The benefits and harms of black cumin oil. Application Methods

Black cumin was widely used by people in India and Egypt for medical purposes. On the basis of grains they prepared butter, which became very popular. You can add legends about the benefits of the composition; a wide list of valuable elements allows you to cure many ailments. Among them are diseases of the digestive tract, skin, respiratory tract, heart muscle. However, there is some harm that black cumin oil can cause if you do not follow practical recommendations.

 The benefits and harms of black cumin oil

Chemical composition

  1. The oil is rich in carotenoids, which contribute to the production of retinol (vitamin A). The composition includes plant hormones phytosterols, esters, mono- and polysaccharides, saturated acids (palmitic, arachis, stearic).
  2. In addition to these elements, micro- and macronutrients are present in black cumin oil: manganese, sodium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and potassium.
  3. The chemical list assumes the presence of valuable Omega-acids (3, 6, 9), tocopherol, ascorbic acid, riboflavin and other B-group vitamins, as well as biologically active substances of group D.

The content of the most valuable elements of black cumin oil is superior to many seafood, meat, greens, fruits and vegetables. This is what causes the use of the composition.

Properties of black cumin oil

  • contributes to the removal of sputum from the bronchi;
  • fights against colds and fungus;
  • removes heat;
  • dilates blood vessels and eliminates their subsequent blockage (important for smokers);
  • has antibacterial action;
  • treats dermatological problems;
  • removes excess bile, water and salts from the body;
  • has a mild laxative effect;
  • fights worms and other parasitic worms;
  • considered an excellent antidote to insect and animal bites;
  • prophylactic atherosclerosis;
  • strengthens the immune system, heart, respiratory system;
  • promotes the growth of hair, nails;
  • cleans the liver, kidneys, bladder;
  • eliminates allergy symptoms;
  • speeds up metabolism, helps to lose weight;
  • used in the treatment of cancer.

The benefits of black cumin oil

  1. The product is considered an effective antibiotic, it fights against fungal neoplasms and inflammatory processes. Oil stimulates the immune system, reducing the body's susceptibility to infections. With regular use of the composition of a person is easier to tolerate vitamin deficiency in the offseason.
  2. Oil is often used in cosmetology for the treatment of dermatological problems. They lubricate the skin to remove wrinkles. Based on the composition, they make compresses against acne, purulent irritations, inflammations, bedsores and stretch marks.
  3. The composition is used internally to treat ailments of the digestive tract. Oil envelops the stomach wall, preventing the development of ulcers and gastritis. The product removes stagnant waste from the intestines, speeds up metabolism, eliminates food fermentation.
  4. The valuable properties of the oil help to remove excess bile and clear the ducts. Oral product eliminates limb swelling, lowers blood pressure and cleans the blood channels.
  5. Omega-acids, contained in oil in large volumes, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, compact cell membranes, contribute to the development of new blood cells.The elements are responsible for the output of bad cholesterol, normalization of blood glucose levels (important for diabetics).
  6. The particular value of black cumin oil carries people with varicose veins and thrombosis. Regular intake of the product reduces blood pressure and maintain it at the right rate. Oil increases mental alertness and physical stamina.
  7. The tool speeds up blood circulation in the brain of the elderly. As a result, the risk of senile dementia is reduced. Oil is a serious prevention of ischemia and other disorders of the heart muscle.
  8. Allergic reaction to food has not yet found a reasonable genesis. There are varieties of deviations, but it is necessary to fight only with the investigative signs. So, cumin oil is widely used for asthma, acne, eczema.
  9. Caraway oil is used for obesity and weight loss. Use of the product for 2-3 ml. per day contributes to the normalization of all metabolic processes, cleans the blood from the accumulation of cholesterol, breaks down fatty plaques, relieves cravings for constant snacks.
  10. It is useful for athletes to use oil inside to increase physical endurance, muscle growth, fill voids in the bones. In combination with sports nutrition (protein, amino acids), it is easier for men to gain weight. Women will also be able to pump through the muscles that are most difficult for this (press, buttocks, calves).
  11. Black cumin oil is widely used to cleanse the liver of heavy toxins, metals, poisons. It helps to remove the hangover after a stormy feast, eliminates the symptoms of initial hepatitis, ischemia, cirrhosis. The composition restores the full activity of the body and removes possible spasms.
  12. Black cumin contains timohydroquinone and timokin. Substances are actively used in the manufacture of drugs for cancer. That is why experts advise to drink oil for cancer in the pancreas and the stomach itself. The elements are also useful for people who regularly expose the body to radiation.

