Halva - the benefits and harm to the human body

Halva is ideal for drinking tea. It has a crumbly texture, peculiar taste, pleasant aroma. These characteristics enticed many people to their side. Hence, the issue that affects the benefits and harm of halvah becomes relevant. Let's talk about everything in more detail.

 The benefits and harm of halva

Types of halvah

Nut halvah - is prepared on the basis of cashews, pistachios, almonds, peanuts and other nuts.

Sesame halva is a rare variety, which is obtained by processing sesame (white, black).

Halva combined - often made on the basis of nuts, seeds, candied fruit.

Sunflower halvah - as the name implies, is made from sunflower seeds.

Chocolate halvah - the most high-calorie product of all types available.Differs in glaze and excessive sweetness.

Calorie Halva

There are a lot of carbohydrates in halva (about 55 grams. With a 100 grams of product). However, this does not prevent many people from enjoying the delicacy. Carbohydrates are presented in the form of natural saccharides. If you eat a slice of halva per day, you will not harm the figure.

The exotic product has a high calorie content - more than 500 Kcal. on 100 gr. The final value depends on the variety of dessert and how it is processed. The lowest value is inherent in almond and sesame halvah.

The use of halva

  1. Due to its nutritional value and incoming mineral compounds, halvah can be attributed to rapidly digestible products. It contains more than 29% of vegetable fat, this value bypasses all pastries and pastry. It also contains amino acids and proteins - important elements for building bones and muscles.
  2. In the halva on the basis of sunflower seeds are concentrated many B-group vitamins. Of the most important should be distinguished riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine, folic acid and others. All of them are necessary for the proper functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system.
  3. Halva perfectly copes with anxiety, panic, insomnia.It is useful for improving the condition of hair, nails and skin. Interestingly, the product tones blood pressure, increasing it (important for hypotensive).
  4. Numerous medical studies have shown that halvia should be eaten to prevent cancer. Systematic reception will relieve cancer of the mammary glands, esophagus, ovaries.
  5. As for the sesame halvah, the Japanese have conducted studies that have proved the usefulness of halvah in the fight against premature aging. Especially valuable product is considered for athletes and people who work mentally.
  6. Halva is very useful for those who have a tendency to the formation of cardiovascular pathologies. Eating delicacies will prevent IHD, myocardial infarction, stroke and other illnesses.
  7. The accumulation of minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, is indispensable. In the compartment, these elements carry out the prevention of bone tissue laxity, anemia, and dystrophy.
  8. Halva is extremely valuable for the categories of people who are experiencing a loss of vision, reduced mental performance, memory impairment. If you consume at least 30 grams. delicacies per day, you will get rid of these problems.
  9. All types of halva, without exception, concentrate in themselves linolenic and linoleic acids. They are necessary for removing harmful cholesterol from the blood and preventing atherosclerosis.
  10. Dessert removes signs of fatigue, chronic fatigue. To improve your mood, eat a slice of halva from sunflower seeds with chocolate. In the process of using the hormone produced joy.

The benefits of walnut halva

 The benefits of walnut halva

  1. There are many types of dessert, which are prepared with the addition of nuts. This category includes combined, chocolate or pure walnut halva. There is also a delicacy made only from peanuts, but this is rare.
  2. Extremely useful product is considered for the heart muscle and digestive organs. Peanut has the peculiarity of increasing intestinal peristalsis and excreting it as well. Halvah of this type treats cardiac arrhythmia and increases blood flow to the main muscle.
  3. Treats include a lot of folic acid. As a result, the work of the genitals of the man and woman is improved, and the ability to conceive is enhanced. Halvah need to eat pregnant and lactating girls.
  4. The product is indispensable for people leading an active lifestyle.Halva quickly restores the body after exercise and contributes to the rapid breakdown of lactic acid. Due to this, the athletes disappear pain in the muscles.
  5. Interestingly, in the halva concentrated as much protein compounds as in meat. Protein is a natural muscle building tool. This quality is appreciated by people who want to build a "mass".
  6. Peanut product helps to restore and strengthen the body after illness, operations, infections. Despite the accumulation of carbohydrates, halva cleaves and removes cholesterol, gently opens the blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation.
  7. Peanut-based dessert should be eaten by people who are prone to blood clots. Halva will prevent varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis.
  8. The product has a lot of coarse dietary fiber, which positively affects the activity of the digestive system. Systematic reception ensures that you get rid of toxic substances and slagging in a short time.
  9. If halva is cooked with pistachios and almonds, such a product must be eaten to recover from prolonged mental exertion.This recommendation is relevant for civil servants, students, schoolchildren, young children.
  10. Folic acid in the composition of the product improves the quality of breast milk of the new mother. As a result, bitterness disappears, the likelihood that the baby will give up breast decreases.

