Wild Rose Jam: 9 recipes

Rosehip was loved by many for its beneficial properties, original aftertaste and ease of making delicacies based on it. Berry has a preventive effect in case of kidney ailments, strengthens the immune system during the cold period, accelerates blood circulation, promotes full activity of the pancreas. Wild rose jam raises morale, fights insomnia and puts psycho-emotional background in order.

 Wild Rose Jam

Features of the preparation of wild rose jam

  1. Choose raw materials for cooking delicacies correctly. Use large berries or sea hip.Of these species, inedible fragments are removed more quickly and easily (bones, crown, villus, etc.).
  2. To extract the seeds, chop each berry into 2 sections. Scrape the core with a spoon or small knife. If you want to leave the fruit in one piece, use the rounded part of the stud.
  3. After removing the seeds in the cavity of the berries, the villi will remain, with which jam should not be prepared. Carefully rinse the wild rose, spread on towels and leave to dry.
  4. Small fruits include a much larger chemical composition than large specimens. It is worth looking at the recipe for rosehip jam with bones. So you will create a truly valuable drug.
  5. In the process of a sharp temperature drop and intense boiling, wild rose can shrink. To avoid such an outcome, conduct heat treatment at low power in several stages (cooking — cooling).
  6. If the jam is made on the basis of inflorescences (petals) of wild rose, the raw materials must be poured over with boiling water. In the case of fruits, pre-blanch: boil the berry for 3 minutes, then cool it under the tap.

Wild Rose Jam with Classic Technology

  • granulated sugar - 1 kg.
  • rosehip large - 1 kg.
  • table water - 1 l.

  1. Put the whole dog rose in the sink, start sorting in water. At the same time, rinse and sort the fruits, putting off only healthy and large specimens.
  2. After preparation, chop the fruit into equal parts, remove the fleecy center with the bones. Heat the table water (the amount according to the recipe) before boiling, send the fruit inside.
  3. Blanch for 3 minutes, then cool the berries. The liquid obtained after short-term cooking, filter and pour into the pan. On its basis, a delicacy will be prepared.
  4. Pour the sugar and stir simultaneously. After boiling, reduce the power to a minimum, weigh the contents until all the particles are dissolved. When the syrup becomes homogeneous, pour the rosehip.
  5. Cook it for another 5 minutes on low heat. After that, put the pan aside, wait 7 hours. The specified interval is given for cooling and uniform impregnation with a sweet base.
  6. Then put the container back on fire, reduce it until it gets thick (about 12–20 minutes).After that, sterilize the container, dry it, pour the treat. Carry out capping, cool in an inverted state.

Small rosehip jam with bones

  • water - 0.2 l.
  • granulated sugar - 550 gr.
  • wild rose - 780-800 gr.
  1. Put the small dog rose in the sink or basin with water, cut off the stem. Remove all foreign debris, dry the raw materials on towels.
  2. Mix recipe water with granulated sugar. Put on the stove, produce heat at low power. Continue to languish until the grains dissolve.
  3. Pour the sorted wild rose into a sweet base, boil a delicacy until a thick consistency is obtained. Remove the foam in a timely manner, it spoils the aesthetic appearance and taste of the treat.
  4. After a uniform warm-up, pack the jam in sterile jars, close with tin. Cool at room temperature by wrapping the old sweatshirt. Take it in the cold.

Sea-rose jam

  • beet sugar - 750 gr.
  • sea ​​briar - 0.8 kg.
  • filtered water - 0.2 l.
  1. Select fruit, leaving only dense and healthy specimens. After rinsing and drying, cut the berry.Remove the seeds with a lint, wash the raw material again.
  2. Pick up a thick-bottomed cooking pot, mix the rosehip with sugar and water in it. Stir, heat the composition for 3-5 minutes until it becomes transparent.
  3. Remove the berries, continue cooking the sweet base. Sugar granules should melt. After reaching the desired consistency, pour the rosehip back, insist 10 hours.
  4. Decate the sweet mass, bring to a boil and pour over the fruit. Leave at room temperature for 6 hours. Reheat the contents without pulling out the wild rose.
  5. Heat treatment lasts a quarter of an hour. Do not forget to get rid of the foam. Sterilize containers, pack hot jams on them. Cool and close the nylon.

Jam petals (inflorescences) rosehip

 Jam petals (inflorescences) rosehip

  • water - 380 ml.
  • wild rose (petals) - 230 gr.
  • lemon - 80 gr.
  • granulated sugar - 550 gr.
  1. Sort the petals, leaving only bright specimens. All fading and dry exclude. Rinse healthy inflorescences, putting on a strainer. Roll boiling water, dry.
  2. Pick up heat-resistant dishes for cooking treats, send it to the prepared raw materials.Squeeze lemon juice here, add sugar and boiling water in the amount of the recipe.
  3. Stir the composition with a spatula, soak for 5 hours in a cold place. Every 40 minutes, press down the mass with a pestle, crushing it. Next, drain the resulting liquid, boil, again add to the hips.
  4. Insist the contents of 3 hours. Then set the bowl with treats on the stove, stew for 8 minutes. Turn off the fire, wait 8 hours. During this time, the syrup will saturate the petals.
  5. Repeat the heat treatment, reducing the mass for a third of an hour. Jam should be thick. When this consistency is achieved, immediately pour and pack the treat.

