Cucumbers during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

One of the popular signs of the coming pregnancy is the craving of a woman to pickled cucumbers. And if salted and pickled cucumbers should not get carried away, then fresh and seasonal must be in the diet. How are they useful for women in the situation, in what form is it better to eat them, and are there any contraindications to their use?

 Cucumbers during pregnancy

Cucumber: General Information

More than 90% of the composition of cucumber accounts for water. But this is not ordinary water that flows from a tap, but natural water, which in its chemical composition is as identical as distilled one. The unique property of such water is that it is a natural sorbent, contributing to the conclusion of toxins from the body. That is why cucumbers help to cope with the first trimester toxemia.

The remaining 10% of the composition includes vitamins, macro-, microelements and fiber.

One of the main advantages of cucumber - low calorie. 100 grams of vegetable contains from 12 to 18 kcal (the exact figure depends on the variety). Therefore, adding it to salads will not only make them tastier, but also allow you to satisfy hunger without the likelihood of weight gain.

What is remarkable cucumbers for pregnant women?

  1. Cucumber skin is a natural dietary fiber that has a beneficial effect on the intestinal function. It helps to get rid of constipation and prevents the appearance of hemorrhoids, which is characteristic of many pregnant women.
  2. Due to the high content of potassium (one of the key intracellular electrolytes), cucumbers can stabilize blood pressure. Potassium is also needed for proper muscle work and energy conversion from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  3. Cucumbers contain strong antioxidants - vitamins C and A. Their main purpose is to fight free radicals that accelerate the aging of the body, but during pregnancy they protect the body from infections, supporting immunity.
  4. Cucumbers are also considered a good source of B vitamins. Vitamin B9 is especially important for women in the position. He does not allow the possibility of malformations of the child’s nervous system. B1 (thiamine) helps the child’s central nervous system to develop properly; it is also necessary for the transmission of the genetic code. B3 (nicotinic acid) protects the fetus from negative environmental factors and is involved in laying its endocrine system.
  5. Magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron are also part of the cucumber. Iron is an indispensable trace element for blood formation, which prevents the appearance of anemia. Magnesium prevents seizures that many pregnant women face.

The unique properties of cucumbers

In addition to the effects already mentioned, cucumbers are also considered to be quite effective spasolytics. They improve liver function, can stabilize blood pressure and normalize heart function. Fresh cucumbers perfectly quench thirst and even participate in tissue regeneration.


Cucumber is considered one of the safest vegetables in terms of a potential allergic reaction.It is normally tolerated not only by pregnant women, then by small children. If suddenly cucumbers provoke allergies, then it most often manifests itself in the form of pruritus and redness of the skin. In this case, their use is better to refuse. This effect is most characteristic of greenhouse cucumbers, which are commercially available in winter and early spring. They contain a large amount of chemistry, potentially dangerous not only for pregnant women, but also in principle for the health of any person. But seasonal cucumbers grown in the soil, practically does not contain toxic compounds.

If, being in the position, you are addicted to cucumbers, and you eat them in unlimited quantities, pay attention to possible adverse reactions:

  • bowel disorder;
  • flatulence;
  • shortness of breath;
  • stomach cramps.

You should also take into account that cucumbers are considered to be a good diuretic. Their large amount in the diet can provoke frequent urination, which can bring some discomfort to the life of a woman. For the same reason, it is better not to use cucumbers before bedtime. Ideally, they should be eaten in the morning and afternoon - so they are better absorbed.

Pickles during pregnancy

As already noted above, pickled cucumbers are one of the favorite delicacies of most pregnant women. But you can not eat them banks. First, they contain a large amount of acetic acid, which destroys the tooth enamel and can provoke irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, salted cucumbers perfectly stimulate the appetite, and this is fraught with a set of extra pounds, which can complicate childbirth. Thirdly, due to the high salt concentration, they cannot be eaten by women suffering from hypertension, kidney disease and chronic vascular problems.

 Pickles during pregnancy

Many pregnant women refuse salted cucumbers, believing that they provoke edema. But the swelling occurs due to poor kidney function, cucumbers in this regard act only as a provoking factor.

Therefore, it is reasonable to limit the number of canned cucumbers per day. As noted by gastroenterologists, pregnant women can eat no more than 2 pieces per day.

Tips for choosing cucumbers

The positive effect of cucumbers is possible only if they are fresh and natural. Here are some simple tips to help buy a good product:

  1. The presence of yellow indicates that the vegetable is overripe.
  2. The dead tail is a sign that the cucumber has long been torn off and begins to deteriorate.
  3. Fresh cucumber must be firm and sufficiently elastic. If he sags from pressing, it means that he is rotting.
  4. The best size of cucumbers is medium (within 8-10 cm). Excessively large fruit suggests that they are overripe.
  5. Too beautiful cucumbers, “as from the picture” are most likely overflowing with nitrates, so you should not buy them.

Pregnant women can eat crunchy cucumbers, especially if they grow in their own garden, during all 9 months. And besides the excellent composition, they are also distinguished by the unique taste - it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged vegetable salad without cucumbers.

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