The benefits and harm of halva for children

 The benefits and harm of halva for children

  1. The product is made from natural ingredients. From this it can be concluded that there can be no harm to a healthy organism. Halva nuts are rich in vitamins B, A, E.
  2. Substances perfectly strengthen the immune membrane of the child. In addition, trace elements improve the work of the heart muscle and strengthen the optic nerves. Keep in mind that halvah is not recommended for children under 6 years old.
  3. For a younger body older than the present age, halvah can be included in the daily diet. It is important to comply with the daily rate, it should not exceed 15 grams. Keep in mind that halva must be completely natural. Preservatives and vegetable fats are not allowed.
  4. Before including the product in the diet of the child should check whether he has an allergic reaction to the components.It is important to know that halva from sunflower seeds is prohibited for the child's body. The seeds are rich in heavy metal, which has a detrimental effect on the central nervous system.
  5. You can give halva during breakfast or afternoon snack. Add snack with a glass of cocoa or milk. Thus, the charge of cheerfulness and positive mood are provided for a long time. It is also worth alternating halva with various sweets.

The benefits of halvah during pregnancy and lactation

  1. Halvah can be consumed during lactation and pregnancy. During the carrying of the fetus of the future mother it is important to take care of your health and proper development of the baby. In this way, the general condition can be significantly improved.
  2. Experts recommend introducing halva into the diet of pregnant girls. The product is saturated with folic acid. The enzyme is necessary for the proper development and formation of the child. Also, the acid minimizes the occurrence of ailments.
  3. In the early stages of gestation, halvah will be an excellent substitute for more harmful chocolate. So the body will get significantly more vitamins and necessary enzymes.The product is contraindicated only in diabetes mellitus, chronic diseases and allergies to ingredients.
  4. Halva in the diet of breastfeeding girls will significantly improve the quality of milk. Thus its production and fat content will increase. It should be borne in mind that the abuse of Eastern sweetness can provoke an allergic reaction in an infant.
  5. In the first days do not eat more than 10 grams. halvah. Watch your baby's reaction carefully. A few days later, if the deviations are not revealed, halva can be eaten daily for 30 grams. Otherwise, completely eliminate the product from the diet.

Choosing halva

To make the right choice, it is worth bearing in mind some factors.

 Choosing halva

  1. Always pay attention to packaging, it should not be damaged. Tightness is important to the product.
  2. On the surface of the eastern sweetness should not stand out butter. Different stains are not allowed.
  3. When cutting halva, the structure should not crumble. The form of a quality product is preserved.
  4. In the structure of good eastern sweetness there are no caramel veins, unground grains and husks.
  5. It is important that the halva had almost perfect shape, without jammed edges.
  6. The product should not have a bitter taste, the structure is dry according to the rules. Pay attention to shelf life.

Harm halva

  1. Halvah does not represent much harm to humans. Adverse effects on the body can occur only when overeating oriental sweetness or contraindications.
  2. For an adult, the norm is no more than 30 grams. product per day. Thus, the benefits will be invaluable, and the harm will be reduced to zero.
  3. It is forbidden to eat halvah with an allergic reaction, diathesis, caries, obesity and stone disease of the bladder and kidneys.
  4. If you have a chronic illness, eating halvah can lead to aggravation. Often, store products contain sugar syrup.
  5. When diagnosing diabetes of any form, taking Eastern sweets is strictly prohibited. Keep in mind, manufacturers have provided a diet type of halva. You can pamper yourself.
  6. Halva is a rather heavy product for the digestive tract. Therefore, if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, from the consumption of delicacies should refrain.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to eat halva with acute pancreatitis and kidney disease.Keep in mind that Eastern sweetness is not combined with chocolate, meat, cheese and milk.

Not everyone knows that today there are more than a hundred varieties of halvah in the world. Each variety has its own characteristics, positive and negative sides. Remember that the product has a high calorie content. Strictly dose intake.

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