Green tea for the face - the benefits and application

All women have one thing that unites them all is the desire to be beautiful in any situation. Most of all, the female sex pays attention to the skin of her face. For face care various means are used, ranging from cucumber masks to special cosmetic preparations. Green tea is no exception. In China and Japan, women have been practicing masks based on green tea leaves for several centuries.

 Green tea for face

Positive result of using green tea as a mask

The composition of green tea contains components useful for the skin. Cosmetic procedures with the use of such a composition help the woman look young and impressive. Tea moisturizes and tones the skin. Many nutrients are concentrated in its leaves:

  • Calcium - relieves inflammation;
  • copper - contributes to the thickening of the epidermis and dermis, improves skin elasticity;
  • iodine - has a moisturizing property;
  • Zinc - many cellular processes are not possible without it. Helps in eliminating acne;
  • iron - normalizes blood circulation;
  • Vitamin A, B and C.

The use of green tea brewing as the main component of a face mask stimulates the regeneration of epidermal cells. The old layer of skin dies off, young epidermis cells take its place.

Masks from green tea

Cosmetic procedures based on the use of green tea, exclusively suitable for all types of skin. Green tea, as a component of the mask, has various properties.

  • heals the inflamed zones;
  • improves the complexion;
  • helps to eliminate problem areas of the epidermis;
  • cleans clogged pores;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • protects the skin from external influence;
  • has a lifting effect.

Recipe for the preparation of masks from green tea

As already noted, green tea has been used as a natural cosmetic for several centuries.During this time, the formulation of masks from tea has undergone many changes. The best cosmetic effect is achieved by masks made from green tea on the basis of the recipes described below.

Mask with anti-aging effect
The human body, unfortunately, does not become younger, over the years, the skin of the face becomes loose and loses its natural elasticity. To give it a rejuvenating effect will help the mask of green tea, prepared according to the following recipe. Tea leaves are brewed in the ratio of one tablespoon and ½ cup of boiling water. Infusion stays about five minutes. Then filtered from the leaves, and the resulting liquid is mixed with one tablespoon of sour cream to obtain a homogeneous consistency. The resulting mask is applied to the face, kept it for 15 minutes, after their expiration they wash with warm water. Such a procedure to achieve a positive result should be carried out every day.

Mask with the effect of smoothing wrinkles
To smooth out wrinkles on the face, you can try, based on the recipe of making a mask from a mixture of tea, yolk and flour. Egg yolk must be whipped with pre-sifted wheat flour.The required amount of flour - 15 grams. Brewed strong green tea is added to the resulting texture. The resulting mass should cool to room temperature. Only after cooling the composition can be applied to the skin. With the help of this mask you can tighten the skin yourself without resorting to the services of a professional beautician.

Mask for oily problem skin
Oily skin is a problem for many women. Clean and make it less greasy will help mask with the addition of lemon juice and oatmeal. The basis is brewed green tea. To it is added whipped egg yolk and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The resulting mass is mixed with pre-milled oatmeal. The required amount of cereal is one tablespoon. The mask is applied to the face with a thick layer. The procedure time is 15 minutes, after which the composition is washed gently with cold water.

Pigmentation removal at home
Dark spots are a large accumulation of melanin in different layers of the epidermis. Pigmentation begins to appear, as a rule, in women aged 30-40 years.To help solve this problem can dry green tea leaves, or rather, a mask based on them.

Dry leaves are first turned into crumb, and then go directly to the preparation procedure. Prepare a mass consisting of two teaspoons of tea and the same amount of rice flour. The mixture is poured boiling water. The resulting homogeneous substance is cooled, a warm mass is applied to areas with pigment spots. Stand for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The procedure is repeated for several days, until the pigment spots disappear.

Cosmetic procedures for the skin around the eyes
The area around the eyes is the most delicate area of ​​the face that requires daily care. To relieve fatigue from the eyes or, if necessary, to remove the swelling under the eyes, green tea is used as a cosmetic product in packets, as well as tea leaves. Tea bags or wadded disks moistened in brewed tea are applied to the lowered eyelids. The procedure takes about five minutes. The skin in the eye area is filled with tone, the eyes are resting, and fatigue is removed from them.

Facial cleansing
Many adolescents are faced with the appearance of various acne and black spots on the face. But such a problem with the skin occurs not only in adolescents, adults, too, are prone to acne. In order to avoid such rashes, you need to properly care for your skin. This will help mask with the addition of cottage cheese.

The curd must be low in fat. All components of the mask are mixed in a ratio of 200 grams of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of tea, a tablespoon of lemon juice. The resulting mass is superimposed on the problem zones for about 1/3 hour, after the procedure time is washed off with warm water, like masks made according to other recipes. If there are inflamed areas on the face, then when preparing the mixture it is advisable not to add lemon juice. The mask allows not only to eliminate acne, but also to clean the clogged facial pores.

Mask as an elixir of youth
Professional cosmetologists recommend a unique mask of a kind for thorough skin care. Its constituent components, at first glance, are absolutely incompatible, but their combination gives the skin of the face elasticity and eliminates pigmentation.Tea is brewed, allowed to cool, then its two tablespoons are mixed with a teaspoon of banana pulp. To this mass add a teaspoon of cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat. The finished mass impose on the face. The procedure time is 20 minutes. Frequent use of this mask increases the concentration of various vitamins in the skin.

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