Eyelashes fall out: what to do at home?

Every beautiful lady dreams of long and black eyelashes, who has looked at models with glossy covers at least once. The look becomes expressive, there is no need to tint with mascara and make-up, taking into account the cut of the eyes. But for some reason, natural cilia lose their former strength and begin to fall. The bulbs become weak, nothing helps. There is a need for emergency assistance. Let's look at the popular methods and causes of hair loss.

 Lashes fall out

Why eyelashes fall out

  1. Judging by the numerous reviews of experts who study this problem, the underlying cause of the loss of eyelashes is the use of poor quality cosmetics. Of course, we are talking about mascara and all kinds of creams to care for them. To eliminate this aspect, it is enough to remove everything from your cosmetic bag and buy a new, high-quality, hypoallergenic one.
  2. The following reason can be attributed to the abuse of makeup, non-compliance with the shelf life of cosmetics.According to the rules, mascara must be changed once every three months, and even more often. You can not go to bed with make-up eyes. Ladies who do not remove makeup before going to bed soon lose their eyelashes en masse.
  3. Eyelashes can also fall out due to the neglect of the basic rules for the care of the eye area and hairs on the eyelids in particular. You can not use aggressive means to remove makeup, wash your face with hot water, use compositions for wiping, not intended for such delicate areas.
  4. During bathing in the shower, many girls allow the spread of shampoo hair closed eyes. Of course, the cleanser on the mucous eyes does not fall, but it is well deposited on the eyelashes and is poorly washed out. Trichologists claim that this can lead to hair loss.
  5. Modern women of fashion abusing extensions, literally after the second correction, face the problem when artificial hairs fall out along with the real ones. It's all about low-quality materials and weakening of the follicles. You can not wear extended eyelashes for too long.
  6. Internal causes of lash loss include dehydration, an improperly balanced diet, general dehydration, diseases of internal organs, and thyroid problems.If you do not have enough vitamins A, E, B, the hair will begin to fall out massively.
  7. Very often, problems arise when the bathing season begins in salt and fresh springs, a pool with chlorinated water. Many beautiful ladies complain about the loss of eyelashes after the holidays. This is possible if you do not wear sunglasses, swim in too salty water or a pool with bleach. Hairs all instantly absorb, their deterioration begins.
  8. It is also worth mentioning about avitaminosis, frequent business trips, a low immune system from nature, the postpartum period. In all these cases, the eyelashes will fall out with the same frequency as the hair. For this reason, it is worth contacting the trichologist.

Remedies for the loss of eyelashes

When the hairs begin to thin out, the girls sound the alarm and simply don’t know how to proceed. Although in fact it is necessary to review your diet elementary, introduce more products from the PP area, drink water and regularly make masks. By the way about them. The formulations are applied at least a couple of times a week. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement the cilia for the night with natural oils and ampoule liquid vitamins A and E.All this will help strengthen the follicles, make lashes thicker, stronger, more voluminous and blacker.

  1. Medicinal herbs. On the basis of medicinal plants, medical compresses are made. They have anti-inflammatory, toning, regenerating properties that are so necessary for weakened eyelashes. Mix 0.2 l. hot water with half a teaspoon of chamomile color and the same amount of sage. Allow it to cool for about an hour and a half, and then filter it using gauze or a fine-grained flour sieve. Dampen cosmetic sponges in the prepared product, apply for closed eyelids and rest for half an hour. Sometimes chamomile is replaced with plain green tea.
  2. Peach and almond oil. Another kind of natural compress, which is prepared on a completely natural basis. Oils are famous for their ability to enhance the awakening of the bulbs, enhance hair growth, improve their appearance. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to use them, feel free to act. So, we combine the listed oils in equal proportion, pour into a bowl and organize a steam bath.We bring the composition up to 33 degrees, we moisten the sponges in it and apply it to the closed eyes for a third of an hour. We enjoy the procedure, do not wash off, remove the remnants with a napkin.
  3. Tocopherol and aloe juice. This tool has excellent nutritional and firming properties. Systematic use of the composition will stop the loss of eyelashes and strengthen their structure. To do this, mix in a total capacity of 3 ml. tocopherol, fresh aloe juice and castor oil. Get from the components of a homogeneous structure. Wash and dry the carcass container well in advance. Pour the finished product into a cosmetic bottle. Each time before going to bed, apply a healing balm on the hairs. For convenience, use a brush from the bottle. The duration of the wellness course is 1 month. It is mandatory to keep the composition in the refrigerator.
  4. Castor oil with carrot juice. The composition is aimed at strengthening, nutrition and restoration of eyelashes. In addition, an effective remedy returns the hairs natural shade. To make a balm, mix 3 drops of fresh carrot and castor oil.Carefully distribute the homogeneous composition with a cotton swab. If necessary, remove residue with a tissue. The tool is applied 1 time a day before bedtime until the problem disappears.
  5. Tea leaves with burdock oil. Systematic use of home remedies will allow you to fully strengthen the hair follicles. Also, the active ingredients prevent the loss of cilia. To prepare the composition will need 50 ml. burdock oil and the same amount of tea black or green tea. The oil must be preheated in advance on the steam bath. After that, combine the components and mix thoroughly. Use a ready means 3 times a week. When applying the product, use a special brush.
  6. Chamomile infusion with rose oil. To fully strengthen the eyelashes, you should use the recipe presented. Due to the unique composition of such a tool has a therapeutic effect. Also, the hairs get good nutrition. For cooking means you need to take 1 drop of different oils. This will require pink, castor, flaxseed, almond and grape seed. Enter into the vegetable base 15 ml.chamomile infusion. Get away from the homogeneous components. The tool must be used until the problem disappears.

Important! Do not forget about the main thing. Before you begin to self-medicate, it is imperative to find out the reasons that caused such problems. Only after that it is allowed to resort to the help of homemade recipes. But if the loss started due to any disease, consult your doctor and go through a professional health course under supervision.

Salon treatments

  1. In order to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible and completely restore eyelashes after falling out, it is not enough to use only homemade cosmetic compositions. It is strongly recommended to additionally resort to the help of salon procedures.
  2. Good results showed systematic massage of the eyelids. Such a procedure should be carried out regularly, even as a preventive measure. As for physiotherapeutic procedures, thanks to them metabolic processes and blood circulation are improved.
  3. Such methods allow you to completely get rid of inflammatory processes.Due to regular procedures, the nutrition of the tissues in the eye area is increased. The structure of the eyelashes is noticeably strengthened, the loss simply stops.
  4. To cope with such a nuisance, they often resort to ozone therapy, magnetic therapy, darsonvalization, and electrophoresis. In the case of the latter method, medicinal drugs with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects are additionally prescribed.
  5. In addition, it is necessary to obtain a full and professional consultation of a specialist. In addition to all the doctor must prescribe special fortified drugs. Such complexes have a positive effect on the hair, skin and nail plate.

Of course, the loss of eyelashes can be attributed to a serious problem that requires an urgent solution. Initially, it is extremely important to identify the true causes that led to this situation. If this is a problem with the thyroid, take the tests and undergo a course of treatment. Normalize the basic daily menu, drink more than 3 liters. water daily, use a means of directional action.At night, grease hairs with ampoule vitamins that can be purchased at each pharmacy for a penny. In difficult cases, visit the trichologist.

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