Apple juice for weight loss - the benefits and harm

Use apple juice as a dietary remedy is usually recommended by those who have already tried this method and dropped a few kilograms. Apple juice is used as a substitute for ordinary food and they believe that this will achieve the desired effect. However, most experimenters end up with heartburn and nothing more.

 Apple juice for weight loss

Effect on the body

When people go on a diet, they distinguish two main types of products for themselves:

  • promoting weight loss;
  • ordinary.

According to a false opinion, such non-existent properties as fat burning ability and negative caloric value are attributed to the first type. But in fact, there are no such qualities in products, and their separation does not make any sense. Just worth remembering that there are foods with high calorie, and there is a low.Some foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and some are not.

The process of losing weight depends entirely on how much energy is supplied and consumed in the body. And it is not necessary to take into account what is eaten. It is important only the number of calories consumed.

The juice of apples is an excellent and useful tool that allows you to improve health, but can not cope with excess weight. Apples contain enough beneficial vitamins and nutrients that the body will be very grateful for. However, a minus is the lack of proteins and fats in them, especially in comparison with the amount of carbohydrate contained.

Caloric content of 100 ml of apple juice reaches 40 cal. One of the reasons for increased caloric content is the content of simple sugars, due to which a large amount of insulin is released into the blood.

The problem is that not many people think about the number of calories contained in apple juice. By consuming it in order to lose weight and practically replacing other foods with it, people do not limit themselves to the amount they drink. However, if you think about it and calculate everything correctly, you can come to the conclusion that during the day, due to the use of apple juice, you can gain extra calories.

What are the options for losing weight with apple juice?

The most popular began to use two variants of the so-called diet on apple juice.

Drinking apple juice on a fasting day
On this day, the only product that can be eaten is apple juice. And the most important thing is that it be freshly squeezed and not purchased. Drinking juice occurs throughout the day. The approximate amount is about a liter during the day. Sometimes you can dilute the juice with mineral water. The result of this day will be the loss of a few hundred grams of excess weight, but side effects will be dizziness and a feeling of weakness. Some may have a laxative effect when drinking juice.

Unfortunately, weight loss is a short-lived result. Most likely, the escaped kilograms will return in a few days. But in any case, fasting days are much better than the same low-calorie diets that can significantly worsen the overall physical condition.

Diet on apple juice
Eating at least half a glass of apple juice before a meal will significantly reduce your appetite and give you a feeling of fullness.Thus, as a result of a diet on apple juice, it is not necessary to give up eating food. Only its quantity will decrease, and this will lead to a decrease in the volume of the figure.

However, you should not get involved in apple juice for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages and disadvantages

 Pros and cons of apple juice for weight loss
Natural juice from fresh apples contains a huge amount of useful properties that can positively affect the body. Even among the ancestors, the drink was considered a real source of longevity, and those who ate the fruit daily, could boast of excellent health. Among the positive properties of apple juice include:

  • Regulation of cholesterol.
  • Excretion of harmful substances from the body.
  • Fight against diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • The fight against anemia, migraine and atherosclerosis.
  • Enhance immunity.

If we talk about the minuses of apple juice, they are practically non-existent, since the nutrients contained in the fruit are incapable of harming the body. Excessive amounts of juice alone are not recommended.

Can I drink apple juice while losing weight?

Unfortunately, fresh apple juice is not the best choice for those who decide to go on a diet and lose weight. But do not immediately throw out the newly purchased apples and start looking for another tool. Apples accumulate a lot of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. In addition, with the help of these fruits you can restore the water balance.

If you include juice in a diet, you just need to consider that the calories it contains should also be considered, since there are quite a lot of them. No need to replace the juice with water, it is best to take it as food and an additional source of energy. And a prerequisite is the use of fresh juices, as in the juice from the store is full of sugar and various preservatives, which definitely will not bring any benefit to the body.

Juice, diluted with mineral water, can be taken for physical training. Its use after the class will give additional strength and provide the body with all the necessary substances.

You should not chase unchecked fashion trends and look for a way to quickly and easily lose weight.Miraculous recipes, unfortunately, does not exist. But, if you approach the process of losing weight responsibly, you can achieve the desired result with the help of apple juice.

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