Use of black cumin oil

 Use of black cumin oil

  1. To clear the airways. It is good for people with chronic or acquired bronchitis to drink oil to get sputum. Mix 20 ml.lemon juice with 12 drops of oil, eat three times a day before main meals.
  2. To combat cystitis. When cystitis is necessary to drink black cumin oil in its pure form. Use 15 ml. product 2 times a day. At bedtime, lubricate the groin area and lower back with the same product (rub until it feels warm).
  3. For the treatment of dermatological problems. As mentioned earlier, black cumin oil is widely used in the treatment of skin. In such cases, the tool is applied externally. If you have eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, lubricate the affected areas twice a day. If the damage is serious, do compresses for the night.
  4. To relieve inflammation (ears, nose). If you are experiencing a severe runny nose or otitis, you can bury 1 drop of black cumin oil in your ears or nose, respectively. The procedure is performed three times a day until the symptoms of the disease disappear.
  5. For the treatment of hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids should be consumed in 25-30 ml. black cumin oil 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 10 days, then a break is taken a week. Also, therapy is combined with massage of the inflamed area with the use of cumin oil.
  6. To lower blood pressure. Hypertensive patients have a particularly difficult time when weather conditions change. To eliminate sudden pressure surges and reduce the rate to an acceptable mark, use 15 ml. oil vprikusku with warm tea 2 times a day.
  7. To eliminate toothache. Toothache may be taken by surprise. If you can not visit the doctor, prepare a solution of 250 ml. warm drinking water, 30 ml. apple cider vinegar, 20 drops of cumin oil. Rinse mouth with every 3 hours.
  8. For the treatment of influenza, SARS. To strengthen the immune system during viral infections and the off-season, take 8-10 ml. black cumin oil 1 time per day for a week. So you eliminate possible vitamin deficiency and increase the protective functions of the body.
  9. To improve memory. If you suffer a weak memory, prepare a decoction. Pour boiling water over a handful of fresh mint leaves, leave for an hour. Strain, add 20 drops of cumin oil. Drink 2 times a day 30 minutes after meals.
  10. For hair growth. If you are experiencing mass loss or slow hair growth, prepare a mask. Connect 30 ml. Kastorki with 20 ml.burdock oil and 20 drops of black cumin oil. Warm up to 35 degrees, rub the product into the scalp and hold for 1.5 hours. The procedure is carried out every other day.
  11. For the fight against kidney stones. People who have sand or stones in the kidneys, it is useful to use oil on an empty stomach and 1 teaspoon. The procedure can be supplemented with the intake of ground cumin seeds mixed with honey (10 gr., Three times a day).
  12. For the treatment of peptic ulcer. When a stomach ulcer is useful to drink oil in combination with a decoction of flax. Pour 240 ml. boiled water a handful of crushed flax seeds, insist 2 hours. Mix filtered infusion with cumin oil in equal quantities. Use 25 ml. before meals 2 times a day.
  13. To eliminate acne in adolescents. In adolescence, a person experiences a huge release of hormones, as a result of which the skin condition worsens. Most often, such changes are accompanied by acne and other rashes. To eliminate the disease, lubricate the skin with cumin oil before bedtime. Manipulations are carried out every day.

Harm of black cumin oil

 Harm of black cumin oil

  1. Reception of a product is carried out meteredly taking into account an available problem.If you abuse the oil, you may experience the most likely side effects. These include red rash and spots, dermatitis, burning, pain, itching.
  2. Individuals who have a tendency to develop allergic reactions should be careful. Oil rarely causes such a disease, but familiarity with the product should be carried out smoothly. In allergies, the most obvious signs are nausea, abdominal cramps, swelling of the face (throat, tongue, lips), difficulty breathing, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea.
  3. People with low naturally occurring blood pressure should not take oil. It has a feature to reduce blood pressure, so you will feel bad. As a result, nausea, fatigue, discentration will appear.
  4. Oncologists have studied the chemical composition and action of caraway seed oil. They concluded that the product is not combined with chemotherapy and radiation exposure, weakening the properties of the latter.
  5. It is strongly not recommended to use black cumin oil for pregnant girls. The composition affects the smooth muscles of the uterus and contributes to their reduction. If you drink the oil, there is a risk of premature birth or miscarriage.

Black cumin oil has a wide focus, it is often used in traditional medicine. With the help of the product, hemorrhoids, acne, digestive problems, stomach ulcers, and cystitis can be cured. Oil is rubbed into the scalp to accelerate hair growth. It is effective for kidney stones, mucus in the bronchi, unbearable toothache.

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