The benefits and harms of boiled corn. Calorie and composition

For many years, corn was proclaimed a divine dish among people of different races and ages. This grass from Central and South America belonged to the class of the sacred. For this reason, it was used in the form of boiled slowly and without further ado. Later, grass appeared in Europe and Russia, gaining even greater popularity. Today, many people are interested in the question of the harm and benefits of boiled corn. Due to the large accumulation of beneficial enzymes, it is difficult not to pay due attention to this.

 Boiled corn

Caloric content and composition of corn

  1. Composition. Corn is famous for its rich composition. It includes ash, water, saturated acids, di- and monosaccharides, starch (more than in potatoes and rice). In addition, the product includes minerals such as fluorine, copper, manganese, calcium.We should not forget about zinc, cobalt, magnesium, iodine, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. It is difficult not to mention the presence of vitamins of different groups, including E, B1 — B5, B9, C, PP.
  2. Calorie. Having used 100 gr. boiled corn, you saturate the body 125 Kcal. Of these, fats occupy 2.4 grams, proteins - 4.2 grams, carbohydrates - 22.4 grams. If we talk about canned product, the caloric content is reduced to 119 Kcal, where 3 grams. - proteins, 22.6 grams. - carbohydrates, 1.4 gr. - fats.

Useful properties of boiled corn

  1. The main difference between maize and other cereals is the preservation of all beneficial enzymes after prolonged heat treatment. The above minerals and vitamins remain in the amount of 83-85%, no other cereal can boast of this.
  2. The lion's share of vitamins normalizes the body at the intracellular level. Regular consumption of boiled corn maintains water-salt balance, controls cholesterol in the blood, stimulates metabolic processes, leads to a tone psycho-emotional background.
  3. Corn - the only culture of the genus of cereals, which is composed of real gold. Metal is used for domestic and medical purposes to relieve leprosy, tuberculosis, lupus, and other complex diseases.
  4. Cereal culture improves brain activity, accelerating the absorption of information and memory. It is difficult not to mention that the food stabilizes the work of the heart muscle and keeps blood pressure at the proper level (important for hypo and hypertensive patients).
  5. Experienced doctors unanimously say that boiled corn is recommended to be used by those who have abnormal functions of the liver and respiratory system, as well as renal failure. Corn prevents clogging of blood vessels, freeing the lungs from tar (useful information for smokers).
  6. Due to the high nutritional value and the accumulation of vitamins, boiled corn is quickly absorbed by the body. Saturation persists for a long time, which allows people with overweight to dull the feeling of hunger. Cereal accelerates metabolism, raises the "fighting spirit", saturates with energy.
  7. People who constantly struggle with stress and suffer from insomnia, corn helps to calm down. It normalizes the nervous system, eliminates unnecessary stimuli and leads to sleep.
  8. Corn is often used as a preventive measure to prevent infertility, male dysfunction and other genital pathologies.Corn forms bone tissue, strengthens hair and nails, promotes the production of collagen in the skin.
  9. Corn is especially valuable for people with atherosclerosis. It is necessary to use 1 cob per day to protect the walls of blood vessels from deposits and blockage. If the body has high cholesterol, corn is used in the amount of 2 cobs per day. It eliminates the "bad" and leaves useful.
  10. Cereal culture improves the tone of the gallbladder walls. It accelerates the frequency of contractions, leading to normal metabolic processes.
  11. Corn contributes to the rapid removal of ethyl alcohol, so it is often eaten in the morning after a grand feast. In addition, boiled kernels prevent stomach diseases in people who abuse heavy food.
  12. Those who experience chronic fatigue, apathy, constant malaise should eat at least 60 grams. boiled corn grains per day. Already after a month, blood circulation will increase, sleep will return to normal.

The benefits of cooked corn for weight loss

 The benefits of cooked corn for weight loss

  1. Corn has a relatively low calorie, but high energy value due to incoming carbohydrates (more than 22 grams.).For this reason, it is easily absorbed by the body and is not deposited in problem areas.
  2. The content of saccharides allows you to feel good throughout the diet. Decreased blood pressure, malaise is eliminated. The heart is not under pressure.
  3. To increase metabolism, it is enough to include 1-2 cobs (100, 200 Kcal., Respectively) of boiled cereal in the daily menu. It is preferable to use corn before 14.00 hours.
  4. Experienced nutritionists recommend leaning on boiled corn on fasting days. This simple way you clean the intestines and prevent the formation of constipation.
  5. To get all the benefits, stick to the corn diet for a month, then take a week off. When consumed, chew slowly, you can add grains to salads, first and second courses.

Harm of boiled corn

  1. Restrictions on the use of cereal, more related to the components that are used in the cultivation of corn. The product is chemically treated extremely, but the cobs do not absorb harmful substances. They are difficult to modify, so they are related to environmentally friendly crops.
  2. It is obvious that to use this cereal is not recommended for people with individual intolerance to corn. To identify allergies, it is enough to eat a couple of grains and wait. If side effects (nausea and vomiting, rash, general malaise) are present, the cereal should be discarded.
  3. It is forbidden to eat corn for people at risk of blood clots. The fact is that corn, even after heat treatment, retains vitamin K, which affects blood clotting (improves it). Eating cereal can be dangerous to your health.
  4. At risk are people with impaired pancreatic and digestive tract activities. In your body, the grass will be absorbed more slowly, especially if there is gastritis or an ulcer.
  5. It should be remembered that corn provokes increased flatulence and bloating even with the use of the daily rate (up to 200 grams). If you have a duodenal disease, discard the food.

Corn cobs retain up to 85% of vitamins and minerals even after prolonged heat treatment. Maize is recommended for people with atherosclerosis, unstable blood pressure, overweight.Contraindications include individual intolerance, flatulence, problems with the digestive system, thrombosis.

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