The cat's claws exfoliate: what is the reason and what to do?

Our younger brothers often give their masters anxiety. This is especially true for the health of pets. There are cases when owners trim cats' nails, they suddenly notice that their claws have started to exfoliate. Many owners of four-legged panic begins immediately. However, do not be upset ahead of time. In most cases, stratification of the scales of the claws is a natural normal phenomenon. Only in some cases it is worthwhile to be on the alert and take the necessary measures - it is impossible to completely serious health problems.

 The cats have claws

The main causes of claw stratification

To make a correct conclusion about the state of health of a cat, you need to know the possible causes of claw splitting:

  1. As they grow, claws begin to exfoliate. Therefore, very often during growth, the old stratum corneum dies off and the new one grows back.In this case, the cat must be given a certain place where it will scratch its claws.
  2. If during the procedure of cutting a fluffy pet, the claws were incorrectly cut, this can also cause stratification. Perhaps a too short trimming or blunt instrument to cause injury.
  3. A common cause is a lack of vitamins and essential trace elements in the cat's body. The lack of nutrition primarily affects the state of the hair and claws of animals.

Why cats sharpen claws

In cats, the claws are covered with a special scaly sheath. When an animal pulls them in, it gets uncomfortable sensations. This is the reason why cats need to sharpen their claws - this is how they remove dead horny scales. Natural delamination occurs about once every two months.

Also, cats have glands in their claws where they mark their territory. People do not feel the smell, but other cats immediately realize who is the boss.

What to do when claws are stratified

The first step is to determine the cause. In the meantime, you need to prepare your pet a certain place for turning claws, otherwise your favorite sofa or chair may suffer. Can be purchased at the store special kogtetochku.If it’s all a matter of growing claws, then this will be a good help for getting rid of the dead cornea. Another good way is to wear special silicone caps on the claws of a cat or cat. Nozzles - anti-scratches are made of soft material, completely harmless to animals. Using them will help you protect your furniture and home furnishings from cat attacks.

To prevent the wrong haircut from becoming a cause of claw splitting, it is necessary to carry out the procedure carefully. If there is no opportunity to invite a specialist, and you decide to mow claws yourself, then it is important not to touch the blood vessels. You only need to trim the tip. Moreover, if you touch the blood channel, you can bring the cat pain, the resulting stress, not all animals are easy to survive. Some breeds of the resulting stress can get sick and will need treatment.

When, after observations, you came to the conclusion that the reason for the separation was a lack of nutrients, then you need to take action. In the diet of a cat, you need to include special supplements containing different vitamin complexes.You can purchase such supplements in a special store selling animal feed. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian who will prescribe proper nutrition for your pet. In addition to malnutrition, one of the diseases of the claws can be the cause of trouble.

Cat Claw Disease

Animals, like people, are subject to different types of diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly inspect at the vet and in time to vaccinate pets. There are a number of diseases that cause cats' claws to become unwell and make them worse.

Fungal diseases can cause a weakening of the cat's immunity, scabs and darkening appear. In connection with the disease in an animal, a weakening of the body occurs and, as a result, stratified claws. If you notice suspicious symptoms in your pet, you should immediately go to a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian will prescribe treatment. And soon your Musku or Barsik will delight you again with fun games.

In order to avoid the occurrence of health problems in animals, owners need to be more attentive,and in the event of a problem, immediately take the necessary measures to address them. From this will depend on the appearance and well-being of the cat.

Video: how to cut the cat's claws

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