Sterile lacquered - description where the poisonousness of the fungus grows

Under the lacquered tinder is meant the fruit body, which is otherwise called the Reishi mushroom. This mushroom is ranked as an inedible type, but it has found wide application in oriental medicine and traditional healing. Despite the fact that this variety can not be consumed in food, the Chinese still do it in order to strengthen the immune system and treat various pathologies. In today's material we will touch on everything related to this sort of tinder, so that you can make your own opinion.

 Lacquered polypore


  1. By its natural features, this fruit body is referred to the category of saprophytes. In the process of growing wood is destroyed, it is tinder that contributes to the formation of white rot. These mushrooms are annuals, however, there are also instances of two to three-year-olds.
  2. The top is rounded in size, the surface glistens, the hat is flat. The mushroom is quite large, in diameter it can reach 25 cm, but these are specimens-overgrown. Often, there are tinder with a top size of 12-20 cm. The hat has a smooth and shiny surface, the skin is not very smooth, with some wrinkles and waves, separated by peculiar rings.
  3. The top of the coloring is quite diverse. May be purple with brown pigment, reddish-red, and also brownish and even black-yellow. Regardless of color, there will be ringing on the surface. The soft part of the structure, like a sponge. However, a little later, it becomes dense, woody, solid. There is no smell, and also tastes. The color of the pulp is ocher.
  4. Himenofor is pigmented with an ocher tone, it is short-tubular. Initially, the pores are stained in a whitish tone, but over the course of their life cycle they acquire a brownish or yellowish tone. The base thickness is 3 cm. Approximately at a height of 10-25 cm. The leg is located on the side of the hat, it is long with a cylindrical format. There are bends, the structure of the leg is solid.Among all the polypore, this species has a base. Spores are brownish.


  1. The discussed representative of the family has an extensive growing area. The main thing is that there are a lot of dead or weakened trees nearby. These mushrooms parasitize on the bark, killing it completely. They prefer to settle on conifers and larches. In some cases, these fruiting bodies can be found on the wood of a living tree, but they often live on stumps near the soil.
  2. If the mushroom settled on rotting roots, it will be on the ground. When the growth of the fruit body begins, it absorbs various branches and garbage of a different nature (leaves, etc.). Due to this, the structure becomes dense, the hat grows stronger and starts to resemble wood in structure.
  3. In the expanses of our country, these representatives of the genus live preferably in Krasnodar and its surroundings, as well as in the Stavropol region. They prefer to settle in the North Caucasus. They live in the subtropics, but moderate regions are also welcome.
  4. By its natural features, Reish is not as widely distributed as the traditional healers would like. Because of this, the Japanese began to grow fruit bodies for further use. The fungus has several varieties, but external data and chemical list of substances differ. Accordingly, the therapeutic properties will be different.


  1. Due to the extensive chemical list of substances, this fungus is endowed with a certain therapeutic effect. It saves from the strongest allergic reaction, has the ability to cure diabetes or mute its symptoms. Thanks to the research, it was possible to establish that this mushroom in some countries is considered a panacea for many troubles.
  2. The main positive feature is the ability of this fruit body to suppress cancer cells and not allow them to parasitize on healthy tissues. In oncology, these properties are extremely valuable, so a lot of energy is invested in the development and cultivation of the fungus. The effects on the human body are comparable to those of chemotherapy.
  3. In the composition there are enzymes that have the feature to normalize blood pressure.It also decreases cholesterol and blood sugar, improves the activity of the digestive system. However, all this is possible only after proper processing. It is possible to fill the deficit in the mineral-vitamin complex in a short time, especially with a lack of magnesium, iron, potassium.
  4. The discussed fruit bodies are often used to treat ailments of the heart muscle and the circulatory system. Cinder clears the respiratory tract, contributes to the increase of the body's defenses, improves endurance and working ability during mental stress.
  5. With proper preparation of raw materials will be able to extract only positive qualities. The mood rises, the person gets out of depression, and also fatigue of the chronic type diminishes and problems with sleep disappear. All this is extremely important with an intense rhythm of life.
  6. On the basis of this fungus, various tinctures are made, which are subsequently used as a remedy for ulcers and other lesions of the skin. In particular, we are talking about identified papillomas, eczema, psoriasis.
  7. Due to the peculiarities of thinning the blood and reducing its viscosity, therapeutic and prophylactic therapy of thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and other problems of this kind is carried out.This fruit body also has a positive effect on eye health, preventing cataracts and restoring visual acuity.
  8. The Polypore will help categories of people with increased body weight lose hateful kilograms and bring the figure into shape. It concentrates valuable substances that enhance the metabolic processes and contribute to the burning of fat. Also carried out a super effective detox and reduction of traction in products.


