Dogrose during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

Rosehip is not called a wild rose due to its peculiarities. Almost everyone is aware of the valuable qualities of the fruit, but not many people know that roots, foliage and bark are also used for treatment. Women who expect to replenish the family, monitor their health. Therefore, they are interested in everything that affects the influence of certain products on the organism of the future mother. Today we will talk about wild rose, more precisely about its beneficial qualities and possible harm to pregnant women.

 Rosehip during pregnancy

The composition and benefits of wild rose

According to the chemical list of available substances, it can be concluded that dogrose is one of a kind. It is difficult to find a shrub that could boast such an impressive composition of useful compounds.

Let's start with the fact that the fruits have long been fixed in the list of leaders in the accumulation of ascorbic acid in the composition. Vitamin C in the berries more than the popular citrus fruits or currants.

Ascorbicum is a substance with antioxidant and firming effects. With frequent and moderate reception of decoction on the dog rose, it is easier for the body to withstand infectious diseases.

During the period of childbearing it is extremely important to maintain immunity in good shape, especially when it comes to early pregnancy. At this point, the woman's body dramatically weakens to prevent the death of the embryo. A decoction of wild rose will have the way, allowing you to maintain health in good shape.

However, not a single vitamin C is in the composition. The product is endowed with a mass of tannins, acids of an organic type, astringent compounds, esters, bioflavonoids, carotenoids. Does not do without phytoncides, mineral and vitamin complexes.

Fruits are endowed with vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting. The dog rose has retinol, which is responsible for the beauty of the skin of a pregnant lady. Antioxidants gently release the internal organs of toxins, improving the functioning of the main organs and systems.

Iron, included in the chemical list, reliably increases hemoglobin and does not allow it to fall below the mark. It is important for pregnant women.The composition also contains minerals that remove excess salts and fluids, thereby preventing the swelling of limbs.

Proper Brew Rosehip

  1. The main nutrients accumulate in the pulp and seeds. Therefore, wild rose is not recommended to brew in a solid form, it is a long time. It is better to pre-roll the fruit in a blender or meat grinder, then pour it with water.
  2. Also it is necessary to take into account that fruits lose practically all ascorbic acid, if they are boiled or filled with too hot water. Therefore, do not prepare a drink in this way. The best way to fill it with water with a temperature of about 85 degrees.
  3. As for the duration of brewing and proportions, 500 ml. water relies 3 handfuls of raw materials. After pouring, the drink is infused for at least 5 hours in a heat-resistant container. This technology is considered ideal for pregnant women.
  4. It is also worth telling about a thermos that allows you to reduce the length of steaming. The proportions remain the same, after pouring water with water it is necessary to withstand the composition for about 2-3 hours, then strain and can be taken.
  5. To improve the beneficial qualities of wild rose, experts recommend brewing it in combination with other components. Lingonberry, currant, cherry leaves, carrot roots, mountain ash are excellent for this role.

Dog Rose Drink Recipes

 Dog Rose Drink Recipes

  1. Tea. You can cook a hand-picked or hand-picked rosehip. On the cup relies about 4 grams. raw materials, it is about 2 sachets. Fill the composition with hot water and wait half an hour. Filter, take in a warm form. Ladies carrying a child should not exceed the daily dosage, which is 0.5 liters.
  2. Decoction. A useful drink, but there is practically no ascorbine left after cooking. If this does not bother you, proceed to cooking and follow the recipe. Mix a couple of tablespoons of raw materials with 500 ml. hot water, put on the fire and boil for 7 minutes. Then let stand for about 4 hours, filter and take. For best benefits, the drink is aged overnight so that valuable substances penetrate the water. Pregnant is recommended to take a decoction with honey.
  3. Infusion. Women in an interesting position, it is useful to combine the wild rose fruit with chamomile color or linden.We will look at a classic recipe, but you can add other ingredients as desired. So, we combine a handful of raw materials from 400 ml. hot water and wait 12 hours. After this time we filter, we take in the form of tea during the day.

Application of wild rose

  1. There are many variations in the preparation of various infusions and decoctions based on rose hips. There are also a sufficient number of medicines based on berries. Rosehip has an extensive scope. That's just not always the product is allowed to apply while carrying a baby.
  2. For future mothers, it is safe to take herbal preparations with berry extract as prophylactic purposes. Such compounds have a positive effect on the general condition, the protective functions of the body are significantly strengthened. Increased resistance to seasonal viruses and colds.
  3. Systematic administration of such drugs has a positive effect on blood formation. Also increases the production of antibodies. Drug, taken as a preventive measure, allows you to tone up the body to the fullest.Fatigue disappears, psycho-emotional background stabilizes.
  4. With a systematic and controlled reception of such funds, signs of chronic fatigue and inflammatory processes of various kinds are eliminated. Such properties are important in particular for the prevention of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Urinary and digestive processes are also stabilized.
  5. Another important feature is that a pregnant girl always wants to look beautiful. Rosehip will be a great help in this matter. In order not to resort to salon procedures, you should learn how to make various home care products based on berries.

Dog Rose Harm

  1. In addition to the overall benefits of the fruit, it is worth considering the possible harm to the body. Therefore, before taking the product is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with all the contraindications. No less important factor is the fact that the fruits must be collected in an environmentally friendly environment.
  2. It is forbidden to take any means based on the hips in the pathologies of the kidneys. In other cases, it is important to observe the daily rate, which should not exceed 1 liter. infusion per day.Consider, drinks are strictly contraindicated for people who are prone to thrombophlebitis.

Undoubtedly, the dog rose has a number of positive qualities that will help the girl during the carrying of the baby. Special means on the basis of fruits will relieve from common problems during pregnancy. Also, the compositions will improve health and relieve from some pathologies.

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