Three-colored cat: signs, interesting facts

Of all pet cats, perhaps the most wayward. Not just the representatives of the cat family from ancient times endowed with various magical properties. Many even believe that cats are able to become guides to other worlds unknown to man. For this reason, in various legends, myths and fairy tales cats are often found in the house of witches and witches. Special attention has always been paid to tricolor cats, and the reason is not only in their rare color. There is a belief that cats with a tricolor color, are able to give their owner the gift of foresight.

 Tricolor cat

Special characteristics of cats

It is believed that it depends on the color of the cat, what magical properties it possesses.For example, since ancient times, people believed that black cats are able to protect their homes and owners from the attacks of evil spirits. White cats, according to beliefs, are able to provide harmony, calmness and comfort in the house. Redheads in turn become symbols of wealth. Representatives of the feline three colors include all the listed properties, and therefore are able to protect the house, keep it cozy and peaceful, and also bring wealth and well-being into the house. Often it is these qualities that cause cats to appear in people's homes.

Signs concerning tricolor pets

Cats are animals, with which, perhaps, the largest number of different signs and beliefs are connected, especially for tricolor cats.

  1. If you believe the signs, then accidentally encountered a cat that has three different colors in color, can bring happiness. For example, if such an animal appeared near the house of a girl who is not yet married, it means that a woman will soon become a bride and then a wife. There is a similar sign in relation to men. If during a feast a three-colored cat is located under the tabletop at the exact moment when a single man drinks the contents of a glass to the bottom, then very soon the bachelor will become a husband.
  2. A happy marriage promises a sign if the bride, shortly before the celebration, lets the cat of three colors go to her dress, and the animal sneezes. Also, people believe that it is possible to protect their homes from fire and bad spirits, if, when buying a new apartment, let the first cat into it.
  3. Cats are also able to predict the weather. For example, if your pet is constantly lying, curled up in a ball, and also hides a spout in the tail, this suggests that the winter will be quite harsh, and very soon frost will begin.

A lot of signs associated with tricolor cats in dreams. As a rule, in a dream the animal is trying to protect its owner from something. For example, if you had a dream about a cat scratching the threshold of your house, this sign says that it is better to refrain from large acquisitions or financial transactions. Also, such a dream can be a warning about the upcoming major loss.

If a cat with a tricolor color has a black cub, it will also have considerable abilities. For example, he will be able to protect his house from the effects of various negative energies, as well as to heal his hosts from various diseases.

It is believed that good luck can be accompanied only by animals who came to the house themselves.If the pet was purchased for money or donated to you by someone, you can leave a kind of ransom for it, leaving three coins at any intersection of roads. It is important to leave the intersection without turning around.

Types of pets in three colors

Tricolor cats come in two different varieties: harlequin and calico. Harlequins are snow-white cats, on the fur of which there are impregnations of black and red spots. Most often, such a unique color can be found in pets of the Maine Coon, Japanese Bobtail and Norwegian. Kaliko, on the contrary, is a black-red cat with small patches of white spots. This color is also called turtle. You can meet him in Persian cats, as well as in non-breed pets.

In general, kittens of three colors can appear in cats of different breeds, except for the British. Most often, animals with such a rare color are found among the felines with short fur or completely smooth, however, fluffy tricolor specimens can also be found. At the same time, it is interesting that in tricolor mothers kittens are most often born of a different color, they can easily be monotonous: black, white or red.In this regard, breeding tricolor cats becomes simply impossible, the appearance of such a pet is a real success and a rarity.

The gene carrying the tricolor color is transmitted in cats exclusively through the female line, so it is almost impossible to meet a cat with three-colored fur.

How are tricolor cats in other countries?

 How are tricolor cats in other countries

  1. Feline cats with three colors are very popular all over the world. Japanese residents even make special porcelain figurines with the image of three-colored cats, designed to bring good luck.
  2. The inhabitants of foggy Albion consider the presence of a pet of three colors in the house to be real luck. Especially valuable in this state are lop-eared breeds. Among residents, there is even a belief that such cats are able to eliminate warts, it is worthwhile to hold their tail on the surface.
  3. Representatives of the Muslim religion were led to start three-colored cats, because, according to their beliefs, such animals can protect the house from robbery and fire.
  4. Residents of America consider tricolor cats a symbol of prosperity and good luck in finance.
  5. Even in ancient Russia, multicolored cats were treated with great respect, because it was believed that these animals are able to ensure good relations with the brownie.
  6. People who often go to the sea also believe that pets of three colors bring good luck while on the ship. According to sailors' beliefs, such animals can predict the weather, reflecting its behavior, and also reflect the various bad weather. Many fishermen refuse to go to the sea if the cat behaves restlessly, because they believe that this behavior promises an early storm.

Pets of three colors: habits

Tricolor cats have a docile and gentle nature, however, they may differ in some stubbornness. Pets will get along well with family members and other animals in the house. But at the same time, these animals absolutely always get what they want, so there is no point in banning cats. These beauties will achieve their goal anyway.

With strangers tricolor cats may show aggression and wariness. If someone wants to pick them up, a stubborn person can easily scratch and even bite. For this reason, problems often arise in order to take the animal to the vet.

Often, due to the stubbornness of these cats, problems may arise in order to accustom the animal to the tray.As a rule, tricolor beauties themselves choose where they will go to the toilet, and therefore, if the tray is not in the place where they need it, they simply will not visit it. If you notice that the animal goes to the toilet in another place, just move the tray there.

Tricolor kittens

 Tricolor kittens
Kids from three-color cats are very playful and curious. It seems that their activity has no limits. They are very happy to very carefully inspect every corner of the house. It is interesting that even with age, the activity and curiosity of such pets does not disappear. Even in old age, such pets can happily participate in the pursuit of a ball or some kind of toys.

Interesting tricolor cats

  1. The most popular pet in the unique color of three colors is considered to be the Bayun cat - the hero of the Russian folk art.
  2. Cardinal Reshelier had in his house three whole multi-colored pets, which he treated with great care and awe.
  3. The Vikings always took three-color cats with them so that they would predict a storm.
  4. More than 15 years old tricolor cats are official cats in the US state of Maryland.
  5. Rare tricolor cats are often unable to have children.
  6. In Japan, a tricolor cat once saved a metro station from closing. The fact is that a very small number of residents used the metro station. Then the local authorities decided to make the “head of the station” an animal of three colors. The cat very funny met people, so that the flow of residents has increased many times.

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