The benefits and harms of leaf lettuce for the health of the body

A systematic reception of lettuce will saturate the human body with essential organic acids, vitamins, mineral compounds. The benefits of plants studied thoroughly, but is there any harm from taking the salad? Consider the main aspects in order.

 The benefits and harms of leaf lettuce

The composition of leaf lettuce

The use of juicy lettuce is due to the accumulation of substances, which are included in the chemical list.
In the salad a lot of thiamine, ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol, pyridoxine. The plant also includes riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamins K, PP, B9.

The value lies in the presence of macro-and micronutrients. Among them are sodium, potassium, boron, copper, calcium, silicon, phosphorus. The plant is not deprived of aluminum, beryllium, manganese, iron, iodine, chlorine.

The culture contains soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, alkaloid compounds, beta-carotene, lutein. These substances prevent premature aging of tissues and support the work of the heart.

Folic acid in the composition of the salad has a beneficial effect on fertility and the human reproductive system. Salts of metals that are included in the salad dosed, facilitate the activity of the digestive system, are involved in mineral metabolism.

Silicon with sulfur and phosphorus strengthens the epithelium, improves the beauty of the hair and the health of the nail plates. Carotenoids with iodine prevent Alzheimer's, restore vision and improve memory.

With such a rich chemical composition calorie 100 grams. The salad is small. It is only 14 Kcal. This allows you to enter the greens in the diet of obese people and those who watch their figure.

The benefits of leaf lettuce

  1. The product protects brain cells from chemical elements that can cause cancer. At the same time, the salad stimulates neurons, improving memory, smell, speed of information processing and its digestibility. Hence the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Low calorie and glycemic index lead to lower blood cholesterol levels. This feature suppresses heart diseases at the stage of their development, prevents stroke and myocardial infarction. The salad gently widens the blood channels, reduces the risk of thrombosis and varicose veins.
  3. Leaf culture has anti-cancer properties. Studies by world scientists have revealed that lettuce is often used in the fight against certain categories of oncological ailments. The culture is able to block the access of blood to tumors by running the self-destruction of the tumor.
  4. Lettuce includes a huge amount of antioxidant substances that protect the liver from toxins and cleanse the entire body. Elements from the composition of lettuce absorb free radicals and quickly remove them. Culture regenerates tissue at the cellular level and restores the function of internal organs.
  5. Antimicrobial properties allow you to use lettuce to protect the body from viruses, destroying bacteria. Doctors recommend eating lettuce between seasons, as well as during the spread of viral infections. You strengthen the immune system and accelerate metabolic processes.In addition, lettuce can kill fungi of various types, yeast bacteria, in particular Candida.
  6. The chemical components in the composition of the salad resemble alkaloids and opiates. These substances normalize sleep and psycho-emotional background of a person. With the systematic reception, the feeling of anxiety disappears, irritability decreases. Sedation allows a person to overcome the effects of stress and depression.
  7. Incoming retinol in large quantities affects the condition of the skin. Vitamin A accelerates the regeneration of epidermal cells, maintains water balance, enhances the release of elastin and collagen. As a result, wrinkles are prevented and smoothed.
  8. Potassium increases blood circulation, saturates tissues with oxygen and prevents premature aging of the body. Tocopherol with ascorbic acid strengthens the immune system, removes salts and excess water, fighting against tissue edema.
  9. Leaf lettuce is often introduced into the diet of patients who have been diagnosed with obesity. Also, the lettuce is shown to the reception for people with excess weight and those who simply want to keep the shape in shape. It's all about the low calorie salad.
  10. Curly culture favorably affects the digestive system. Lettuce must be consumed to eliminate constipation, in particular chronic, as well as a general improvement in the activity of the digestive tract. Salad is quickly digested and does not weigh down the stomach.
  11. A low glycemic index indicates that lettuce is suitable for people with diabetes. Lettuce monitors blood sugar levels, prevents glucose surges and blood pressure. Low calorie allows you to use greens without restrictions, without fear for health.
  12. Nutritious elements of the salad have a positive effect on the condition of the hair and skin of the face. Most of all it affects the activity of the sebaceous glands. Over time, skin and hair cease to become dirty quickly, since fat production is normalized. It should be concluded that the salad is ideal for people with a combination (mixed) and oily skin, hair.

