The cat's tail bald: why and what to do?

Sometimes the cats begin to lose their tail, which causes anxiety in its owners. It becomes thinner, tarnishes or glistens more than before. At first, it may seem that the reason is the habit of licking too hard during shedding. But over time, the tail bald more and more, there are bald patches. The cat begins to itch often, becomes restless. Such signs suggest that certain disturbances occur in the pet's body.

 The cat's bald tail

Possible reasons

Why does a cat suddenly begin to lose tail? The owners should be able to distinguish when the pet just begins to moult, and when alopecia develops. Shedding is a completely normal process. But at the same time in place of those hairs that fall out, new ones immediately begin to grow. But, if new hairs do not grow, hairs form on the body of the animal, which increase more and more, then we can talk about alopecia.

The owners must respond to this violation in time, and take the animal to the vet. Otherwise, the tail will become less fluffy. As a result, he will lose his coat at all. From the tail, alopecia will pass to the rest of the body. This affects not only the appearance of the cat, but also its well-being. The skin without wool coarsens, dries and becomes hot.

What reasons can lead to such a problem in a cat:

  1. Lichen. In this case, the animal will peel off not only the tail, but also other parts of the body. The pet will experience an excruciating itch while brushing the body down to blood. Deprive is determined by lighting the bald areas of the body with a special device (Wood's lamp). If the animal has versicolor, the hair under it will turn green. To determine the diagnosis for sure, you need to do an analysis.
  2. Hormonal disorders. The cats on the tail in the upper part have iron, which produces lubricant. When washing the cat spreads it over his body. If due to hormonal disorders this secret is produced in too large quantities, then the tail begins to peel and stick together.
  3. Ticks or fleas.If you do not let your pet out for a walk, this does not mean that he cannot get parasites. They can get into the house through shoes when we go home from the street. It is over the tail or in the neck like fleas. If there are scratching in this area, it means that the cat has fleas.
  4. Helminths If you feed your pet meat or fish raw, parasites appear in the body.
  5. Allergy. As a result of malnutrition, drug use, or due to poor-quality feed, a cat may develop an allergy. It can also be a reaction to any smell. For example, tobacco smoke.
  6. Infection. If the wounds on the pet’s body are not processed, they can become inflamed and spread.
  7. Stress. As a result of various factors, a pet may experience discomfort. For example, after childbirth, due to a change of place or as a result of mistreatment.
  8. A cat may have diabetes or liver and gastrointestinal problems.
  9. Inflammation of the paraanal glands. With such a violation of the tail begins to go bald near the base. This leads to changes in behavior. The tail trembles during urination.
  10. The reason may be a rather old age of the animal or a hereditary predisposition.
  11. Lack of vitamins and minerals.

What you need to do if you notice that the cat or little kitten suddenly began to lose tail? How to stop the development of this phenomenon? These questions worry owners of cats who have such changes. It is necessary to determine the cause in order to eliminate it as soon as possible.


As soon as you notice such a symptom, the pet must be shown to the veterinarian. He will examine the animal, prescribe the necessary tests, on the basis of which the cause will be determined, and prescribe the necessary treatment.

The specialist will interview the owner, study the history of the disease, prescribe an ultrasound if necessary.

Alopecia Treatment

 Treatment of tail alopecia in cats
If the pet lacks vitamins or the hair on the tail drops out due to age, it will be given vitamins as well as immunomodulators. In the pharmacy, you can buy a product of sulfur, which will be quite useful for your pet.

If it turned out that the cause is an allergy, then the allergen must be removed from the environment of the animal. If food allergy, a special diet is prescribed.If you feed your pet with ready-made food, you will need to buy only special food that does not cause allergies. Antihistamines are prescribed, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.

If it turned out that your pet is having versicolor, do not panic. Of course, this disease is quite dangerous. If this is only the initial stage, vaccines can help. If the problem has acquired a complex form, immunostimulants and antibiotics are prescribed, as well as drugs against the fungus.

Against ticks or fleas, there are various shampoos, drops and sprays. Such agents contain the substance fipronil or any other with the same effect. From such funds, the parasites are dying. Drops must be applied to the scruff of the animal. In addition, the cat will need to be given vitamins in order to improve his immunity. It is necessary to treat the whole apartment from fleas so that they again do not settle under your pet's fur.

When inflammation of the paraanal gland can not be pulled with the appeal to the doctor, because it threatens the cat's life. It will be necessary to give antibiotics prescribed by the veterinarian, and lubricate the affected areas with ointment.

If the cause is an infection, it is necessary to treat the wound with chlorhexidine and peroxide. If the wound is large, it will need to be stitched in a veterinary clinic. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

If stress is a cause of the violation, a sedative will be given to the pet. This will help stop hair loss.

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