Quail eggs for potency: how to take?

Constant stress, emotional situations, poor ecology, adverse health problems and many other factors can have a negative effect on male potency. Prostate adenoma or psychosomatic impotence requires attention and treatment, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence.

 Quail eggs for potency

Why can not ignore problems with potency

Stagnation of blood and seminal fluid can adversely affect the state of the genital organs, and inflammatory processes aggravate the condition of the body as a whole. In addition, sexual function plays a large role in maintaining the psychological health of a man: for high self-esteem, emotional balance and normal working ability, the stronger sex needs to monitor their sexual strength.To maintain health, men need to:

  1. Undergo prostatitis prevention.
  2. Stimulate healthy blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  3. Monitor the nutrition and composition of seminal fluid. This is especially true for young men still planning to have children.

For obvious reasons, prostatitis worries many men. Panic is not worth it. Before you “heal” and cover up the problem with the use of stimulating pills, take care of the proper restoration of the body, because a healthy potency in a large proportion of cases can return. Eating quail eggs helps men alleviate the condition in case of diseases of the genitourinary system, avoid radical measures of treatment and improve overall health.

What are the benefits of quail eggs for men's health?

Such a unique product as an egg carries not only a lot of benefits, but even a symbolic meaning. Avian eggs are formed for the continuation of the species, and therefore this mineral container contains a complete complex of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats that affect the fertility and healthy functioning of the body.Components contained in quail eggs, not only be able to stop the symptoms of prostatitis, but also help to increase stamina men during sexual intercourse, control ejaculation and improve the quality of the seed.

Therefore, the use of quail eggs can replace a number of other means. Eggs can be simply added to the diet without spending a lot of time preparing special potions. Their use is revealed with regular intake in food, and the effect extends to the entire body and persists for a long time.

The useful composition of quail eggs

Unlike ordinary poultry eggs grown on commercial feeds, the whole natural spectrum of vitamins, amino acids and microelements is preserved in the quail product, which makes them not just a tasty dish, but also a means of healing.

 The useful composition of quail eggs

These miniature natural cones contain real protein shake:

  • construction proteins;
  • propionic acid;
  • threonine;
  • lysine;
  • AT 4;
  • aminoacetic acid;
  • PP;
  • histidine;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • carotene;
  • retinol;
  • riboflavin;
  • thiamine;
  • AT 12;
  • interferon and other components.

This provides the body with a supply of nutritional resources and helps to quickly regenerate tissue. The product even contains protective antimicrobial and immunomodulating substances, which helps strengthen the body.

Quail eggs contain "positive" cholesterol, which is necessary for the production of the leading male hormone - testosterone, which is responsible for strength, control of aggression, male immunity, and sexual desire.

In addition to affecting male sexual function, quail eggs have a beneficial effect on other organs and systems in the human body and will be no less useful for women. These “health capsules” do the following tasks well:

  1. Prevention and treatment of gastritis, healing of the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  2. Normalization of metabolism, improvement of appetite.
  3. Positive effect on blood composition, elimination of anemia, providing the body with beneficial cholesterol, participating in the process of seminal fluid formation and innervation of the organism as a whole.
  4. Fight against bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases.
  5. Improve vision and skin health.
  6. Normalization of bile excretion.
  7. Nutrition of brain tissue, strengthening the nervous system and much more.

Long-term studies of sexologists have confirmed the effectiveness of quail eggs to improve the quality of sexual intercourse. The product stimulates blood circulation and the synthesis of androgens and testosterone, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, eliminates inflammatory processes. This increases stamina, the duration of sexual intercourse, increases the sensitivity of nerve endings.

How to eat quail eggs

Today, this delicacy is available in shop windows, so a box of such eggs can be purchased without problems. A useful product is not very expensive and will justify the cost of its effectiveness.

 How to eat quail eggs

Take quail eggs in any form: they can be cooked or fried, added to vegetable salad or soup. But their maximum benefit is preserved in its raw form. Eggs are drunk on an empty stomach, they well lubricate the walls of the stomach, normalize appetite and digestion, are easily digested and have a beneficial effect on the body.

The product is dietary and contains only 168 kcal per 100 grams. To improve the taste of eggs, they are drunk with salt or black pepper, diluted with honey and lemon juice, add ginger "chips." Also egg sauce can be seasoned with vegetable salads, cereals or meat.From quail eggs, you can knock down a kind of mayonnaise by adding sunflower oil and mustard.

For health, even the shells of this product are beneficial. Egg coating consists of valuable minerals - calcium, phosphorus, zinc that help strengthen teeth, speed up the regeneration of bone, joint and muscle tissue, improve hair, get rid of heartburn and stimulate the absorption of some important vitamins.


There are virtually no contraindications to this product, quail testicles are considered a hypoallergenic product and do not pose a threat to the body. Doctors admit such food even for baby food.

As in the case of other products, adhere to the recommendations for daily allowances, then the food will be beneficial. More does not mean better. Overdose of individual vitamins can interfere with the assimilation of other components, provoke unpleasant processes in the body and cause poor health.

For the prevention and maintenance of male power, it is enough to eat 1 testicle per day. When the body needs to be restored - 3-5 pieces will be the norm.

How to choose quail eggs

Many people know that raw eggs are at risk for salmonella infection. Usually this disease extends to the product of poultry - hens, geese, ducks. However, the quail testicles are not completely immune from infection. Products entering stores are carefully processed, inspected and stored under appropriate conditions. And to do everything, depending on yourself, take the following measures:

 How to choose quail eggs

  1. Keep track of the expiration date printed on the package.
  2. Please note if the store complies with acceptable storage conditions.
  3. Choose whole fresh testicles with no defects and a suspicious odor.
  4. Do not keep the product in the refrigerator for too long - such food is consumed immediately.
  5. Before eating eggs, you need to hold them in a soda solution to clean the surface of dirt and possible hazards.

Several healing recipes

For the effective action of quail eggs, they can be mixed with "catalysts":

  1. Tincture on alcohol with walnut partitions. On an empty stomach drink 4 quail eggs, then 25 grams of high-quality alcoholic tincture. After 20 minutes you can eat.
  2. Cocktail. 2 eggs mixed with 1 tbsp. honey, 1 tbsplemon juice and 20 ml of brandy. Pour a mixture of 100 ml of mineral water and drink half an hour before meals.
  3. Classic. It is necessary to consume 2-4 eggs per day for a month.

After the result has become noticeable, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of the product to a prophylactic dose, to exclude alcohol from the recipes.

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