Wild rose jam with sea buckthorn and honey

  • pure water - 0.1 l.
  • Sea buckthorn - 0.5 kg.
  • honey - 1.1 kg.
  • wild rose (cleared of hearts) - 850 gr.
  1. Prepare the wild rose in advance, eliminating the seeds and villi. Rinse the fruit, dry on towels. Free the sea buckthorn from the tails by cutting off the legs with nail forceps. Rinse the berry and dab with boiling water.
  2. To remove bones from sea buckthorn, wipe the fruit with a sieve. Mix with dogrose, add honey and water.Heat the workpiece until boiling, constantly stir. After 20 minutes, turn off the burner.
  3. Infuse food at room temperature for 4 hours. Repeat the treatment thermally, reducing the time of languor to a quarter of an hour. Immediately pour, cover with tin and turn it over.

Rosehip jam with apple

  • granulated sugar - 950 gr.
  • table water - 0.5 l.
  • sweet and sour apple - 0,6 kg.
  • wild rose (pre-cleaned) - 1 kg.
  1. For jam, wild rose is used, peeled from leaves, midway, peduncle and crown. After all the manipulations, the berry is rinsed and dried.
  2. While the water is flowing from the hips, wash the apples. Do not remove the skin, cut only the seed part. Chop into cubes or "orange" slices.
  3. If the dog rose is large-fruited, cut it in a random order. Cook the sugar and water syrup in advance, bring to transparency and uniformity.
  4. Send the hips to the sweet base, stew for 7 minutes. After this period, add the apples, continue to boil for 20 minutes. Then immediately pack the treat and cover it with tin.

Wild Rose Jam: Recipe for the Multivarki

 Wild rose jam in the slow cooker

  • Orange - 450 gr.
  • granulated sugar - 0.5 kg.
  • wild rose - 0.85 kg.
  1. First, eliminate all debris, pedicels and leaves. Clean the briar, removing the middle with the villi and seeds. Rinse the berries, let them dry.
  2. Immerse the raw materials in the multicooker bowl, sprinkle with sugar. Wash the citrus, rub the peel with soda to remove the coating. Remove the bones, scoop the pulp itself in a blender into porridge.
  3. Connect the orange with rosehip, mix. Wait for about 1.5 hours, then turn on the slow cooker to the "Quenching" feature for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  4. When the program comes to an end, knead the contents of the bowl with a kitchen pestle. Protome mass in the same mode for another quarter of an hour. Immediately pour and seal.

Rose Hip Jam with Lemon

  • water - 0.25 l.
  • lemon (large) - 2 pcs.
  • granulated sugar - 680 gr.
  • wild rose - 800 gr.

  1. Strip, rinse dogrose. Let it dry, then send to boiling water according to the recipe for 8 minutes. During this period, rinse lemons, remove the peel. Do not touch the white layer of zest, it gives bitterness.
  2. Chop the peel into strips, and the pulp into cubes. Ship components to dogrose and water. Immerse in a bowl with the contents of a blender, chop until smooth.
  3. Powder the mass with sugar, turn on the heat and heat. After boiling, simmer the mass for a quarter of an hour, mix the composition and do not leave the stove. Foam will quickly form, get rid of it.
  4. After the longing, cool the treat and bring it to boiling again. In a boiling state pour in a warm sterilized container. Cover with a tin with the key.

Wild Rose Jam with Cranberries

  • sugar sand - 1.3 kg.
  • cranberries - 0.35 kg.
  • rose hips large-fruited - 0.8 kg.
  • filtered water - 0.7 l.
  1. Sort rosehip, selecting all the large fruits. Do the same for cranberries. Exclude all rotten copies, wash the raw materials under the tap. Leave on towels to dry.
  2. Cut the middle of the briar and bones, rinse again. Pour water into the pan, heat to 70 degrees. Dissolve sugar. Stir until the sand has melted.
  3. The mass should be homogeneous. Put in the sweet base rosehip with cranberries, continue to boil.When the fruit sinks to the bottom, turn off the burner.
  4. Catch cranberries with hips with a slotted spoon, put them in a sterile container. Once again, boil the syrup, skip it through 4 layers of gauze. After filtering, pour the composition to the berries, roll up.
  5. You can pre-cool the contents, then cut out the parchment circles, cover the neck of the container and tighten the harness. In this case, the treat should be stored in the refrigerator.

Before the main manipulations dogrose must be prepared. Be sure to wash the raw materials, cut the seeds and villi, then rinse again. Similarly, the other components are processed. Look for popular recipes with the addition of citruses, apples, cranberries, sea buckthorn.

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