Goji berries - beneficial properties and contraindications

A man has long been in search of useful products that can be used in the fields of folk healing, cooking and cosmetology. When goji berries first appeared on store shelves, they caused a serious stir. They were positioned as an effective means to reduce weight, so women were the main consumers. Today, the beneficial and harmful qualities have been thoroughly studied, we will examine them in order.

 Useful properties and contraindications of goji berries

Features Goji berries

Fruits are otherwise called Tibetan barberry, wolfberry, Chinese chaff. All of these names come from a scientific point of view. Marketers, wanting to distribute their products, came up with a loud and mysterious name - goji.

Berries alpine plants for many years occupy a leading position among supporters of proper nutrition and diet lovers. In our country, even jams, jams, compotes and other treats are prepared on the basis of wolf berries.

Composition of goji berries

Asian fruits, which have long been used by folk healers for the treatment of ailments, have a fully formed list of useful substances.

Fruits boast a large accumulation of antioxidant compounds, carotenoids, poly-and monosaccharides, dietary fiber, including fiber.

Berry is not deprived of ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol, B-group vitamins. Of the latter, a special place is given to folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamine and other equally important.

Goji also boasts the content of Omega-acids, namely a group of 3, 6, 9. Of the minerals is to provide the most significant macro-and microelements. These include selenium, calcium, zinc, boron, copper, phosphorus, iron, chromium, potassium, nickel and sodium.

The main value of the berries lies in the list of amino acids, which for the most part can not be replaced. In the composition of fully matured goji more than 19 of these valuable substances.They must come from food, because they are not produced by the body independently.

Not many have heard about a substance like germanium. The element is extremely difficult to find, including in the form of vitamin supplements. And in his goji abundantly. Germanium is responsible for anti-cancer properties, blocking the appearance of new capillaries in the area of ​​the tumor.

Useful properties of goji berries

  1. The value lies in the fact that the fruits are involved in vital processes and support the full activity of all systems and organs. Goji is especially beneficial for blood formation, since their systematic administration stimulates the production of red blood cells.
  2. All berries have a positive effect on the activity of the digestive tract, goji is not included in the list of exceptions. It is thanks to the improvement of metabolism the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract is cleared from stagnation, toxins, poisons that prevent weight loss.
  3. The composition is very much of such a valuable mineral compound, called iron. It is necessary to restore the full level of hemoglobin and the prevention of anemia in all categories of individuals.
  4. Healers from the field of alternative medicine have long been preparing various medicinal decoctions and tinctures from goji. They are necessary for people working in a polluted enterprise and living in an unfavorable place in terms of ecology.
  5. Earlier, it was already mentioned about the useful quality of goji to stop an incipient malignant tumor. Studies have been conducted for a long time, but they are relevant today. The results speak for themselves, the berries are taken for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes from oncological diseases.
  6. Due to its ability to remove excess sugar from the blood, the condition of the patient with diabetes is improved. Also shown is the administration of goji with high blood pressure, frequent headaches and pulsations in the temples. Fruits facilitate the course of these ailments.
  7. Thanks to the stimulation of neurons in the brain, it can be argued that the berry enhances all important cognitive functions. It must be consumed by older people to prevent senile dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s.
  8. As part of the mass of ascorbic acid, is an excellent restoration of the human immune system.With a seasonal epidemic of influenza or ARVI, decoction of berries will be indispensable for fighting viruses.
  9. It was not without the impact of the above listed vitamins of group B. They are responsible for the activity of the human nervous system, therefore, they control the psycho-emotional environment. Goji improve condition with stress, insomnia.
  10. A mild laxative effect encourages people to eat the Tibetan barberry to treat constipation. In this case, the presence of diarrhea and a tendency to it are contraindications to the consumption of berries.

Goji berries for weight loss

 Goji berries for weight loss

  1. If we compare the raw materials with other fruits, it can be noted that the berries are not famous for their low calorie content. 100 gr. dried fruits contain about 250 Kcal., in fresh - about 115 units.
  2. However, these figures do not scare nutritionists. Experts recommend including fruits in the diet with different diets. The fact is that berries have high nutritional value, they are nutritious.
  3. Fruits are prescribed even for problems with obesity. The active composition improves metabolic processes in the body, improving the natural metabolism.Berries do not provoke jumps of glucose in the blood, which is important with excess weight.
  4. A hearty snack in the form of fruits will not allow you to abuse junk food at dinner. It should be understood that fat burning qualities are not inherent to raw materials. Be careful and adjust the diet.

Goji berries rules

  1. It is important to understand that even in the absence of contraindications and excellent health, the Tibetan barberry has many healing qualities. Therefore, goji berries act as a natural remedy, rather than treats.
  2. The maximum allowable daily rate of raw materials should not exceed 100 grams. Otherwise, a glut of the body with active enzymes will trigger the development of pathologies. Divide this volume into three equal steps.
  3. You can brew healing tea, this will require only 10 grams. dried fruit. In this drink will be concentrated all the necessary enzymes and active substances. You can also make an infusion. Pour 100 gr. raw materials 0.5 l. boiling water. Drink infusion for 3 receptions during the day.

Goji berries during pregnancy and lactation

 Goji berries during pregnancy and lactation

  1. Despite the rich composition and list of useful qualities, taking Tibetan fruits is better to exclude from the diet of women who are expecting a child. Raw materials are strong allergens and can trigger an unpredictable body reaction.
  2. In addition, experts strongly recommend to make a diet for pregnant girls and during breastfeeding from the products that grow in the area of ​​residence. That is, the raw material included in the daily diet.
  3. With such products there will be no problems, because the body is already familiar with them. All exotic fruits can cause an allergic reaction and individual intolerance to the mother and baby. In extreme cases, coordinate these actions with your doctor.

Selection rules and storage of goji berries

To choose high-quality raw materials, it is important to follow practical advice. Berries should not be stuck together. Make sure that the fruit shell does not have a glossy coating. The color of the raw material should be pronounced. Remember, the taste of the berries are not sweet and should not have the flavor of sulfur matches.

Contraindications goji berries

  1. It is forbidden to eat fruits at high body temperature, diarrhea, flatulence and bloating. It is also not recommended to include raw materials during pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Be careful, the active substances in the berries increase blood pressure and increase heartbeat. Therefore, the product is prohibited in cardiovascular pathologies.
  3. Uncontrolled eating berries can trigger the development of an allergic reaction even in a healthy person. Therefore, always comply with the norm.

Goji berries - a specific product that has minor contraindications. Raw material rather acts as a natural drug. With the help of fruits, serious pathologies can be cured. It is highly recommended not to abuse the berries.

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