 Harm lacquered tinder

  1. On the basis of the copies mentioned, medicines are made that are far from suitable for everyone. You can also not consume the fungus in any form, if there are contraindications. The prohibitions include categories of persons with identified anemia, hemophilia, bleeding in the organs of the digestive system.
  2. You can not consume drugs for bleeding from hemorrhoids, as well as uterine effusions. It is contraindicated in tinder women who are in a delicate situation and breastfeeding. With reduced blood clotting and under 5 years of age, a ban is also imposed.

Polypore in cosmetology

  1. Considered fruit bodies allow you to clean the liver of harmful and toxic compounds.As a result, overall well-being improves significantly. Plus, you can see that cleansing has a positive effect on appearance.
  2. Do not forget that almost all skin pathologies develop due to problems with internal organs, and specifically because of the liver. In the end, if you systematically use tinder, then, ultimately, the result will surely please you.
  3. The skin is noticeably rejuvenated. The former elasticity returns to the tissues. An even tone appears. In addition, thanks to the fruit bodies, the structure of the nail plate is improved. You will no longer suffer from lamination and fragility.
  4. In addition, the unique properties of the fungus can heal wounds faster and fully moisturize the skin. Valuable compounds of the fruit body push back the aging process. In addition, from these mushrooms extract extract.
  5. Just extract is the basis of many cosmetic products for the face and skin. Get similar formulations to always look your best. Regular procedures will delay the aging process.

Tinder in losing weight

  1. Considered fruit bodies provoke the production of a special enzyme, which is called lanofil. That it accelerates the processes of splitting fat cells and deposits. If you want to achieve impressive results, then funds on the basis of tinder extractor must be combined with a diet.
  2. Separately, it is worth mentioning that you need to prepare yourself morally for this. Adhere to this diet will have at least 6-7 months. It is during this time that excellent results will be seen. There is a sufficient number of ways to apply the considered fruit bodies for weight loss.
  3. Mix in a glass container in equal quantities dried mushroom powder and vodka. Stir and refrigerate for several days. After that, this tincture should be taken every day after 6 pm 30 ml.
  4. There is another recipe. Use the same mushroom powder. Pour 500 ml. water a tablespoon of product. Send to the stove and boil on lazy fire for about a third of an hour. After complete cooling of the broth, be sure to strain it. Use 15 ml. three times a day.
  5. As an alternative, you can take 25 grams.fresh tinder and pour 300 ml. purified water. Leave the ingredients overnight to insist. Get the fruit body and warm the water to 60 degrees. After that, place a piece of the fungus in a thermos, pour the previously heated liquid to it. Insist 10-12 hours. Strain and drink throughout the day in small sips.

Tinder in traditional medicine

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the fruit bodies under consideration have been successfully used in medicine for many centuries. In addition, not only varnished tinder, but also his fellows are used to restore health. Systematic medication allows you to deal with serious illnesses.

To cleanse the blood
Drain the mushrooms and turn them into flour. Stir 5 gr. powder with 100 ml. water. Take this tool every 3 hours for 2 days in a row for a quarter of an hour before meals. On the third day, the drug must be taken three times a day, the dosage remains the same.
Wellness course should last about 2 months. This tool effectively copes with poisoning, allergies, liver diseases and with various infections.

For sputum discharge
Mix 200 ml. boiling water and 15 gr.the fungus. Place the contents of the container on the steam bath and record for half an hour. After this, insist the product in a warm place for about 5 hours. Ready infusion need to consume 4 times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals.

Lacquered tinder belongs to the category of inedible fruiting bodies. However, in traditional Chinese medicine, local healers prepare various edible dishes for healing pathologies. The mushroom has a lot of useful properties, thanks to which you can fight with quite serious diseases.

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