Why not kiss cats?

Cats are very cute and affectionate creatures that you want not only to stroke, but also to kiss, rub against their soft fur. But there are many opinions and proven facts that it is better not to do this. Innocent hugs with a pet can result in unpleasant consequences. Some superstitious people believe that cats can take away the vitality of a person that is difficult to compensate for in consequence. But in addition to superstition, there are real threats, since different microorganisms live on the fur of an animal, especially in street or unclean cats. These microorganisms pose a threat to human health.

 Why not kiss cats

What are dangerous hugs with cats?

The microflora of animals, even domestic ones, is different from human microflora. The cat itself is a neat animal, especially if it is accustomed to the tray, likes to wash, and rarely walks on the street.But animal dander is an excellent breeding ground for parasites and bacteria that are dangerous to humans.

If the animal rarely goes outside, and the owner regularly treats it for fleas, then insects are unlikely to take root in the cat's fur. But dust mites accumulate in wool, regardless of the cleanliness of the animal. These mites are invisible to the human eye, but can cause a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, it is impossible to touch the animal face, especially if there is a predisposition to allergies and the skin is very sensitive.

Fact! Cats, accustomed to the tray, do not give the hosts trouble, but on their paws, they can spread the bacteria from the stool into the apartment.

Animal saliva contains protein, which is perceived by the human body as "alien" and hostile protein. In this regard, the body responds to foreign protein with inflammation and other protective reactions.

In animals, a completely different immunity, which is at times different from human immunity. Cats have a more stable immunity, which is better resistant to viruses and germs. But the same viruses that do not bring cat harm are dangerous to humans, since the cat is only a vector of the disease.From all of the above, we can conclude that even the most clean and well-groomed cat can be a danger to human health through close contact. There are a number of diseases that a person can get from an animal.


If you treat cats from these insects, they will not live in the fur of the animal. But, you need to understand that it is not always possible to protect the animal from fleas in a timely manner. Fleas do not live in humans, but can cause discomfort, they can bite a person and carry other dangerous infections. After bites, an itchy rash may appear on a person’s skin, sometimes the skin becomes flaky, reddens, and an allergic reaction occurs.

Special shampoos, collars, sprays and preparations which need to be added to food will help to protect the animal from fleas.


Most street cats and domestic kittens, as their bodies are still weak, are infected with worms. Even a domestic cat can bring helminth eggs from the street after contact with street animals. A kiss with a cat is a 100% risk of being infected with parasites. Worms have many subspecies and species that affect not only the intestines, but also other human organs.

The cat does not always show symptoms of the disease, but many animals experience discomfort, their anus may itch, they rub against the floor. The frequent symptoms of parasite infection in cats are expressed in vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy of the animal.

If a person brings an animal from the street, it is necessary to give him preparations for parasites. Also, periodically, any domestic cat needs prophylactic administration of pills or suspensions from worms.

Dangerous disease - toxoplasmosis

This disease is very dangerous for humans; Toxoplasma bacteria can destroy the brain and other human organs. In a sick animal, the disease may be expressed by symptoms, a dark discharge from the nose, the feces may contain blood. But the disease is not always accompanied by the listed symptoms, so you cannot kiss cats.

If a person is infected with these bacteria, all the symptoms are similar to flu symptoms, and treatment does not help, since the cause is very difficult to find out. This disease is dangerous for children, they can bring bacteria from open street sandboxes. Therefore, after the walk, it is imperative to wash the hands of the child with soap and not allow the child to bring dirty hands to the face.

It is better to wash the animal tray with a disinfectant every day, and then wash your hands thoroughly - so the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis decreases.

Fungal and intestinal infections

The most dangerous fungal disease that survives on a person is ringworm. He can get on the person and from close contact with an animal and from simple stroking. If the fur and skin of the animal has red spots, bald patches and sores, it is impossible to touch this animal.

Cats can infect humans and intestinal infections - salmonellosis. Symptoms of the disease are similar in humans and animals. This disease is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and fever. If the animal is infected with an infection, then when kissing with a cat, the person has a high risk of infection with intestinal disease.

Another infection is felinoz. Cats do not get sick when infected with this virus, they are its carrier. But a person reacts sharply to the bacterium of bartonellosis, which is the causative agent of felinoza. A person can become infected through the bite of an animal or a kiss with it. In a tissue that is infected with a bacterium, an inflammatory process occurs,accompanied by suppuration, swelling and severe pain.

Prevention needed for animals and their owners

In order to protect the animal and themselves, it is necessary to observe simple prevention.

  1. The diet of the animal should exclude raw meat, raw river fish, as these products may contain eggs of parasites. All cat food should be well cooked, or you can choose the perfect alternative - cat food.
  2. Domestic cats do not need to be released unattended on the street, so that they do not have the temptation to rummage in city dumps and cellars. You need to walk the cat on a harness, after a walk to wash her paws.
  3. From worms, you need to take drugs and the owners and pets, at least 1 time in three months. It is exactly three months that the drug is on average preserved. February, May, August and November are the most suitable months for preventive actions.
  4. The animal must be protected from street hunting for mice and rats, as they are dangerous carriers of many viruses and diseases.
  5. Cats need to be brought up, do not allow them to sleep with children in the same bed, walk around the dining table or lie on it.
  6. It is better to avoid close contact with the cat, periodically checking the animal for the presence of fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites. People with weakened immune systems, newborns, pregnant women should communicate with pets with caution and keep their distance when in contact with him.

Pets, of course, require attention and affection, but not necessarily to express their love for them through kisses. If the cat wants attention, she will show it at a distance, she can lie back and set her belly for stroking. The cat shows its love for the owner with sounds, it starts to “purr” and squeeze my eyes shut. And the best “kiss” for a cat in the distance is to look into her eyes with love and tenderness.

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