding increases.

How to quickly increase blood pressure

It so happens that the pressure drops very quickly, in just a few minutes. This occurs during agitation, in a hot and stuffy room, during fasting. In such cases, you will feel that you have become ill - there will be severe dizziness, weakness, and your legs will become wadded. In such situations, it is very important to sit down so as not to fall. If the low pressure has found you on the street, sit down on the bench, stop, at least for a squat.This will protect you from falling and possible injury.

At low pressure, the first thing to do is drink a cup of hot sweet tea with a piece of chocolate. Please note that tea should not be green - it reduces the pressure even more. You can afford a cup of good quality coffee - but only one! It is useful to replace coffee with chicory or hibiscus tea to prevent the ingress of caffeine into the body.

If low blood pressure accompanies you regularly, you may need a good night’s sleep. Remember that you are pregnant, you need rest, even if you are working. Ask your employer to let you go home an hour early, or tell your doctor about feeling unwell so that he can open a sick list for you. A banal dream and rest for several days will help you to normalize the level of blood pressure. With low pressure, it is useful to take a contrast shower - it trains the blood vessels, making them more elastic and mobile. Take a walk, stay in the open air, do some gymnastics for pregnant women and your health will certainly return to normal.

Separately pay attention to what you eat.Since the onset of pregnancy is not necessary to eat for two - it will only lead to extra pounds and unnecessary problems. But changing the diet is still worth it - the food should be as healthy and nutritious as possible. Refuse buns in favor of dried fruits or fresh vegetables - they have more benefits and vitamins.

Eat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, fish, meat, greens. In the morning, do not get out of bed very quickly, it is better to eat something, in the supine position, and then slowly get up. This will protect you from dizziness and nausea. There are some products that can help you increase blood pressure. These are garlic, carrot juice, grapes (raisins), lemon, tea from licorice root, coffee. And there are products that, on the contrary, reduce pressure, they must be discarded. The main one is green tea. To increase blood pressure, you need to eat more protein - dairy products, meat broth, beans, fish, white meat. But from the excess salt must be discarded. Do not forget about the water mode - you need to drink at least two liters of pure water a day.

Is medical treatment acceptable?

 Drug treatment of low pressure during pregnancy
Many women, unable to find a way out in the diet and homemade recipes, are looking for an opportunity to reduce the pressure with medication. Doing this without consulting a doctor is extremely dangerous. The fact is that many drugs have a lot of side effects, and they can not be taken during pregnancy. The same effective and popular Eleutherococcus increases pressure very well, but it can also cause muscle and uterus tone, including. Drug therapy is carried out only with obvious discomfort and poor health of a pregnant woman. In many ways, treatment of low pressure is reduced to identifying the underlying disease, which was the development of this symptom. Among the most innocuous means to increase the pressure can be identified ginseng extract. You need to drop a few drops in a glass of water and drink in small sips. Constantly use tinctures need to be coordinated with the doctor. In other cases, you should try to increase the pressure of natural methods and recipes of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies to increase blood pressure

Here are some recipes that will help increase blood pressure without harm to the health of a woman and a child.

  1. Calendula decoction. In the morning on an empty stomach you need to add 10 drops of calendula alcohol tincture to a glass of water and drink half an hour before meals.
  2. Viburnum berries. Frozen or fresh berries of viburnum should pour boiling water and drink with lemon and honey, like tea.
  3. Broth hare cabbage. This is an effective medicinal plant, from which you need to prepare a decoction - a tablespoon of dried leaves per liter of boiling water. Drink 100 ml before each meal, the first dose necessarily on an empty stomach. The decoction will raise the pressure, relieve nausea and vomiting.
  4. Radiola root pink. From a tablespoon of chopped root and a liter of boiling water should be prepared decoction. Drink a third of a glass of broth three times a day if you feel unwell.
  5. Rosehip, hawthorn, St. John's wort. This recipe also boosts blood pressure and hemoglobin. A handful of hawthorn and wild rose berries should be washed and put in a thermos. Add two tablespoons of dried St. John's wort, pour two liters of boiling water. Let it stand for at least 10 hours, and then take half a glass 2-3 times a day, depending on how you feel.

These simple recipes are not only effective against low blood pressure, but are also really safe for pregnant women.

According to statistics, low blood pressure occurs quite often, with almost every third pregnancy. Moreover, a slight decrease in pressure does not carry any serious risk to the fetus. At the same time, if the pressure becomes critical, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, especially if the pressure is accompanied by vomiting. Perhaps a pregnant woman will need hospitalization and inpatient treatment. During pregnancy, you need to monitor your health more closely, because now you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for your baby, which you wear under your heart.

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