The benefits of leaf lettuce for women

 The benefits of leaf lettuce for women

  1. Folic acid is responsible for regulating hormonal levels, eliminating imbalances. Salad eases soreness during the menstrual cycle, compensates for the lack of nutrients and vitamins, normalizes hemoglobin.
  2. If you systematically consume lettuce, you can not be afraid about the development of cancer diseases of the ovaries and mammary glands. Also, the salad reduces the number of hot flashes during menopause, alleviating the condition of the woman.
  3. Lettuce must be included in the daily menu of a pregnant girl to ensure the correct formation of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system of the child. During lactation, leafy greens improve the quality of breast milk and eliminate bitterness.
  4. It will be useful for girls to learn that leaf lettuce is used in many face masks. Chop enough leaves and put them on the skin. The epidermis will find softness, rashes and purulent acne will disappear.
  5. To restore damaged hair, squeeze the juice from a bunch of fresh lettuce. Mix it with castor, burdock or corn oil, heat and rub into curls. After half an hour, rinse. The mask also enhances hair growth.

The benefits of leaf lettuce for men

  1. The chemical list of elements of lettuce increases testosterone production. Lettuce should be eaten by men in order to increase libido, sperm quality and its "smartingness".
  2. Experts advise lettuce to married couples who have difficulty in conceiving. Greens normalizes reproductive function, increasing fertility.
  3. The accumulation of zinc protects representatives of the male half of the population from problems with potency. With a systematic reception of the salad makes a person attractive and sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex.
  4. The accumulation of a group of vitamins B normalizes the mental state of a man. Therefore, the salad is recommended to use for people who by the nature of the service often face stress. Lettuce will put in order a dream, relieve chronic fatigue, remove irritability and apathy.
  5. Many have heard that men with the age of 40+ often face heart disease. Leaf lettuce increases blood circulation and its renewal, reducing to no risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  6. Letuk was appreciated by men who lead an active lifestyle and play a lot of sports. Greens quickly fill the lack of energy, promotes the growth of muscle tissue, relieves soreness and heaviness in the muscles after workouts. Against this background, increases vigor and physical endurance.
  7. Leaf lettuce prevents male alopecia - massive hair loss. With regular use, you prevent the appearance of bald patches, baldness.

The benefits of salad for weight loss

 The benefits of salad for weight loss

  1. If you regularly consume a crispy salad in everyday life, you can lose weight in a short time. The secret of the plant is that it is rich in fiber.
  2. The enzyme has a positive effect on the body, improving digestive processes, promoting natural weight loss. Over time, comes a gentle bowel cleansing, the salad copes with constipation.
  3. The systematic consumption of crispy delicacies improves intestinal peristalsis and saves the body from the effects of harmful cholesterol. Leaf salad adds volume to dishes, due to this the feeling of satiety is preserved for a long time.
  4. Lettuce is recognized as an excellent product to cleanse the body of excess fluid, toxic substances and slagging. Such indicators are important for people suffering from overweight.
  5. In order to completely purify and saturate the blood with useful trace elements it is necessary to drink fresh juice.Preparing a drink of equal proportions, carrots, lettuce and beets. For weight loss diets, arugula and lettuce varieties are suitable.

The benefits of leaf lettuce in cosmetology

  1. Due to the valuable composition of the extract of the salad produce some medicines. Mostly these drugs are aimed at strengthening the nail plate and the healing of the skin. Often the leaves are used for external use.
  2. Means for cleansing the skin on the basis of leaf lettuce well clean the upper layers of the epidermis. Due to the mild effect of non-aggressive acids, the dermis remains moist for a long time.
  3. The regenerating effect is achieved due to lactutin, a large concentration is in the lettuce variety. The use of masks based on this salad effectively relieves irritation, heals minor lesions on the skin of the face with acne.

Salad Harm

  1. In the lettuce, oxalic acid prevails, the enzyme is especially harmful to people suffering from problems with kidneys and bladder.
  2. It is worth knowing that it is forbidden to use salad for urolithiasis, hepatitis, enterocolitis, gout, colitis and similar illnesses associated with the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. After consultation with your doctor, small intake of lettuce is allowed for people diagnosed with asthma or tuberculosis. It is also worth being careful with increased gas formation.

Leaf lettuce has gained popularity in the culinary world. It is included in the basis of many dishes, is used in the field of diet, used as an independent snack.

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