Hovawart - description of the breed and character of the dog

In this article you will learn everything about this breed, starting with coat color and ending with the character of the dog. Hovawart is not a very popular dog among ordinary people, but real dog breeders will appreciate this breed. If suddenly you have a desire to get as a companion and companion for the life of this particular dog; or you just want to expand your horizons, then stay with us and read the article to the end.


Turn to the story

The word "Hovawart" is not of Russian origin and has German roots. If you literally watch the translation, then the name of the breed means “castle keeper”. The mention of this dog we can find already in the books of the thirteenth century (1274). Hovawarts were available only to aristocrats and high society groups, were very popular at that time not only as a fashionable pet, but also as a guard at home.With the disappearance of the aristocracy in the seventeenth century, the dogs disappeared for a while, but then they began to talk about them again in the twentieth century.


Scientists suggest that the breeding of the other three was the breeding of the other three: Kuvas, Leonberger, Newfoundland. Indeed, if you look closely, we will find similarities in each of these dogs.

  1. The size of this breed is average or slightly above average. Females grow to 60 centimeters, males to 80 in length.
  2. These dogs are not heavy (only 40 kilograms in males - maximum), but, nevertheless, they are very strong and enduring.
  3. The representatives of this breed have thick long hair (does not apply to the head and front paws), a wide skull, and medium-sized dark eyes.
  4. The ears have the shape of two acute triangles.
  5. Have a strong, durable, straight back and strong chest.
  6. Color only these three colors: black, fawn or black and tan.


Many are accustomed to the fact that dogs grow up quite early, from about seven months they turn into calm and reasonable individuals, but with this breed this trick will not work.With the childish nature of a naive and playful puppy, they are in this world for the first three years of their life, and you cannot do anything about it. Be patient and do not reproach the dog for childish tricks, it will pass only after 3 years.

 Hovawart character

During the process of education do not resort to aggressive and powerful cry, and even more so to physical punishment (which is not permissible in the education of either animals or people). The dog will cease to obey the aggressors and it will become impossible to incline to training and changing its decision. Treat her gently and tenderly, and then you will achieve the desired result in the form of an obedient and executive dog.

This breed corresponds to the name - excellent security guards of the house and defenders of the owner grow from puppies. Also, representatives of this breed are often search and rescue dogs. Possess an excellent sense of smell and other useful instincts. In one book, it was even described how during the fire the owner of the castle entrusted the life of his own child to his dog (not because he was a bad irresponsible father, he simply understood that he gave the child to the hands of a professionalwho knows his business and in the cake will hurt for the sake of loved ones).

For a dog to respect you, you must be an unshakable authority for it. Hovawart is a very proud and strong-willed dog with a high sense of dignity, so you will have to demonstrate the resilience of your spirit.

This dog is used to dominate among other breeds, but again, again, without any aggression. If you want to connect your life with Hovawart, then forget that there is such an emotion as anger.

The dog is self-confident, therefore it is not naughty and is ready to work in any weather, because, as she thinks, she can do everything (and most often she’s right).

Fact! Hovarata have speed in running and reactions, which is perfectly combined with the strength of the animal.

These dogs are endowed with high intelligence, therefore, if they perceive neglect and a bad attitude on your part, they will become uncontrollable and angry.

How to care?

The dog can live in a booth on a private plot, and in the apartment (but remember that the apartment should not be one-room). The animal has far from dwarf and small sizes of any pugs and dachshunds. And so he needs a place and space.In no case do not keep the Hovawart on the chain, as this is a free-lance dog, which constantly needs to move over long distances.

 How to care howards

With a long and thick coat of particular trouble will not arise. Get a special comb and scrub the dog with it once a week so that it does not form ticks of felted wool, which then have to be cut with scissors. Also, every winter, remove wool from your fingers, so as not to impede running and walking the dog.

What to feed?

Although the dog is not fastidious about food, you will have to force it to follow a certain diet. Surprisingly, a two-month-old puppy can eat a serving, larger in size than an adult dog of the same breed. These dogs are very voracious and do not know the measures, so measure them the amount of food consumed with a special measuring cup or kitchen scales.

Puppies need food rich in protein (at first it should be 30%, but with age, the ratio should be gradually reduced). It is customary to feed the Hovawarts with dry food, and it is also necessary to add nutritional supplements and vitamins for a balanced and healthy diet.

A small puppy should be fed four times a day; eight months - three, and then the rest of his life - twice a day.Feeding should occur between physical activity, but only after an hour of rest from the loads. After eating, you also need to distract the dog with some calm matter. Otherwise, your beloved pet will have a swollen stomach, which will lead to health problems.

Due to increased activity, the dog should always have access to fresh water in unlimited quantities, so check the availability of water in the drinkers and always take reserves with you for a walk. Do not allow your dog to drink from dirty puddles.


Despite the strong health that this breed is famous for, the presence of disease cannot be avoided even with the strongest immunity and resistance to viruses. The dog may have problems with the hip joints, but the chance of developing such a disease is negligible. Also, your dog may become infected (through the bite of another Hovawart) with rabies.

Fact! These animals have no congenital defects that are inherited from generation to generation.

Observe the dog's diet and make sure that she does not take in his mouth dirty objects from the street. It causes diarrhea and abdominal pain.

The life span of a dog with proper care and gentle handling averages from twelve to fifteen years. Remember that a dog is a living being that needs love and affection, so do not forget about the psychological problems that can develop in a dog alone or with mistreatment.

Process of training

Although this breed has a tendency toward strict discipline, it learns without much difficulty and has obedience, the dog Hovawart is not an angelic creature. Most often, because of their pride and self-confidence, they try to make an independent decision and be independent of your orders. Despite the children's character, puppies should begin to train at an early age, otherwise it may be too late. Young, and even more so adult Hovawart almost never recognize someone as their master, if you do not teach him to this idea since childhood.

 The process of training Hovawarts

It is easiest for a puppy to be trained as a caretaker and guard, as the dog has a predisposition for this job. Puppies are endowed with perseverance and do not like to disappoint their teachers, so they will give all their best to quickly learn the necessary skills.

The list of commands for Hovawart:

  • "Sit"
  • "Beside!"
  • "To me"
  • "Lie down"
  • "Stand"
  • “Wait”
  • "Vote"
  • "Barrier"


Since old times, little has changed. This breed is considered elite, so one purebred puppy costs about $ 1,000, depending on the noble pedigree.

When it is worth breeding puppies of this breed:

  1. Strong health.
  2. Highly developed sociability and socialization, ability to adapt to various conditions for life.
  3. Easy learning and predisposition to active work.
  4. Mental stability.

How to choose a puppy

Surely you already understood that taking an adult dog does not make any sense. She will be your recalcitrant partner, but no more. How not to lose a little puppy and choose the most worthy? Is it a matter of luck or are there any secrets? Of course, there is, and now we will reveal them to you!

Take a puppy must be up to eight weeks. Already at such a young age he has to undergo tough testing:

  • color on the scale;
  • birth weight;
  • weight during the test;
  • wool quality and length;
  • pigmentation and eye color;
  • setting and size of the ears;
  • hull parameters: back, head, body, feet, and so on;
  • quality and strength of teeth.

As well as a psychological test:

  • behavior when a new person;
  • a game with a cloth;
  • temperament evaluation.

So, in this article we have provided you with basic information about Hovawarts. Now you decide: whether to acquire this breed or not. We wish you good luck and success!

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